Tire Size Calculators

Use these calculator tools to compare tire sizes, find differences in speed, convert between metric/standard, and more!

Tire Size Comparison / Plus Size Calculator

Our most popular and comprehensive calculator!  Quickly compare differences in tire sizes without refreshing the page or typing in captchas!  Find differences in overall diameter, speed, sidewall height, revs per mile/kilometer, radius, circumference, section width, rim diameter, etc.  Try it and you'll find out that it's better than 1010 Tires!

Try the comprehensive calculator now.

Legacy Calculators

These calculators have been replaced by the comprehensive calculator above.  It is recommended that you use the comprehensive comparison calculator instead of those below.  The folowing two calculators are no longer necessary and are only kept here for historical purposes.

  • Speedometer Calculator

    If you install new tires that are of a different size than your stock set, you need to check your speed!  A different size of tires can give you inaccurate readings on your speedometer.  Use this tool to find the speed difference!
  • Metric / Inches Tire Size Converter

    This calculator can take a metric tire size and convert it to inches....or it can take a standard U.S. imperial (inches) tire size and convert it to the metric system. Click the link above to start converting!