What vehicles are compatible with tire size 215-55-17?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 215-55-17 tire size.


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2016Chevrolet Cruze Limited215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2015Chevrolet Cruze215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2015Chevrolet Volt215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2014Chevrolet Cruze215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2014Chevrolet Volt215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2013Chevrolet Cruze215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2013Chevrolet Volt215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2012Chevrolet Cruze215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2012Chevrolet MalibuP215/55R17 93SP215/55R17 93S
2012Chevrolet Volt215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2011Chevrolet CruzeP215/55R17 93HP215/55R17 93H
2011Chevrolet MalibuP215/55R17 93SP215/55R17 93S
2011Chevrolet VoltP215/55R17 93HP215/55R17 93H
2010Chevrolet MalibuP215/55R17 93SP215/55R17 93S
2009Chevrolet MalibuP215/55R17 93SP215/55R17 93S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2017Chrysler 200215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2017Chrysler 200215/55R17 94H215/55R17 94H
2016Chrysler 200215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2016Chrysler 200215/55R17 94H215/55R17 94H
2015Chrysler 200215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2015Chrysler 200215/55R17 94H215/55R17 94H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Fiat 500X215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2017Fiat 500X215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2016Fiat 500X215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Honda HR-V215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2021Honda HR-V215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2020Honda HR-V215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2019Honda HR-V215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2018Honda HR-V215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2017Honda Accord215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2017Honda HR-V215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2016Honda Accord215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2016Honda HR-V215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2015Honda Accord215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2014Honda Accord215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2013Honda Accord215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Hyundai Kona215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2022Hyundai Kona Electric215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2022Hyundai Sonata215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2021Hyundai Kona215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2021Hyundai Kona Electric215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2021Hyundai Sonata215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2020Hyundai Kona215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2020Hyundai Kona Electric215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2020Hyundai Sonata215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2019Hyundai Kona215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2019Hyundai Kona Electric215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2019Hyundai Sonata215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2018Hyundai Kona215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2018Hyundai Sonata215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2017Hyundai Sonata215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2016Hyundai Sonata215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2015Hyundai SonataP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2015Hyundai Sonata215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2014Hyundai SonataP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2013Hyundai SonataP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2012Hyundai SonataP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2011Hyundai SonataP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2010Hyundai SonataP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2009Hyundai SonataP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2008Hyundai SonataP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2007Hyundai SonataP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2006Infiniti G35P215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2005Infiniti G35P215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2004Infiniti G35P215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2004Infiniti G35P215/55R17 93WP215/55R17 93W
2004Infiniti I35P215/55R17 93HP215/55R17 93H
2003Infiniti G35P215/55R17 93WP215/55R17 93W
2003Infiniti I35P215/55R17 93HP215/55R17 93H
2002Infiniti I35P215/55R17 93HP215/55R17 93H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Kia Niro EV215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2022Kia Seltos215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2022Kia Soul215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2021Kia Niro EV215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2021Kia Seltos215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2021Kia Soul215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2020Kia Niro EV215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2020Kia Optima215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2020Kia Soul215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2019Kia Niro EV215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2019Kia Optima215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2019Kia Soul215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2018Kia Optima215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2018Kia Soul215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2017Kia OptimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2017Kia Optima215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2017Kia Soul215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2016Kia Optima215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2016Kia OptimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2016Kia Soul215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2015Kia OptimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2015Kia Optima215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2015Kia Soul215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2014Kia OptimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2014Kia Soul215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2013Kia OptimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2012Kia OptimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2011Kia OptimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Lexus ES250215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2022Lexus ES300h215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2022Lexus ES350215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2021Lexus ES250215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2021Lexus ES300h215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2021Lexus ES350215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2020Lexus ES300h215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2020Lexus ES350215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2019Lexus ES300h215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2019Lexus ES350215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2018Lexus ES300hP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2018Lexus ES350P215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2017Lexus ES300hP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2017Lexus ES350P215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2016Lexus ES300hP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2016Lexus ES350P215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2015Lexus ES300hP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2015Lexus ES350P215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2014Lexus ES300hP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2014Lexus ES350P215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2013Lexus ES300hP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2013Lexus ES350P215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2012Lexus ES350P215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2012Lexus HS250hP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2011Lexus ES350P215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2011Lexus HS250hP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2010Lexus ES350P215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2010Lexus HS250hP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2009Lexus ES350P215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2008Lexus ES350P215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2007Lexus ES350P215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2006Lexus ES330P215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2005Lexus ES330P215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2013Mazda 6P215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2012Mazda 6P215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2011Mazda 6P215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2010Mazda 6P215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2009Mazda 6P215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2009Mitsubishi GalantP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2007Mitsubishi GalantP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2006Mitsubishi GalantP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2006Mitsubishi OutlanderP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2005Mitsubishi GalantP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2005Mitsubishi OutlanderP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2004Mitsubishi GalantP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Nissan Altima215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2021Nissan Altima215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2020Nissan Altima215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2019Nissan Altima215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2018Nissan AltimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2017Nissan AltimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2017Nissan JukeP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2016Nissan AltimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2016Nissan JukeP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2015Nissan AltimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2015Nissan JukeP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2014Nissan AltimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2014Nissan JukeP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2013Nissan AltimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2013Nissan JukeP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2012Nissan AltimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2012Nissan JukeP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2011Nissan AltimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2011Nissan JukeP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2010Nissan AltimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2009Nissan AltimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2008Nissan AltimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2007Nissan AltimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2006Nissan AltimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2006Nissan AltimaP215/55R17 93HP215/55R17 93H
2005Nissan AltimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2005Nissan AltimaP215/55R17 93HP215/55R17 93H
2004Nissan AltimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2003Nissan AltimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2003Nissan AltimaP215/55R17 93HP215/55R17 93H
2003Nissan MaximaP215/55R17 93HP215/55R17 93H
2002Nissan AltimaP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2002Nissan AltimaP215/55R17 93HP215/55R17 93H
2002Nissan MaximaP215/55R17 93HP215/55R17 93H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2010Pontiac G6P215/55R17 93SP215/55R17 93S
2009Pontiac G6P215/55R17 93SP215/55R17 93S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2009Saturn AuraP215/55R17 93SP215/55R17 93S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2008Subaru ForesterP215/55R17 93HP215/55R17 93H
2007Subaru ForesterP215/55R17 93HP215/55R17 93H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2013Suzuki KizashiP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2010Suzuki KizashiP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Toyota Avalon215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2022Toyota Camry215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2021Toyota Avalon215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2021Toyota Camry215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2020Toyota Avalon215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2020Toyota Camry215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2020Toyota MiraiP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2019Toyota Avalon215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2019Toyota Camry215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2019Toyota MiraiP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2018Toyota AvalonP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2018Toyota Camry215/55R17 94V215/55R17 94V
2018Toyota MiraiP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2017Toyota AvalonP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2017Toyota CamryP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2017Toyota MiraiP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2016Toyota AvalonP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2016Toyota CamryP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2016Toyota MiraiP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2015Toyota AvalonP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2015Toyota CamryP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2014Toyota AvalonP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2014Toyota CamryP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2013Toyota AvalonP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2013Toyota CamryP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2012Toyota AvalonP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2012Toyota CamryP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2011Toyota AvalonP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2011Toyota CamryP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2010Toyota AvalonP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2010Toyota CamryP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2009Toyota AvalonP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2009Toyota CamryP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2008Toyota AvalonP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2008Toyota CamryP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2008Toyota SolaraP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2007Toyota AvalonP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2007Toyota CamryP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2007Toyota SolaraP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2006Toyota AvalonP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2006Toyota CamryP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2006Toyota SolaraP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2005Toyota AvalonP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2005Toyota CamryP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2005Toyota SolaraP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V
2004Toyota SolaraP215/55R17 93VP215/55R17 93V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Volkswagen Taos215/55R17 94H215/55R17 94H
2021Volkswagen Passat215/55R17 94H215/55R17 94H
2020Volkswagen Passat215/55R17 94H215/55R17 94H
2019Volkswagen Beetle215/55R17 94H215/55R17 94H
2019Volkswagen Passat215/55R17 94H215/55R17 94H
2018Volkswagen Beetle215/55R17 94H215/55R17 94H
2018Volkswagen Passat215/55R17 94H215/55R17 94H
2017Volkswagen Beetle215/55R17 94H215/55R17 94H
2017Volkswagen Passat215/55R17 94H215/55R17 94H
2016Volkswagen Beetle215/55R17 94H215/55R17 94H
2016Volkswagen Passat215/55R17 94H215/55R17 94H
2015Volkswagen Beetle215/55R17 94H215/55R17 94H
2015Volkswagen Passat215/55R17 94H215/55R17 94H
2014Volkswagen Beetle215/55R17 94H215/55R17 94H
2014Volkswagen Passat215/55R17 94H215/55R17 94H
2013Volkswagen Beetle215/55R17 94H215/55R17 94H
2013Volkswagen Passat215/55R17 94H215/55R17 94H
2012Volkswagen Beetle215/55R17 94H215/55R17 94H
2012Volkswagen Passat215/55R17 94H215/55R17 94H