What vehicles are compatible with tire size 205-60-16?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 205-60-16 tire size.


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2003Acura CLP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2003Acura TLP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2002Acura CLP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2002Acura TLP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2001Acura CLP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2001Acura TLP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2000Acura TLP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
1999Acura TLP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2006Chrysler SebringP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T
2005Chrysler SebringP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T
2005Chrysler SebringP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2004Chrysler SebringP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T
2004Chrysler SebringP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2003Chrysler SebringP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T
2003Chrysler SebringP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2002Chrysler SebringP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T
2002Chrysler SebringP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2001Chrysler SebringP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2006Dodge StratusP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T
2005Dodge StratusP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T
2005Dodge StratusP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2004Dodge StratusP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T
2004Dodge StratusP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2003Dodge StratusP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T
2003Dodge StratusP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2002Dodge StratusP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2002Dodge StratusP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T
2001Dodge StratusP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Ford EcoSport205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2021Ford EcoSport205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2020Ford EcoSport205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2019Ford EcoSport205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2018Ford EcoSport205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2012Ford FusionP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2011Ford FusionP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2010Ford FusionP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2010Ford FusionP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T
2009Ford FusionP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T
2008Ford FusionP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T
2007Ford FusionP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T
2006Ford FusionP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2007Honda AccordP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2006Honda AccordP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2005Honda AccordP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2004Honda AccordP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2003Honda AccordP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2002Honda AccordP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2001Honda AccordP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2000Honda AccordP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
1999Honda AccordP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
1998Honda AccordP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Hyundai Kona205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2021Hyundai Ioniq205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2021Hyundai Kona205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2020Hyundai Ioniq205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2020Hyundai Kona205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2019Hyundai Kona205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2018Hyundai Kona205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2005Hyundai SonataP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2005Hyundai XG350P205/60R16/XL 94HP205/60R16/XL 94H
2004Hyundai SonataP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2004Hyundai XG350P205/60R16/XL 94HP205/60R16/XL 94H
2003Hyundai SonataP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2003Hyundai XG350P205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2002Hyundai SonataP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2002Hyundai XG350P205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Kia Niro205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2022Kia Soul205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2021Kia Niro205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2021Kia Soul205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2020Kia Niro205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2020Kia Soul205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2019Kia Niro205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2019Kia Soul205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2019Kia Soul EV205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2018Kia Niro205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2018Kia Soul205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2018Kia Soul EV205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2017Kia Niro205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2017Kia Soul205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2017Kia Soul EV205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2016Kia Soul205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2016Kia Soul EV205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2015Kia Soul205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2015Kia Soul EV205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2014Kia Soul205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2010Kia OptimaP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2010Kia RondoP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2009Kia OptimaP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2009Kia RondoP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2008Kia OptimaP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2008Kia RondoP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2007Kia OptimaP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2007Kia RondoP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2006Kia OptimaP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2001Lexus ES300P205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2000Lexus ES300P205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Mazda 3205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2021Mazda 3205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2020Mazda 3205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2019Mazda 3205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2018Mazda 3P205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2017Mazda 3P205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2016Mazda 3P205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2015Mazda 3P205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2014Mazda 3P205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2007Mazda 6P205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2006Mazda 6P205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2005Mazda 6P205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2004Mazda 6P205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2003Mazda 6P205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2011Mercury MilanP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T
2010Mercury MilanP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T
2009Mercury MilanP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2009Mercury MilanP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T
2008Mercury MilanP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T
2007Mercury MilanP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T
2006Mercury MilanP205/60R16 91TP205/60R16 91T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2017Mitsubishi LancerP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2016Mitsubishi LancerP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2015Mitsubishi LancerP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2014Mitsubishi LancerP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2013Mitsubishi LancerP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2012Mitsubishi LancerP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2011Mitsubishi LancerP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2010Mitsubishi LancerP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2009Mitsubishi LancerP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2008Mitsubishi LancerP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Nissan Kicks205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2022Nissan Sentra205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2021Nissan Kicks205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2021Nissan Sentra205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2020Nissan Kicks205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2020Nissan Sentra205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2019Nissan Kicks205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2018Nissan Kicks205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2014Subaru LegacyP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2013Subaru LegacyP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2012Subaru LegacyP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2011Subaru LegacyP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2010Subaru LegacyP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2013Suzuki SX4P205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2012Suzuki SX4P205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2011Suzuki SX4P205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2010Suzuki SX4P205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2009Suzuki SX4P205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2008Suzuki SX4P205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2007Suzuki SX4P205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2006Suzuki VeronaP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2005Suzuki VeronaP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2017Toyota Prius VP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2016Toyota Prius VP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2015Toyota Prius VP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2014Toyota Prius VP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2013Toyota Prius VP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2012Toyota Prius VP205/60R16 91VP205/60R16 91V
2006Toyota SolaraP205/60R16/XL 94VP205/60R16/XL 94V
2004Toyota AvalonP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2003Toyota AvalonP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2003Toyota SolaraP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2002Toyota AvalonP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2002Toyota SolaraP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2001Toyota AvalonP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2001Toyota CamryP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2001Toyota SolaraP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2000Toyota AvalonP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2000Toyota CamryP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
2000Toyota SolaraP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H
1999Toyota SolaraP205/60R16 91HP205/60R16 91H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Volkswagen Jetta205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2021Volkswagen Jetta205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2020Volkswagen Jetta205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H
2019Volkswagen Jetta205/60R16 92H205/60R16 92H