What vehicles are compatible with tire size 205-65-15?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 205-65-15 tire size.


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1998Acura TL205/65R15 94V205/65R15 94V
1997Acura TL205/65R15 94V205/65R15 94V
1996Acura TL205/65R15 94V205/65R15 94V
1995Acura TL205/65R15 94V205/65R15 94V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2003Audi A4205/65R15 94H205/65R15 94H
2003Audi A4 Quattro205/65R15 94H205/65R15 94H
2002Audi A4205/65R15 94H205/65R15 94H
2002Audi A4 Quattro205/65R15 94H205/65R15 94H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1995BMW 525i205/65R15 94H205/65R15 94H
1994BMW 525i205/65R15 94H205/65R15 94H
1993BMW 525i205/65R15 94H205/65R15 94H
1992BMW 525i205/65R15 94H205/65R15 94H
1991BMW 525i205/65R15 94H205/65R15 94H
1990BMW 525i205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V
1989BMW 525i205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2008Chevrolet MalibuP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S
2007Chevrolet MalibuP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S
2006Chevrolet MalibuP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S
2005Chevrolet ClassicP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
2005Chevrolet MalibuP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
2005Chevrolet MalibuP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S
2004Chevrolet ClassicP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
2004Chevrolet MalibuP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
2004Chevrolet MalibuP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2006Chrysler SebringP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
2005Chrysler SebringP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
2004Chrysler SebringP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
2003Chrysler SebringP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
2002Chrysler SebringP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
2001Chrysler SebringP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
2000Chrysler SebringP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S
1999Chrysler SebringP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S
1998Chrysler SebringP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S
1997Chrysler SebringP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S
1996Chrysler SebringP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2004Dodge StratusP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
2003Dodge StratusP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
2002Dodge StratusP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
2001Dodge StratusP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
1996Dodge Stealth205/65R15 94H205/65R15 94H
1995Dodge Stealth205/65R15 94H205/65R15 94H
1994Dodge Stealth205/65R15 94H205/65R15 94H
1993Dodge Stealth205/65R15 94H205/65R15 94H
1993Dodge StealthP205/65HR15 HP205/65HR15 H
1992Dodge StealthP205/65HR15 HP205/65HR15 H
1992Dodge Stealth205/65HR15 H205/65HR15 H
1991Dodge StealthP205/65HR15 HP205/65HR15 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2013Ford Transit ConnectP205/65R15/XL 95TP205/65R15/XL 95T
2012Ford Transit ConnectP205/65R15/XL 95TP205/65R15/XL 95T
2011Ford Transit ConnectP205/65R15/XL 95TP205/65R15/XL 95T
2010Ford Transit ConnectP205/65R15/XL 95TP205/65R15/XL 95T
2001Ford MustangP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
2000Ford MustangP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
1999Ford MustangP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
1999Ford TaurusP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
1998Ford MustangP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
1998Ford TaurusP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
1997Ford MustangP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
1997Ford TaurusP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
1996Ford MustangP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
1996Ford TaurusP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
1995Ford MustangP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
1995Ford TaurusP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
1994Ford MustangP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
1994Ford TaurusP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2007Honda AccordP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2006Honda AccordP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2005Honda AccordP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2004Honda AccordP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2003Honda AccordP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2002Honda AccordP205/65R15 92VP205/65R15 92V
2001Honda AccordP205/65R15 92VP205/65R15 92V
2000Honda AccordP205/65R15 92VP205/65R15 92V
1999Honda AccordP205/65R15 92VP205/65R15 92V
1998Honda AccordP205/65R15 92VP205/65R15 92V
1998Honda OdysseyP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S
1997Honda OdysseyP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S
1996Honda OdysseyP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S
1995Honda OdysseyP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2005Hyundai SonataP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2004Hyundai SonataP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2003Hyundai SonataP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2001Hyundai XG300P205/65R15 92VP205/65R15 92V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1999Infiniti I30P205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1998Infiniti I30P205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1997Infiniti I30P205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1996Infiniti I30P205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1999Isuzu OasisP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S
1998Isuzu OasisP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S
1997Isuzu OasisP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S
1996Isuzu OasisP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2001Lexus ES300P205/65R15 92VP205/65R15 92V
2000Lexus ES300P205/65R15 92VP205/65R15 92V
1999Lexus ES300P205/65R15 92VP205/65R15 92V
1998Lexus ES300P205/65R15 92VP205/65R15 92V
1997Lexus ES300P205/65R15 92VP205/65R15 92V
1996Lexus ES300P205/65R15 92VP205/65R15 92V
1995Lexus ES300P205/65R15 92VP205/65R15 92V
1994Lexus ES300P205/65R15 92VP205/65R15 92V
1993Lexus ES300P205/65R15 92VP205/65R15 92V
1992Lexus ES300P205/65VR15 VP205/65VR15 V
1992Lexus LS400205/65R15 94V205/65R15 94V
1991Lexus LS400205/65R15 94V205/65R15 94V
1990Lexus LS400205/65R15 94V205/65R15 94V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2006Mazda MPVP205/65R15/XL 95HP205/65R15/XL 95H
2003Mazda MPV205/65R15 94H205/65R15 94H
2001Mazda MPVP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S
2000Mazda MPVP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S
1998Mazda MilleniaP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1997Mazda MilleniaP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1996Mazda MilleniaP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1995Mazda 929P205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1995Mazda MilleniaP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1994Mazda 929P205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1991Mercedes-Benz 350SD205/65R15 94H205/65R15 94H
1991Mercedes-Benz 350SDL205/65R15 94H205/65R15 94H
1991Mercedes-Benz 420SEL205/65R15 94V205/65R15 94V
1991Mercedes-Benz 560SEC205/65R15 94V205/65R15 94V
1991Mercedes-Benz 560SEL205/65R15 94V205/65R15 94V
1990Mercedes-Benz 350SD205/65R15 94H205/65R15 94H
1990Mercedes-Benz 350SDL205/65R15 94H205/65R15 94H
1990Mercedes-Benz 420SEL205/65R15 94V205/65R15 94V
1990Mercedes-Benz 560SEC205/65R15 94V205/65R15 94V
1990Mercedes-Benz 560SEL205/65R15 94V205/65R15 94V
1989Mercedes-Benz 300SE205/65HR15 H205/65HR15 H
1989Mercedes-Benz 300SEL205/65HR15 H205/65HR15 H
1989Mercedes-Benz 420SEL205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V
1989Mercedes-Benz 560SEC205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V
1989Mercedes-Benz 560SEL205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V
1989Mercedes-Benz 560SL205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V
1988Mercedes-Benz 300SE205/65HR15 H205/65HR15 H
1988Mercedes-Benz 300SEL205/65HR15 H205/65HR15 H
1988Mercedes-Benz 420SEL205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V
1988Mercedes-Benz 560SEC205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V
1988Mercedes-Benz 560SEL205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V
1988Mercedes-Benz 560SL205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V
1987Mercedes-Benz 300SDL205/65HR15 H205/65HR15 H
1987Mercedes-Benz 420SEL205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V
1987Mercedes-Benz 560SEC205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V
1987Mercedes-Benz 560SEL205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V
1987Mercedes-Benz 560SL205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V
1986Mercedes-Benz 300SDL205/65HR15 H205/65HR15 H
1986Mercedes-Benz 420SEL205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V
1986Mercedes-Benz 560SEC205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V
1986Mercedes-Benz 560SEL205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V
1986Mercedes-Benz 560SL205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1999Mercury SableP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
1998Mercury SableP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
1997Mercury SableP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
1996Mercury SableP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
1995Mercury SableP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
1994Mercury SableP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2001Mitsubishi DiamanteP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2000Mitsubishi DiamanteP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1999Mitsubishi DiamanteP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1998Mitsubishi DiamanteP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1997Mitsubishi DiamanteP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1996Mitsubishi Diamante205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V
1995Mitsubishi Diamante205/65HR15 H205/65HR15 H
1995Mitsubishi Diamante205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V
1994Mitsubishi Diamante205/65HR15 H205/65HR15 H
1994Mitsubishi Diamante205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V
1993Mitsubishi Diamante205/65HR15 H205/65HR15 H
1993Mitsubishi Diamante205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V
1992Mitsubishi Diamante205/65VR15 V205/65VR15 V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2001Nissan Altra EVP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S
2001Nissan MaximaP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2000Nissan Altra EVP205/65R15 92SP205/65R15 92S
2000Nissan MaximaP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1999Nissan MaximaP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1998Nissan MaximaP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1997Nissan MaximaP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1996Nissan MaximaP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1995Nissan MaximaP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1994Nissan MaximaP205/65R15 92VP205/65R15 92V
1994Nissan MaximaP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1993Nissan MaximaP205/65VR15 VP205/65VR15 V
1993Nissan MaximaP205/65HR15 HP205/65HR15 H
1992Nissan MaximaP205/65VR15 VP205/65VR15 V
1992Nissan MaximaP205/65HR15 HP205/65HR15 H
1991Nissan MaximaP205/65HR15 HP205/65HR15 H
1990Nissan Maxima205/65R15 93H205/65R15 93H
1989Nissan Maxima205/65R15 93H205/65R15 93H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2004Oldsmobile AleroP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2005Pontiac Grand AmP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
2004Pontiac Grand AmP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2004Saab 9-3205/65R15 94H205/65R15 94H
2003Saab 9-3205/65R15 94H205/65R15 94H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2002Saturn L300P205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2002Saturn LW300P205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2001Saturn L300P205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2001Saturn LW300P205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2000Saturn LS2P205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2000Saturn LW2P205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2000Saturn SW2P205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2006Suzuki VeronaP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2005Suzuki VeronaP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2004Suzuki VeronaP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2006Toyota CamryP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2005Toyota CamryP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2004Toyota AvalonP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2004Toyota CamryP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
2004Toyota CamryP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2003Toyota AvalonP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2003Toyota CamryP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
2003Toyota CamryP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2003Toyota SolaraP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2002Toyota AvalonP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2002Toyota CamryP205/65R15 92TP205/65R15 92T
2002Toyota CamryP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2002Toyota SolaraP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2001Toyota AvalonP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2001Toyota CamryP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2001Toyota SolaraP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2000Toyota AvalonP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2000Toyota CamryP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
2000Toyota SolaraP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1999Toyota AvalonP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1999Toyota CamryP205/65R15 92VP205/65R15 92V
1999Toyota CamryP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1999Toyota SolaraP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1998Toyota AvalonP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1998Toyota CamryP205/65R15 92VP205/65R15 92V
1998Toyota CamryP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1997Toyota AvalonP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1997Toyota CamryP205/65R15 92VP205/65R15 92V
1997Toyota CamryP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1996Toyota AvalonP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1996Toyota CamryP205/65R15 92VP205/65R15 92V
1996Toyota CamryP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1995Toyota AvalonP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1995Toyota CamryP205/65R15 92VP205/65R15 92V
1995Toyota CamryP205/65R15 92HP205/65R15 92H
1994Toyota Camry205/65HR15 H205/65HR15 H
1993Toyota Camry205/65HR15 H205/65HR15 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2000Volvo V70205/65R15 92H205/65R15 92H
1999Volvo V70205/65R15 92H205/65R15 92H
1998Volvo V70205/65R15 92H205/65R15 92H