About Us

Size My Tires was created in 2010 to help new tire shoppers navigate the somewhat confusing world of tires. We are the first website to color-code tire sizes with the goal of breaking down each size into an easy-to-understand format. We are also the first website to organize tires by a hierarchy of Make > Model > Year > Rim Size > Trim. It was important to put trim at the bottom of the hierarchy because many people don't know the trim of their vehicles. With Size My Tires, users can find appropriate tire sizes without knowing complete information.

Our tire size calculator was one of the first to allow users to compare two different tire sizes without annoying page refreshes and/or captchas. Our compatibility tool was the first to provide tire sellers with a list of vehicles that are compatiblie with a particular tire size.

If you have questions or comments about Size My Tires, feel free to make contact. We would love to hear from you.