What vehicles are compatible with tire size 205-55-16?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 205-55-16 tire size.


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2014Acura ILXP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2013Acura ILXP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2006Acura RSXP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2005Acura RSXP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2004Acura RSXP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2003Acura RSXP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2002Acura RSXP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1999Acura CL205/55R16 89V205/55R16 89V
1998Acura CL205/55R16 89V205/55R16 89V
1997Acura CL205/55R16 89V205/55R16 89V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2016Audi A3 Sportback e-tron205/55R16 91W205/55R16 91W
2016Audi A3 Sportback e-tron205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2004Audi A6205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2003Audi A6205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2003Audi TT205/55ZR16 91W205/55ZR16 91W
2003Audi TT Quattro205/55ZR16 91W205/55ZR16 91W
2002Audi A6205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2002Audi TT205/55ZR16 90W205/55ZR16 90W
2002Audi TT Quattro205/55ZR16 90W205/55ZR16 90W
2001Audi A4205/55R16 91W205/55R16 91W
2001Audi A4205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2001Audi A4 Quattro205/55ZR16 91W205/55ZR16 91W
2001Audi A4 Quattro205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2001Audi A6205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2001Audi A6 Quattro205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2001Audi TT205/55ZR16 90W205/55ZR16 90W
2001Audi TT Quattro205/55ZR16 90W205/55ZR16 90W
2000Audi A4205/55R16 89H205/55R16 89H
2000Audi A4205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2000Audi A4 Quattro205/55R16 89H205/55R16 89H
2000Audi A4 Quattro205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2000Audi A6205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2000Audi A6 Quattro205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2000Audi TT205/55R16 89H205/55R16 89H
2000Audi TT Quattro205/55R16 89H205/55R16 89H
1999Audi A4205/55R16 90H205/55R16 90H
1999Audi A4 Quattro205/55R16 89H205/55R16 89H
1999Audi A4 Quattro205/55R16 90H205/55R16 90H
1999Audi A6 Quattro205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
1998Audi A4205/55R16 89H205/55R16 89H
1998Audi A4205/55R16 90H205/55R16 90H
1998Audi A4 Quattro205/55R16 90H205/55R16 90H
1998Audi A4 Quattro205/55R16 89H205/55R16 89H
1998Audi A6205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
1998Audi A6 Quattro205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
1997Audi A4205/55R16 90H205/55R16 90H
1997Audi A4205/55R16 89H205/55R16 89H
1997Audi A4 Quattro205/55R16 90H205/55R16 90H
1997Audi A4 Quattro205/55R16 89H205/55R16 89H
1997Audi Cabriolet205/55R16 89H205/55R16 89H
1996Audi A4205/55R16 90H205/55R16 90H
1996Audi A4 Quattro205/55R16 90H205/55R16 90H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2013BMW 128i205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2012BMW 128i205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2012BMW 328i205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2012BMW 328i xDrive205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2011BMW 128i205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2011BMW 328i205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2011BMW 328i xDrive205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2010BMW 128i205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2010BMW 328i205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2010BMW 328i xDrive205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2009BMW 128i205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2009BMW 328i205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2009BMW 328i xDrive205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2008BMW 128i205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2008BMW 328i205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2008BMW 328xi205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2007BMW 328i205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2007BMW 328xi205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2006BMW 325Ci205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2006BMW 325i205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2006BMW 325xi205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2005BMW 325Ci205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2005BMW 325i205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2005BMW 325xi205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2004BMW 325Ci205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2004BMW 325i205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2004BMW 325xi205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2003BMW 325Ci205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2003BMW 325i205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2003BMW 325xi205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2002BMW 325Ci205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2002BMW 325i205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2002BMW 325xi205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2001BMW 325Ci205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2001BMW 325i205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2001BMW 325xi205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2000BMW 323Ci205/55R16 89H205/55R16 89H
2000BMW 323i205/55R16 89H205/55R16 89H
2000BMW 328Ci205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2000BMW 328i205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
1999BMW 323i205/55R16 89H205/55R16 89H
1999BMW 328i205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1997Buick SkylarkP205/55R16 89SP205/55R16 89S
1996Buick SkylarkP205/55R16 89SP205/55R16 89S
1995Buick SkylarkP205/55R16 89SP205/55R16 89S
1994Buick SkylarkP205/55R16 89SP205/55R16 89S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2020Chevrolet SonicP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2019Chevrolet Cruze205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2019Chevrolet SonicP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2018Chevrolet Cruze205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2018Chevrolet SonicP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2017Chevrolet Cruze205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2017Chevrolet SonicP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2016Chevrolet Cruze205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2016Chevrolet SonicP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2015Chevrolet SonicP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2014Chevrolet SonicP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2013Chevrolet SonicP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2012Chevrolet SonicP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2010Chevrolet CobaltP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2009Chevrolet CobaltP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2008Chevrolet CobaltP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2007Chevrolet CobaltP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2006Chevrolet CobaltP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2005Chevrolet CavalierP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2005Chevrolet CobaltP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2004Chevrolet CavalierP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2003Chevrolet CavalierP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2002Chevrolet CavalierP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2001Chevrolet CavalierP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2000Chevrolet CavalierP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1999Chevrolet CavalierP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1998Chevrolet CavalierP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1997Chevrolet CavalierP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1996Chevrolet BerettaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1996Chevrolet CavalierP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1995Chevrolet BerettaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1995Chevrolet CavalierP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1994Chevrolet BerettaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1993Chevrolet BerettaP205/55VR16 VP205/55VR16 V
1992Chevrolet BerettaP205/55VR16 VP205/55VR16 V
1989Chevrolet BerettaP205/55VR16 VP205/55VR16 V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2010Chrysler PT CruiserP205/55R16 89TP205/55R16 89T
2009Chrysler PT CruiserP205/55R16 89TP205/55R16 89T
2008Chrysler PT CruiserP205/55R16 89TP205/55R16 89T
2007Chrysler PT CruiserP205/55R16 89TP205/55R16 89T
2006Chrysler PT CruiserP205/55R16 89TP205/55R16 89T
2005Chrysler PT CruiserP205/55R16 89TP205/55R16 89T
2004Chrysler PT CruiserP205/55R16 89TP205/55R16 89T
2003Chrysler PT CruiserP205/55R16 89TP205/55R16 89T
2002Chrysler PT CruiserP205/55R16 89TP205/55R16 89T
2001Chrysler PT CruiserP205/55R16 89TP205/55R16 89T
2001Chrysler SebringP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2000Chrysler SebringP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1999Chrysler SebringP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1998Chrysler SebringP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1997Chrysler SebringP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1996Chrysler SebringP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1995Chrysler SebringP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1994Chrysler LeBaronP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1993Chrysler LeBaronP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1989Chrysler ConquestP205/55VR16 V (Front)P225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1989Chrysler LeBaronP205/55VR16 VP205/55VR16 V
1988Chrysler ConquestP205/55VR16 V (Front)P225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1987Chrysler ConquestP205/55VR16 V (Front)P225/50VR16 V (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2016Dodge Dart205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2015Dodge Dart205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2014Dodge Dart205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2013Dodge Dart205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2001Dodge StratusP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2000Dodge AvengerP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1999Dodge AvengerP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1998Dodge AvengerP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1997Dodge AvengerP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1996Dodge AvengerP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1995Dodge AvengerP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1993Dodge DaytonaP205/55ZR16 P205/55ZR16
1993Dodge DaytonaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1990Dodge DaytonaP205/55VR16 VP205/55VR16 V
1989Dodge DaytonaP205/55VR16 VP205/55VR16 V
1988Dodge DaytonaP205/55VR16 VP205/55VR16 V
1986Dodge Conquest205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1998Eagle TalonP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1997Eagle TalonP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1996Eagle TalonP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1996Eagle TalonP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1995Eagle TalonP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1994Eagle TalonP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1994Eagle TalonP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1993Eagle TalonP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1993Eagle TalonP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1992Eagle TalonP205/55VR16 VP205/55VR16 V
1992Eagle TalonP205/55HR16 HP205/55HR16 H
1991Eagle TalonP205/55VR16 VP205/55VR16 V
1991Eagle TalonP205/55HR16 HP205/55HR16 H
1990Eagle TalonP205/55VR16 VP205/55VR16 V
1990Eagle TalonP205/55HR16 HP205/55HR16 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1988Ferrari Mondial 3.2205/55VR16 V (Front)225/55VR16 V (Rear)
1987Ferrari Mondial 3.2205/55VR16 V (Front)225/55VR16 V (Rear)
1985Ferrari 308 GTB205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1985Ferrari 308 GTS205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1984Ferrari 308 GTB205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1984Ferrari 308 GTS205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1983Ferrari 308 GTB205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1983Ferrari 308 GTS205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2020Fiat 500L205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2019Fiat 500L205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2018Fiat 500L205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2017Fiat 500L205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2016Fiat 500L205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2015Fiat 500L205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2014Fiat 500L205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1998Ford ContourP205/55ZR16 P205/55ZR16


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2015Honda CivicP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2014Honda CivicP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2013Honda CivicP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2012Honda CivicP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2011Honda CivicP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2010Honda CivicP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2009Honda CivicP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2008Honda CivicP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2007Honda CivicP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2006Honda CivicP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2005Honda CivicP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2004Honda CivicP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2003Honda S2000205/55R16 89W (Front)225/50R16 92W (Rear)
2002Honda S2000205/55R16 89W (Front)225/50R16 92W (Rear)
2001Honda S2000205/55R16 89W (Front)225/50R16 92W (Rear)
2000Honda S2000205/55R16 89W (Front)225/50R16 92W (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Hyundai Elantra205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2022Hyundai Ioniq205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2021Hyundai Elantra205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2021Hyundai Ioniq205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2020Hyundai Elantra205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2020Hyundai Ioniq205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2019Hyundai Elantra205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2019Hyundai Ioniq205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2018Hyundai Elantra205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2018Hyundai Ioniq205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2017Hyundai Elantra205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2017Hyundai Elantra GTP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2017Hyundai Ioniq205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2016Hyundai ElantraP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2016Hyundai Elantra GTP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2015Hyundai ElantraP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2015Hyundai Elantra GTP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2014Hyundai ElantraP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2014Hyundai Elantra CoupeP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2014Hyundai Elantra GTP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2013Hyundai ElantraP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2013Hyundai Elantra CoupeP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2013Hyundai Elantra GTP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2012Hyundai ElantraP205/55R16 89TP205/55R16 89T
2011Hyundai ElantraP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2010Hyundai ElantraP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2009Hyundai ElantraP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2008Hyundai ElantraP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2008Hyundai TiburonP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2007Hyundai ElantraP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2007Hyundai TiburonP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2006Hyundai TiburonP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2005Hyundai TiburonP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2004Hyundai TiburonP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2003Hyundai TiburonP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2008Jaguar X-Type205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2007Jaguar X-Type205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2006Jaguar X-Type205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2005Jaguar X-Type205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2004Jaguar X-Type205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2003Jaguar X-Type205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2002Jaguar X-Type205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Kia Forte205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2021Kia Forte205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2020Kia Forte205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2019Kia Forte205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2018Kia Forte205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2018Kia Forte5205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2017Kia Forte205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2017Kia Forte5205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2016Kia ForteP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2016Kia Forte KoupP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2016Kia Forte5P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2015Kia ForteP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2015Kia Forte KoupP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2015Kia Forte5P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2014Kia ForteP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2014Kia Forte KoupP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2014Kia Forte5P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2013Kia ForteP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2013Kia Forte KoupP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2013Kia SoulP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2012Kia ForteP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2012Kia Forte KoupP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2012Kia SoulP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2011Kia ForteP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2011Kia Forte KoupP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2011Kia SoulP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2010Kia ForteP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2010Kia Forte KoupP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2010Kia SoulP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2006Kia OptimaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2005Kia OptimaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2004Kia OptimaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1988Lamborghini Jalpa205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1987Lamborghini Jalpa205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1986Lamborghini Jalpa205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1985Lamborghini Jalpa205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1984Lamborghini Jalpa205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1983Lamborghini Jalpa205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2013Lexus IS250205/55R16 89W205/55R16 89W
2013Lexus IS350205/55R16 89W205/55R16 89W
2012Lexus IS250205/55R16 89W205/55R16 89W
2012Lexus IS350205/55R16 89W205/55R16 89W
2011Lexus IS250205/55R16 89W205/55R16 89W
2011Lexus IS350205/55R16 89W205/55R16 89W
2005Lexus IS300P205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2004Lexus IS300P205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2003Lexus IS300P205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2002Lexus IS300P205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2001Lexus IS300P205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2015Mazda 5P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2014Mazda 5P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2013Mazda 3P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2013Mazda 5P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2012Mazda 3P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2012Mazda 5P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2011Mazda 3P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2010Mazda 3P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2009Mazda 3P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2008Mazda 3P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2007Mazda 3P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2006Mazda 3P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2005Mazda 3P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2004Mazda 3P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2002Mazda 626P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2001Mazda 626P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2000Mazda 626P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1991Mazda RX-7205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V
1990Mazda RX-7205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V
1989Mazda RX-7205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V
1988Mazda RX-7205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V
1987Mazda RX-7205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V
1986Mazda RX-7205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2008Mercedes-Benz SLK280205/55R16 91W (Front)225/50R16 92W (Rear)
2008Mercedes-Benz SLK280205/55R16 91V (Front)225/50R16 92V (Rear)
2007Mercedes-Benz C280205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2007Mercedes-Benz C350205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2007Mercedes-Benz SLK280205/55R16 91W (Front)225/50R16 92W (Rear)
2006Mercedes-Benz C280205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2006Mercedes-Benz C350205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2006Mercedes-Benz SLK280205/55R16 91W (Front)225/50R16 92W (Rear)
2005Mercedes-Benz C240205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2005Mercedes-Benz C320205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2004Mercedes-Benz C240205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2004Mercedes-Benz C320205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2004Mercedes-Benz CLK320205/55R16 91H (Front)225/50R16 92H (Rear)
2004Mercedes-Benz SLK230205/55R16 91V (Front)225/50R16 92V (Rear)
2004Mercedes-Benz SLK320205/55R16 91V (Front)225/50R16 92V (Rear)
2003Mercedes-Benz C230205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2003Mercedes-Benz C240205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2003Mercedes-Benz C320205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2003Mercedes-Benz CLK320205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2003Mercedes-Benz CLK320205/55R16 91H (Front)225/50R16 92H (Rear)
2003Mercedes-Benz SLK230205/55R16 91V (Front)225/50R16 92V (Rear)
2003Mercedes-Benz SLK320205/55ZR16 91W (Front)225/50ZR16 92W (Rear)
2002Mercedes-Benz C230205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2002Mercedes-Benz C240205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2002Mercedes-Benz C320205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2002Mercedes-Benz CLK320205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2002Mercedes-Benz SLK230205/55R16 91V (Front)225/50R16 92V (Rear)
2002Mercedes-Benz SLK320205/55R16 91V (Front)225/50R16 92V (Rear)
2001Mercedes-Benz C240205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2001Mercedes-Benz C320205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2001Mercedes-Benz CLK320205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2001Mercedes-Benz SLK230205/55R16 91V (Front)225/50R16 92V (Rear)
2001Mercedes-Benz SLK320205/55R16 91V (Front)225/50R16 92V (Rear)
2000Mercedes-Benz C230205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2000Mercedes-Benz C280205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2000Mercedes-Benz CLK320205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2000Mercedes-Benz SLK230205/55R16 91V (Front)225/50R16 92V (Rear)
1999Mercedes-Benz C230205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
1999Mercedes-Benz C280205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
1999Mercedes-Benz CLK320205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
1999Mercedes-Benz SLK230205/55R16 91V (Front)225/50R16 92V (Rear)
1998Mercedes-Benz C230205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
1998Mercedes-Benz C280205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
1998Mercedes-Benz CLK320205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
1998Mercedes-Benz SLK230205/55R16 91V (Front)225/50R16 92V (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Mini Cooper Clubman205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2018Mini Cooper Clubman205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2017Mini Cooper Clubman205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2016Mini Cooper Clubman205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2005Mitsubishi EclipseP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2004Mitsubishi EclipseP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2003Mitsubishi EclipseP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2003Mitsubishi GalantP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2002Mitsubishi EclipseP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2002Mitsubishi GalantP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2001Mitsubishi EclipseP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2001Mitsubishi GalantP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2000Mitsubishi EclipseP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2000Mitsubishi GalantP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1999Mitsubishi EclipseP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1999Mitsubishi EclipseP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1999Mitsubishi GalantP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1998Mitsubishi EclipseP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1997Mitsubishi EclipseP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1996Mitsubishi Eclipse205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V
1996Mitsubishi EclipseP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1995Mitsubishi EclipseP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1995Mitsubishi Eclipse205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V
1994Mitsubishi EclipseP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1994Mitsubishi EclipseP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1994Mitsubishi Eclipse205/55R16 88V205/55R16 88V
1993Mitsubishi EclipseP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1993Mitsubishi EclipseP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1992Mitsubishi Eclipse205/55HR16 H205/55HR16 H
1992Mitsubishi Eclipse205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V
1991Mitsubishi Eclipse205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V
1991Mitsubishi Eclipse205/55HR16 H205/55HR16 H
1990Mitsubishi Eclipse205/55HR16 H205/55HR16 H
1990Mitsubishi Eclipse205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V
1989Mitsubishi Starion205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1988Mitsubishi Starion205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1987Mitsubishi Starion205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1986Mitsubishi Starion205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Nissan LEAFP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2022Nissan Versa205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2021Nissan LEAFP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2021Nissan Versa205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2020Nissan LEAFP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2020Nissan Versa205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2019Nissan LEAFP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2019Nissan SentraP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2018Nissan LEAFP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2018Nissan SentraP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2017Nissan LEAFP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2017Nissan SentraP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2016Nissan LEAFP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2016Nissan SentraP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2015Nissan LEAFP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2015Nissan SentraP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2014Nissan LEAFP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2014Nissan SentraP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2013Nissan LEAFP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2013Nissan SentraP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2012Nissan LEAFP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2012Nissan SentraP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2011Nissan LEAFP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2011Nissan SentraP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2010Nissan SentraP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2009Nissan SentraP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2008Nissan SentraP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2007Nissan SentraP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2001Nissan AltimaP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2001Nissan AltimaP205/55R16 89TP205/55R16 89T
2000Nissan AltimaP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2000Nissan AltimaP205/55R16 89TP205/55R16 89T
1998Nissan 240SXP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1997Nissan 240SXP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1996Nissan 240SXP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1995Nissan 240SXP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1997Oldsmobile AchievaP205/55R16 89SP205/55R16 89S
1996Oldsmobile AchievaP205/55R16 89SP205/55R16 89S
1995Oldsmobile AchievaP205/55R16 89SP205/55R16 89S
1994Oldsmobile AchievaP205/55R16 89SP205/55R16 89S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1994Plymouth LaserP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1994Plymouth LaserP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1993Plymouth LaserP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1993Plymouth LaserP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1992Plymouth LaserP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1992Plymouth LaserP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1991Plymouth LaserP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1990Plymouth LaserP205/55VR16 VP205/55VR16 V
1990Plymouth LaserP205/55HR16 HP205/55HR16 H
1986Plymouth Conquest205/55VR16 V (Front)215/55R16 V (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2010Pontiac VibeP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2009Pontiac G5P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2009Pontiac VibeP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2008Pontiac G5P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2008Pontiac VibeP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2007Pontiac G5P205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2007Pontiac VibeP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2006Pontiac VibeP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2005Pontiac SunfireP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2005Pontiac VibeP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2004Pontiac SunfireP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2004Pontiac VibeP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2003Pontiac SunfireP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2003Pontiac VibeP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2002Pontiac SunfireP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2001Pontiac SunfireP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2000Pontiac SunfireP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1999Pontiac SunfireP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1998Pontiac Grand AmP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1998Pontiac Grand AmP205/55R16 89SP205/55R16 89S
1998Pontiac SunfireP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1997Pontiac Grand AmP205/55R16 89SP205/55R16 89S
1997Pontiac SunfireP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1996Pontiac Grand AmP205/55R16 89SP205/55R16 89S
1996Pontiac SunfireP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1995Pontiac Grand AmP205/55R16 89SP205/55R16 89S
1995Pontiac SunfireP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1994Pontiac Grand AmP205/55R16 89SP205/55R16 89S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2004Porsche Boxster205/55ZR16 (Front)225/50ZR16 (Rear)
2003Porsche Boxster205/55ZR16 (Front)225/50ZR16 (Rear)
2002Porsche Boxster205/55ZR16 (Front)225/50ZR16 (Rear)
2001Porsche Boxster205/55ZR16 (Front)225/50ZR16 (Rear)
2000Porsche Boxster205/55ZR16 (Front)225/50ZR16 (Rear)
1999Porsche Boxster205/55ZR16 (Front)225/50ZR16 (Rear)
1998Porsche Boxster205/55ZR16 (Front)225/50ZR16 (Rear)
1997Porsche Boxster205/55ZR16 (Front)225/50ZR16 (Rear)
1995Porsche 968205/55ZR16 (Front)225/50ZR16 (Rear)
1994Porsche 911205/55ZR16 (Front)225/50ZR16 (Rear)
1994Porsche 968205/55ZR16 (Front)225/50ZR16 (Rear)
1993Porsche 911205/55ZR16 (Front)225/50ZR16 (Rear)
1993Porsche 968205/55ZR16 (Front)225/50ZR16 (Rear)
1992Porsche 911205/55ZR16 (Front)225/50ZR16 (Rear)
1992Porsche 968205/55ZR16 (Front)225/50ZR16 (Rear)
1991Porsche 911205/55ZR16 (Front)225/50ZR16 (Rear)
1991Porsche 944205/55ZR16 (Front)225/50ZR16 (Rear)
1990Porsche 911205/55ZR16 (Front)225/50ZR16 (Rear)
1990Porsche 944205/55ZR16 (Front)225/50ZR16 (Rear)
1989Porsche 911205/55ZR16 (Front)225/50ZR16 (Rear)
1989Porsche 944205/55ZR16 (Front)225/50ZR16 (Rear)
1988Porsche 911205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1988Porsche 924205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V
1988Porsche 944205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1987Porsche 911205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1987Porsche 924205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V
1987Porsche 944205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1986Porsche 911205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1986Porsche 944205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1986Porsche 944205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V
1985Porsche 911205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1985Porsche 944205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V
1984Porsche 911205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1984Porsche 944205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V
1983Porsche 911205/55VR16 V (Front)225/50VR16 V (Rear)
1983Porsche 944205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2006Saab 9-2XP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2005Saab 9-2XP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2003Saab 9-3205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2002Saab 9-3205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
1998Saab 9000205/55ZR16 90W205/55ZR16 90W
1997Saab 9000205/55ZR16 90W205/55ZR16 90W
1996Saab 9000205/55ZR16 90W205/55ZR16 90W
1995Saab 9000205/55ZR16 205/55ZR16
1994Saab 9000205/55ZR16 205/55ZR16
1993Saab 9000205/55ZR16 205/55ZR16


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2008Saturn AstraP205/55R16 89TP205/55R16 89T
2007Saturn IonP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2006Saturn IonP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2005Saturn IonP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2004Saturn IonP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2003Saturn IonP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2015Scion xBP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2014Scion xBP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2013Scion xBP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2012Scion xBP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2011Scion xBP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2010Scion xBP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2009Scion xBP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2008Scion tCP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2008Scion xBP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2007Scion tCP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1991Sterling 827205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V
1990Sterling 827205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V
1989Sterling 827205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2021Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2020Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2019Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2018Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2017Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2016Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2015Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2014Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2013Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2012Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2011Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2010Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2009Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2008Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2007Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2006Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2005Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2005Subaru LegacyP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2004Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2004Subaru LegacyP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2003Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2003Subaru LegacyP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2002Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2002Subaru LegacyP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2001Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2001Subaru LegacyP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2000Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
2000Subaru LegacyP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1999Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1999Subaru LegacyP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1998Subaru ImprezaP205/55R16 89VP205/55R16 89V
1998Subaru LegacyP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
1997Subaru LegacyP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2004Suzuki VeronaP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Toyota Corolla205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2021Toyota Corolla205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2020Toyota Corolla205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2019Toyota CorollaP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2019Toyota Corolla205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2018Toyota CorollaP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2017Toyota CorollaP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2016Toyota CorollaP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2015Toyota CorollaP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2014Toyota CorollaP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2013Toyota CorollaP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2013Toyota MatrixP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2012Toyota CorollaP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2012Toyota MatrixP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2011Toyota CorollaP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2011Toyota MatrixP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2010Toyota CorollaP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2010Toyota MatrixP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2009Toyota CorollaP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2009Toyota MatrixP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2008Toyota MatrixP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2007Toyota MatrixP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2006Toyota MatrixP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2005Toyota MatrixP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2004Toyota MatrixP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H
2003Toyota MatrixP205/55R16 89HP205/55R16 89H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2021Volkswagen Golf205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2020Volkswagen Golf205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2019Volkswagen e-Golf205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2019Volkswagen Golf205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2019Volkswagen Golf SportWagen205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2018Volkswagen e-Golf205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2018Volkswagen Golf205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2018Volkswagen Golf SportWagen205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2018Volkswagen Jetta205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2017Volkswagen e-Golf205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2017Volkswagen Golf205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2017Volkswagen Jetta205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2016Volkswagen e-Golf205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2016Volkswagen Golf205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2016Volkswagen Golf SportWagen205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2016Volkswagen Jetta205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2015Volkswagen e-Golf205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2015Volkswagen Golf205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2015Volkswagen Golf SportWagen205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2015Volkswagen Jetta205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2014Volkswagen Jetta205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2013Volkswagen Jetta205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2012Volkswagen Jetta205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2011Volkswagen Jetta205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2010Volkswagen Beetle205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2010Volkswagen Jetta205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2009Volkswagen Beetle205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2009Volkswagen Jetta205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2009Volkswagen Rabbit205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2008Volkswagen Beetle205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2008Volkswagen Jetta205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2008Volkswagen Rabbit205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2007Volkswagen Beetle205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2007Volkswagen Jetta205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2007Volkswagen Rabbit205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2006Volkswagen Beetle205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2006Volkswagen Jetta205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2006Volkswagen Rabbit205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2005Volkswagen Beetle205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2005Volkswagen Golf205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2005Volkswagen Jetta205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2005Volkswagen Passat205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2004Volkswagen Beetle205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2004Volkswagen Golf205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2004Volkswagen Jetta205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2004Volkswagen Passat205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2003Volkswagen Beetle205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2003Volkswagen Golf205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2003Volkswagen Jetta205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2003Volkswagen Passat205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2002Volkswagen Beetle205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2002Volkswagen Golf205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2002Volkswagen Jetta205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2002Volkswagen Passat205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2001Volkswagen Beetle205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2001Volkswagen Golf205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2001Volkswagen Jetta205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2001Volkswagen Passat205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2000Volkswagen Beetle205/55R16 89H205/55R16 89H
2000Volkswagen Golf205/55R16 89H205/55R16 89H
2000Volkswagen Jetta205/55R16 89H205/55R16 89H
2000Volkswagen Jetta205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2000Volkswagen Passat205/55R16 89H205/55R16 89H
1999Volkswagen Beetle205/55R16 89H205/55R16 89H
1999Volkswagen Golf205/55R16 89H205/55R16 89H
1999Volkswagen Jetta205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
1998Volkswagen Beetle205/55R16 89H205/55R16 89H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2009Volvo S60205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2008Volvo C30205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2008Volvo S40205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2008Volvo S60205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2008Volvo V50205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2007Volvo S40205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2007Volvo S60205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2007Volvo V50205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2007Volvo V70205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2006Volvo S40205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2006Volvo S60205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2006Volvo V50205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2006Volvo V70205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2005Volvo S40205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2005Volvo V50205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2005Volvo V70205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2004Volvo C70205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2004Volvo S40205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2004Volvo S60205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2004Volvo V70205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2003Volvo C70205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2003Volvo S60205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2003Volvo V70205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2002Volvo C70205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2002Volvo S60205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2002Volvo V70205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2001Volvo C70205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2001Volvo S60205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2001Volvo V70205/55R16 91H205/55R16 91H
2000Volvo C70205/55R16 91V205/55R16 91V
2000Volvo S70205/55R16 89V205/55R16 89V
2000Volvo V70205/55R16 89V205/55R16 89V
1999Volvo C70205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V
1999Volvo S70205/55R16 89V205/55R16 89V
1999Volvo V70205/55R16 89V205/55R16 89V
1998Volvo S70205/55R16 89V205/55R16 89V
1998Volvo S90205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V
1998Volvo V70205/55R16 89V205/55R16 89V
1997Volvo 850205/55R16 89V205/55R16 89V
1997Volvo 960205/55R16 89V205/55R16 89V
1997Volvo S90205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V
1996Volvo 850205/55R16 89V205/55R16 89V
1996Volvo 960205/55R16 89V205/55R16 89V
1995Volvo 850205/55R16 89V205/55R16 89V
1995Volvo 960205/55R16 89V205/55R16 89V
1994Volvo 850205/55R16 89V205/55R16 89V
1994Volvo 940205/55R16 89V205/55R16 89V
1993Volvo 940205/55R16 89V205/55R16 89V
1992Volvo 940205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V
1991Volvo 940205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V
1990Volvo 740205/55VR16 V205/55VR16 V