What vehicles are compatible with tire size 195-65-14?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 195-65-14 tire size.


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1993BMW 325i195/65R14 89H195/65R14 89H
1992BMW 318i195/65R14 89H195/65R14 89H
1992BMW 325i195/65R14 89H195/65R14 89H
1991BMW 318i195/65R14 89H195/65R14 89H
1991BMW 318is195/65R14 89H195/65R14 89H
1991BMW 325i195/65HR14195/65HR14
1991BMW 325is195/65VR14195/65VR14
1990BMW 325i195/65HR14195/65HR14
1990BMW 325is195/65VR14195/65VR14
1989BMW 325i195/65HR14195/65HR14
1989BMW 325is195/65VR14195/65VR14
1988BMW 325195/65HR14195/65HR14
1988BMW 325i195/65HR14195/65HR14
1988BMW 325is195/65VR14195/65VR14
1987BMW 325195/65HR14195/65HR14
1987BMW 325e195/65HR14195/65HR14
1987BMW 325es195/65HR14195/65HR14
1987BMW 325i195/65HR14195/65HR14
1987BMW 325is195/65VR14195/65VR14
1986BMW 325195/65HR14195/65HR14
1986BMW 325e195/65HR14195/65HR14
1986BMW 325es195/65HR14195/65HR14


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2000Ford ContourP195/65R14 88TP195/65R14 88T
1999Ford ContourP195/65R14 88TP195/65R14 88T
1998Ford ContourP195/65R14 88SP195/65R14 88S
1997Ford ProbeP195/65R14 88SP195/65R14 88S
1996Ford Contour195/65R14195/65R14
1996Ford ProbeP195/65R14 88SP195/65R14 88S
1995Ford Contour195/65R14195/65R14
1995Ford ProbeP195/65R14 88SP195/65R14 88S
1994Ford ProbeP195/65R14 88SP195/65R14 88S
1993Ford ProbeP195/65R14 88SP195/65R14 88S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1996Infiniti G20195/65R14195/65R14
1995Infiniti G20195/65R14195/65R14


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1997Mazda 626P195/65R14 88SP195/65R14 88S
1997Mazda MX-6P195/65R14 88SP195/65R14 88S
1996Mazda 626P195/65R14 88SP195/65R14 88S
1996Mazda MX-6P195/65R14 88SP195/65R14 88S
1995Mazda 626P195/65R14 88SP195/65R14 88S
1995Mazda MX-6P195/65R14 88SP195/65R14 88S
1994Mazda 626P195/65R14 88SP195/65R14 88S
1994Mazda MX-6P195/65R14 88SP195/65R14 88S
1993Mazda 626P195/65R14 88SP195/65R14 88S
1993Mazda MX-6P195/65R14 88SP195/65R14 88S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1999Mercury MystiqueP195/65R14 88TP195/65R14 88T
1998Mercury MystiqueP195/65R14 88TP195/65R14 88T
1997Mercury MystiqueP195/65R14 88TP195/65R14 88T
1996Mercury MystiqueP195/65R14 88TP195/65R14 88T
1995Mercury MystiqueP195/65R14 88TP195/65R14 88T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1992Nissan Stanza195/65R14 89H195/65R14 89H
1991Nissan Stanza195/65R14 89H195/65R14 89H
1990Nissan Stanza195/65R14 89H195/65R14 89H