What vehicles are compatible with tire size 225-45-17?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 225-45-17 tire size.


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2006Acura RSX225/45ZR17/RF 94W225/45ZR17/RF 94W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Audi A3225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2017Audi A3225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2016Audi A3225/45R17 91Y225/45R17 91Y
2016Audi A3225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2015Audi A3225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2013Audi A3225/45R17/XL 94Y225/45R17/XL 94Y
2013Audi A3225/45R17 91Y225/45R17 91Y
2013Audi A3225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2013Audi A3225/45R17/XL 94H225/45R17/XL 94H
2012Audi A3225/45R17/XL 94Y225/45R17/XL 94Y
2012Audi A3225/45R17 91Y225/45R17 91Y
2012Audi A3225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2012Audi A3225/45R17/XL 94H225/45R17/XL 94H
2011Audi A3225/45R17 91Y225/45R17 91Y
2011Audi A3225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2011Audi A3225/45R17/XL 94H225/45R17/XL 94H
2011Audi A3225/45R17/XL 94Y225/45R17/XL 94Y
2010Audi A3225/45R17/XL 94Y225/45R17/XL 94Y
2010Audi A3225/45R17 91Y225/45R17 91Y
2010Audi A3225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2010Audi A3225/45R17/XL 94H225/45R17/XL 94H
2009Audi A3225/45R17/XL 94Y225/45R17/XL 94Y
2009Audi A3225/45R17 91Y225/45R17 91Y
2009Audi A3225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2009Audi A3225/45R17/XL 94H225/45R17/XL 94H
2008Audi A3225/45R17/XL 94Y225/45R17/XL 94Y
2008Audi A3225/45R17 91Y225/45R17 91Y
2008Audi A3225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2008Audi A3225/45R17/XL 94H225/45R17/XL 94H
2008Audi A3225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2007Audi A3225/45R17 91Y225/45R17 91Y
2007Audi A3225/45ZR17 91W225/45ZR17 91W
2006Audi A3225/45ZR17 91Y225/45ZR17 91Y
2006Audi A3225/45R17 91Y225/45R17 91Y
2006Audi A3225/45ZR17/RF 94Y225/45ZR17/RF 94Y
2006Audi TT225/45R17 91Y225/45R17 91Y
2005Audi TT225/45R17 91Y225/45R17 91Y
2004Audi TT225/45R17 91Y225/45R17 91Y
2003Audi TT225/45R17 91Y225/45R17 91Y
2003Audi TT225/45ZR17 90Y225/45ZR17 90Y
2002Audi S4225/45ZR17 91Y225/45ZR17 91Y
2002Audi TT225/45ZR17 90Y225/45ZR17 90Y
2002Audi TT225/45ZR17225/45ZR17
2001Audi S4225/45ZR17 91Y225/45ZR17 91Y
2001Audi TT225/45ZR17225/45ZR17
2001Audi TT225/45ZR17 90Y225/45ZR17 90Y
2000Audi S4225/45ZR17/RF 94Y225/45ZR17/RF 94Y
2000Audi TT225/45ZR17/RF 94Y225/45ZR17/RF 94Y


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2016BMW Z4225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2015BMW Z4225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2014BMW Z4225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2013BMW 128i205/50R17 89W (Front)225/45R17 91W (Rear)
2013BMW 128i205/50R17 89V (Front)225/45R17 91V (Rear)
2013BMW 328i225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2013BMW 328i225/45R17 91V (Front)255/40R17 94V (Rear)
2013BMW 335i225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2013BMW Z4225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2013BMW Z4225/45R17 91W (Front)255/40R17 94W (Rear)
2012BMW 128i205/50R17 89V (Front)225/45R17 91V (Rear)
2012BMW 128i205/50R17 89W (Front)225/45R17 91W (Rear)
2012BMW 328i225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2012BMW 328i225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2012BMW 328i225/45R17 91V (Front)255/40R17 94V (Rear)
2012BMW 328i225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2012BMW 335i225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2012BMW Z4225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2012BMW Z4225/45R17 91W (Front)255/40R17 94W (Rear)
2011BMW 128i205/50R17 89V (Front)225/45R17 91V (Rear)
2011BMW 128i205/50R17 89W (Front)225/45R17 91W (Rear)
2011BMW 135i205/50R17 89V (Front)225/45R17 91V (Rear)
2011BMW 328i225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2011BMW 328i225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2011BMW 328i225/45R17 91V (Front)255/40R17 94V (Rear)
2011BMW 328i225/45R17 91W (Front)255/40R17 94W (Rear)
2011BMW 335d225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2011BMW 335i225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2011BMW Z4225/45R17 91W (Front)255/40R17 94W (Rear)
2011BMW Z4225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2010BMW 128i205/50R17 89V (Front)225/45R17 91V (Rear)
2010BMW 328i225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2010BMW 328i225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2010BMW 328i225/45R17 91V (Front)255/40R17 94V (Rear)
2010BMW 335d225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2010BMW 335i225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2010BMW Z4225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2009BMW 128i205/50R17 89V (Front)225/45R17 91V (Rear)
2009BMW 328i225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2009BMW 328i225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2009BMW 328i225/45R17 91V (Front)255/40R17 94V (Rear)
2009BMW 335d225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2009BMW 335i225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2009BMW Z4225/45R17 91V (Front)255/40R17 94V (Rear)
2009BMW Z4225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2008BMW 128i205/50R17 89V (Front)225/45R17 91V (Rear)
2008BMW 328i225/45R17 91V (Front)255/40R17 94V (Rear)
2008BMW 328i225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2008BMW 328xi225/45R17 91V (Front)255/40R17 94V (Rear)
2008BMW 328xi225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2008BMW 328xi225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2008BMW 335i225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2008BMW 335xi225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2008BMW Z4225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2008BMW Z4225/45R17 91W (Front)255/40R17 94W (Rear)
2007BMW 328i225/45R17 91V (Front)255/40R17 94V (Rear)
2007BMW 328xi225/45R17 91V (Front)255/40R17 94V (Rear)
2007BMW 328xi225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2007BMW 335i225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2007BMW 335xi225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2007BMW Z4225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2007BMW Z4225/45R17 91W (Front)255/40R17 94W (Rear)
2006BMW 325Ci225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2006BMW 325i225/45R17 91V (Front)255/40R17 94V (Rear)
2006BMW 325i225/45R17 91W (Front)255/40R17 94W (Rear)
2006BMW 325xi225/45R17 91V (Front)255/40R17 94V (Rear)
2006BMW 325xi225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2006BMW 330Ci225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
2006BMW 330i225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2006BMW 330i225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2006BMW 330xi225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2006BMW 330xi225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2006BMW Z4225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2005BMW 325Ci225/45ZR17 91W225/45ZR17 91W
2005BMW 325i225/45ZR17 91W225/45ZR17 91W
2005BMW 325xi225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2005BMW 330Ci225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
2005BMW 330i225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
2005BMW Z4225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2004BMW 325Ci225/45ZR17 91W225/45ZR17 91W
2004BMW 325i225/45ZR17 91W225/45ZR17 91W
2004BMW 325xi225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2004BMW 330Ci225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
2004BMW 330i225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
2004BMW Z4225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2003BMW 325Ci225/45ZR17 91W225/45ZR17 91W
2003BMW 325i225/45ZR17 91W225/45ZR17 91W
2003BMW 330Ci225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
2003BMW 330i225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
2003BMW Z4225/45ZR17 91W225/45ZR17 91W
2002BMW 325Ci225/45ZR17 91W225/45ZR17 91W
2002BMW 325i225/45ZR17 91W225/45ZR17 91W
2002BMW 330Ci225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
2002BMW 330i225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
2002BMW Z3225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
2001BMW 325Ci225/45ZR17 91W225/45ZR17 91W
2001BMW 325i225/45ZR17 91W225/45ZR17 91W
2001BMW 330Ci225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
2001BMW 330i225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
2001BMW Z3225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
2000BMW 323Ci225/45ZR17 90W225/45ZR17 90W
2000BMW 328Ci225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
2000BMW 328Ci225/45ZR17 91W225/45ZR17 91W
2000BMW 328i225/45ZR17 91W225/45ZR17 91W
2000BMW Z3225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
1999BMW 328i225/45ZR17 91W225/45ZR17 91W
1999BMW M3225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
1999BMW Z3225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
1998BMW M3225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
1998BMW Z3225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
1997BMW M3225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
1997BMW Z3225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
1996BMW M3225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
1996BMW Z3225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Cadillac ATSP225/45R17 90VP225/45R17 90V
2018Cadillac ATSP225/45R17 90HP225/45R17 90H
2017Cadillac ATSP225/45R17 90VP225/45R17 90V
2017Cadillac ATSP225/45R17 90HP225/45R17 90H
2016Cadillac ATSP225/45R17 90VP225/45R17 90V
2016Cadillac ATSP225/45R17 90HP225/45R17 90H
2015Cadillac ATSP225/45R17 90VP225/45R17 90V
2015Cadillac ATSP225/45R17 90HP225/45R17 90H
2014Cadillac ATSP225/45R17 90VP225/45R17 90V
2014Cadillac ATSP225/45R17 90HP225/45R17 90H
2013Cadillac ATSP225/45R17 90VP225/45R17 90V
2013Cadillac ATSP225/45R17 90HP225/45R17 90H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Chevy Cruze225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2017Chevy Cruze225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2016Chevy Cruze225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2002Chrysler ProwlerP225/45R17/LL 84V (Front)P295/40R20/LL 101V (Rear)
2001Chrysler ProwlerP225/45R17/LL 84V (Front)P295/40R20/LL 101V (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2016Dodge Dart225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2015Dodge Dart225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2014Dodge Dart225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2013Dodge Dart225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Fiat 500L225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2018Fiat 500L225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2017Fiat 500L225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2017Fiat 500L225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2016Fiat 500L225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2016Fiat 500L225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2015Fiat 500L225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2015Fiat 500L225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2014Fiat 500L225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2014Fiat 500L225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Hyundai Ioniq225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2018Hyundai Elantra225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2018Hyundai Ioniq225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2017Hyundai Elantra225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2017Hyundai Ioniq225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2008Jaguar X-Type225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2007Jaguar X-Type225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2006Jaguar X-Type225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2005Jaguar X-Type225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2004Jaguar X-Type225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2003Jaguar X-Type225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2002Jaguar X-Type225/45ZR17 91Y225/45ZR17 91Y
2002Jaguar X-Type225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Kia Forte225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Lexus IS300225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2019Lexus IS300225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2019Lexus IS350225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2019Lexus IS350225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2018Lexus IS300225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2018Lexus IS300225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2018Lexus IS350225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2018Lexus IS350225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2017Lexus IS Turbo225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2017Lexus IS Turbo225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2017Lexus IS300225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2017Lexus IS300225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2017Lexus IS350225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2017Lexus IS350225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2016Lexus IS200t225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2016Lexus IS200t225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2016Lexus IS300225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2016Lexus IS300225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2016Lexus IS350225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2016Lexus IS350225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2015Lexus IS250225/45R17 90W (Front)245/45R17 95W (Rear)
2015Lexus IS250225/45R17 91V (Front)245/45R17 95V (Rear)
2015Lexus IS250225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2015Lexus IS250225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2015Lexus IS350225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2015Lexus IS350225/45R17 90W (Front)245/45R17 95W (Rear)
2015Lexus IS350225/45R17 91V (Front)245/45R17 95V (Rear)
2015Lexus IS350225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2014Lexus IS250225/45R17 90W (Front)245/45R17 95W (Rear)
2014Lexus IS250225/45R17 91V (Front)245/45R17 95V (Rear)
2014Lexus IS250225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2014Lexus IS250225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2014Lexus IS350225/45R17 90W (Front)245/45R17 95W (Rear)
2014Lexus IS350225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2014Lexus IS350225/45R17 91V (Front)245/45R17 95V (Rear)
2014Lexus IS350225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2013Lexus IS250225/45R17 90W (Front)245/45R17 95W (Rear)
2013Lexus IS250225/45R17 91V (Front)245/45R17 95V (Rear)
2013Lexus IS250225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2013Lexus IS350225/45R17 90W (Front)245/45R17 95W (Rear)
2013Lexus IS350225/45R17 91V (Front)245/45R17 95V (Rear)
2013Lexus IS350225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2012Lexus IS250225/45R17 91V (Front)245/45R17 95V (Rear)
2012Lexus IS250225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2012Lexus IS250225/45R17 90W (Front)245/45R17 95W (Rear)
2012Lexus IS350225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2012Lexus IS350225/45R17 90W (Front)245/45R17 95W (Rear)
2012Lexus IS350225/45R17 91V (Front)245/45R17 95V (Rear)
2011Lexus IS250225/45R17 90W (Front)245/45R17 95W (Rear)
2011Lexus IS250225/45R17 91V (Front)245/45R17 95V (Rear)
2011Lexus IS250225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2011Lexus IS350225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2011Lexus IS350225/45R17 90W (Front)245/45R17 95W (Rear)
2011Lexus IS350225/45R17 91V (Front)245/45R17 95V (Rear)
2010Lexus IS250225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2010Lexus IS250225/45R17 90W (Front)245/45R17 95W (Rear)
2010Lexus IS250225/45R17 91V (Front)245/45R17 95V (Rear)
2010Lexus IS350225/45R17 91V (Front)245/45R17 95V (Rear)
2010Lexus IS350225/45R17 90W (Front)245/45R17 95W (Rear)
2009Lexus IS250225/45R17 90W (Front)245/45R17 95W (Rear)
2009Lexus IS250225/45R17 91V (Front)245/45R17 95V (Rear)
2009Lexus IS250225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2009Lexus IS350225/45R17 91V (Front)245/45R17 95V (Rear)
2008Lexus IS250225/45R17 90W (Front)245/45R17 95W (Rear)
2008Lexus IS250225/45R17 91V (Front)245/45R17 95V (Rear)
2008Lexus IS250225/45R17 90W225/45R17 90W
2008Lexus IS250225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2008Lexus IS350225/45R17 91V (Front)245/45R17 95V (Rear)
2008Lexus IS350225/45R17 90W (Front)245/45R17 95W (Rear)
2007Lexus IS250225/45R17 90W225/45R17 90W
2007Lexus IS250225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2007Lexus IS250225/45R17 90W (Front)245/45R17 95W (Rear)
2007Lexus IS250225/45R17 91V (Front)245/45R17 95V (Rear)
2007Lexus IS350225/45R17 91V (Front)245/45R17 95V (Rear)
2006Lexus IS250225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2006Lexus IS250225/45R17 91V (Front)245/45R17 95V (Rear)
2006Lexus IS250225/45R17 90W (Front)245/45R17 95W (Rear)
2006Lexus IS250225/45R17 90W225/45R17 90W
2006Lexus IS350225/45R17 91V (Front)245/45R17 95V (Rear)
2005Lexus IS300215/45ZR17 (Front)225/45ZR17 (Rear)
2004Lexus IS300215/45ZR17 (Front)225/45ZR17 (Rear)
2003Lexus IS300215/45ZR17 (Front)225/45ZR17 (Rear)
2002Lexus IS300215/45ZR17 (Front)225/45ZR17 (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2011Lotus Elise195/50R16 84W (Front)225/45R17 90W (Rear)
2011Lotus Elise175/55R16 80W (Front)225/45R17 91W (Rear)
2011Lotus Exige195/50R16 84W (Front)225/45R17 90W (Rear)
2010Lotus Elise175/55R16 80W (Front)225/45R17 91W (Rear)
2010Lotus Elise195/50R16 84W (Front)225/45R17 90W (Rear)
2010Lotus Exige195/50R16 84W (Front)225/45R17 90W (Rear)
2009Lotus Elise195/50R16 84W (Front)225/45R17 90W (Rear)
2009Lotus Elise175/55R16 80W (Front)225/45R17 91W (Rear)
2009Lotus Exige195/50R16 84W (Front)225/45R17 90W (Rear)
2008Lotus Elise175/55R16 80W (Front)225/45R17 91W (Rear)
2008Lotus Elise195/50R16 84W (Front)225/45R17 90W (Rear)
2008Lotus Exige195/50R16 84W (Front)225/45R17 90W (Rear)
2007Lotus Elise195/50R16 84W (Front)225/45R17 90W (Rear)
2007Lotus Elise175/55R16 80W (Front)225/45R17 91W (Rear)
2007Lotus Exige195/50R16 84W (Front)225/45R17 90W (Rear)
2006Lotus Elise175/55R16 80W (Front)225/45R17 91W (Rear)
2006Lotus Elise195/50R16 84W (Front)225/45R17 90W (Rear)
2006Lotus Exige195/50R16 84W (Front)225/45R17 90W (Rear)
2005Lotus Elise175/55R16 80W (Front)225/45R17 91W (Rear)
2005Lotus Elise195/50R16 84W (Front)225/45R17 90W (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Mercedes-Benz CLA250225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2018Mercedes-Benz SLC300225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2017Mercedes-Benz CLA250225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2017Mercedes-Benz SLC300225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2016Mercedes-Benz CLA250225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2016Mercedes-Benz SLK300225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2015Mercedes-Benz C250225/45R17 91H (Front)245/40R17 91H (Rear)
2015Mercedes-Benz CLA250225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2015Mercedes-Benz SLK250225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2014Mercedes-Benz C250225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2014Mercedes-Benz C250225/45R17 91H (Front)245/40R17 91H (Rear)
2014Mercedes-Benz C300225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2014Mercedes-Benz C300225/45R17 91H (Front)245/40R17 91H (Rear)
2014Mercedes-Benz CLA250225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2014Mercedes-Benz SLK250225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2013Mercedes-Benz C250225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2013Mercedes-Benz C250225/45R17 91H (Front)245/40R17 91H (Rear)
2013Mercedes-Benz C300225/45R17 91H (Front)245/40R17 91H (Rear)
2013Mercedes-Benz C300225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2013Mercedes-Benz C350225/45R17 91H (Front)245/40R17 91H (Rear)
2013Mercedes-Benz SLK250225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2013Mercedes-Benz SLK350225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2012Mercedes-Benz C250225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2012Mercedes-Benz C250225/45R17 91H (Front)245/40R17 91H (Rear)
2012Mercedes-Benz C300225/45R17 91H (Front)245/40R17 91H (Rear)
2012Mercedes-Benz C300225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2012Mercedes-Benz C350225/45R17 91H (Front)245/40R17 91H (Rear)
2012Mercedes-Benz SLK250225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2012Mercedes-Benz SLK350225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2011Mercedes-Benz C300225/45R17 91H (Front)245/40R17 91H (Rear)
2011Mercedes-Benz C300225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2011Mercedes-Benz C350225/45R17 91H (Front)245/40R17 91H (Rear)
2011Mercedes-Benz SLK300225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2011Mercedes-Benz SLK350225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2010Mercedes-Benz C300225/45R17 91H (Front)245/40R17 91H (Rear)
2010Mercedes-Benz C300225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2010Mercedes-Benz C350225/45R17 91H (Front)245/40R17 91H (Rear)
2010Mercedes-Benz SLK300225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2010Mercedes-Benz SLK350225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2009Mercedes-Benz C300225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2009Mercedes-Benz C300225/45R17 91H (Front)245/40R17 91H (Rear)
2009Mercedes-Benz C350225/45R17 91H (Front)245/40R17 91H (Rear)
2009Mercedes-Benz CLK350225/45R17 91H (Front)245/40R17 91H (Rear)
2009Mercedes-Benz CLK350225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2009Mercedes-Benz CLK350225/45R17 91Y (Front)245/40R17 91Y (Rear)
2009Mercedes-Benz SLK300225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2009Mercedes-Benz SLK350225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2008Mercedes-Benz C300225/45R17 91H (Front)245/40R17 91H (Rear)
2008Mercedes-Benz C300225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2008Mercedes-Benz C350225/45R17 91H (Front)245/40R17 91H (Rear)
2008Mercedes-Benz CLK350225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2008Mercedes-Benz CLK550225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2008Mercedes-Benz SLK280225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2008Mercedes-Benz SLK350225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2008Mercedes-Benz SLK350225/45ZR17 91Y (Front)245/40ZR17 91Y (Rear)
2007Mercedes-Benz C230225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2007Mercedes-Benz C350225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2007Mercedes-Benz CLK350225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2007Mercedes-Benz CLK550225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2007Mercedes-Benz SLK280225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2007Mercedes-Benz SLK350225/45ZR17 91Y (Front)245/40ZR17 91Y (Rear)
2007Mercedes-Benz SLK350225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2006Mercedes-Benz C230225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2006Mercedes-Benz C350225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2006Mercedes-Benz CLK350225/45ZR17 91Y (Front)245/40ZR17 91Y (Rear)
2006Mercedes-Benz CLK350225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2006Mercedes-Benz CLK500225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2006Mercedes-Benz CLK500225/45ZR17 91Y (Front)245/40ZR17 91Y (Rear)
2006Mercedes-Benz SLK280225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2006Mercedes-Benz SLK350225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2006Mercedes-Benz SLK350225/45ZR17 91Y (Front)245/40ZR17 91Y (Rear)
2005Mercedes-Benz C230225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2005Mercedes-Benz C230225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2005Mercedes-Benz C320225/45R17 91Y (Front)245/40R17 91Y (Rear)
2005Mercedes-Benz C55 AMG225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2005Mercedes-Benz CLK320225/45ZR17 91W (Front)245/40ZR17 91W (Rear)
2005Mercedes-Benz CLK500225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2005Mercedes-Benz CLK500225/45R17 91Y (Front)245/40R17 91Y (Rear)
2005Mercedes-Benz SLK350225/45ZR17 91W (Front)245/40ZR17 91W (Rear)
2005Mercedes-Benz SLK350225/45ZR17 91Y (Front)245/40ZR17 91Y (Rear)
2005Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2004Mercedes-Benz C230225/45R17 91Y225/45R17 91Y
2004Mercedes-Benz C230225/45R17 91Y (Front)245/40R17 91Y (Rear)
2004Mercedes-Benz C32 AMG225/45R17 91Y (Front)245/40R17 91Y (Rear)
2004Mercedes-Benz C320225/45R17 91Y225/45R17 91Y
2004Mercedes-Benz CLK320225/45R17 91Y (Front)245/40R17 91Y (Rear)
2004Mercedes-Benz CLK500225/45R17 91Y (Front)245/40R17 91Y (Rear)
2004Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG225/45R17 91Y (Front)245/40R17 91Y (Rear)
2004Mercedes-Benz SLK230225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2004Mercedes-Benz SLK32 AMG225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2004Mercedes-Benz SLK320225/45R17 91W (Front)245/40R17 91W (Rear)
2003Mercedes-Benz C230225/45R17 90Y225/45R17 90Y
2003Mercedes-Benz C32 AMG225/45ZR17 91Y (Front)245/40ZR17 91Y (Rear)
2003Mercedes-Benz CLK430225/45ZR17 91Y (Front)245/40ZR17 91Y (Rear)
2003Mercedes-Benz CLK500225/45R17 91Y (Front)245/40R17 91Y (Rear)
2003Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG225/45ZR17 91Y (Front)245/40ZR17 91Y (Rear)
2003Mercedes-Benz SLK32 AMG225/45ZR17 91Y (Front)245/40ZR17 91Y (Rear)
2002Mercedes-Benz C32 AMG225/45ZR17 91Y (Front)245/40ZR17 91Y (Rear)
2002Mercedes-Benz CLK430225/45ZR17 91W (Front)245/40ZR17 91W (Rear)
2002Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG225/45ZR17 91Y (Front)245/40ZR17 91Y (Rear)
2002Mercedes-Benz SLK230225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
2002Mercedes-Benz SLK32 AMG225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
2002Mercedes-Benz SLK320225/45ZR17 91W (Front)245/40ZR17 91W (Rear)
2001Mercedes-Benz CLK430225/45ZR17 91W (Front)245/40ZR17 91W (Rear)
2001Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG225/45ZR17 91Y (Front)245/40ZR17 91Y (Rear)
2001Mercedes-Benz SLK230225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
2001Mercedes-Benz SLK320225/45ZR17 91W (Front)245/40ZR17 91W (Rear)
2000Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG225/45ZR17 91W (Front)245/40ZR17 91W (Rear)
2000Mercedes-Benz CLK430225/45ZR17 91W (Front)245/40ZR17 91W (Rear)
2000Mercedes-Benz SLK230225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
1999Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG225/45ZR17 91W (Front)245/40ZR17 91W (Rear)
1999Mercedes-Benz CLK430225/45ZR17 91W (Front)245/40ZR17 91W (Rear)
1999Mercedes-Benz SLK230225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
1998Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG225/45ZR17 91W (Front)245/40ZR17 91W (Rear)
1998Mercedes-Benz CLK430225/45ZR17 91W (Front)245/40ZR17 91W (Rear)
1998Mercedes-Benz SLK230225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
1997Mercedes-Benz C36 AMG225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
1996Mercedes-Benz C36 AMG225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)
1995Mercedes-Benz C36 AMG225/45ZR17 (Front)245/40ZR17 (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Mini Cooper225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2019Mini Cooper225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2018Mini Cooper225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2018Mini Cooper225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2017Mini Cooper225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2017Mini Cooper225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2016Mini Cooper225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2016Mini Cooper225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2012Nissan Sentra225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2012Nissan Sentra225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2011Nissan Sentra225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2011Nissan Sentra225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2010Nissan Sentra225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2010Nissan Sentra225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2009Nissan Sentra225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2009Nissan Sentra225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2008Nissan Sentra225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2008Nissan Sentra225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V
2007Nissan Sentra225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2007Nissan Sentra225/45R17 91V225/45R17 91V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2001Plymouth ProwlerP225/45R17/LL 84V (Front)P295/40R20/LL 101V (Rear)
2000Plymouth ProwlerP225/45R17/LL 84V (Front)P295/40R20/LL 101V (Rear)
1999Plymouth ProwlerP225/45R17/LL 84V (Front)P295/40R20/LL 101V (Rear)
1997Plymouth ProwlerP225/45R17/LL 84V (Front)P295/40R20/LL 101V (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1995Porsche 928225/45ZR17 (Front)255/40ZR17 (Rear)
1995Porsche 968225/45ZR17 (Front)255/40ZR17 (Rear)
1994Porsche 928225/45ZR17 (Front)255/40ZR17 (Rear)
1994Porsche 968225/45ZR17 (Front)255/40ZR17 (Rear)
1993Porsche 928225/45ZR17 (Front)255/40ZR17 (Rear)
1993Porsche 968225/45ZR17 (Front)255/40ZR17 (Rear)
1992Porsche 968225/45ZR17 (Front)255/40ZR17 (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2005Saab 9-3P225/45R17/XL 94VP225/45R17/XL 94V
2005Saab 9-5P225/45R17/XL 94VP225/45R17/XL 94V
2004Saab 9-3225/45R17/XL 94W225/45R17/XL 94W
2004Saab 9-5225/45R17/XL 94W225/45R17/XL 94W
2003Saab 9-3225/45ZR17/RF 94W225/45ZR17/RF 94W
2003Saab 9-3225/45R17/RF 94W225/45R17/RF 94W
2003Saab 9-5225/45ZR17/RF 94W225/45ZR17/RF 94W
2002Saab 9-5225/45ZR17/RF 94W225/45ZR17/RF 94W
2001Saab 9-5225/45ZR17 90W225/45ZR17 90W
2000Saab 9-5225/45ZR17 90W225/45ZR17 90W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2008Saturn AstraP225/45R17 90HP225/45R17 90H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2016Scion iMP225/45R17 90VP225/45R17 90V
2015Scion xBP225/45R17 91VP225/45R17 91V
2014Scion xBP225/45R17 91VP225/45R17 91V
2013Scion xBP225/45R17 91VP225/45R17 91V
2012Scion xBP225/45R17 91VP225/45R17 91V
2011Scion xBP225/45R17 91WP225/45R17 91W
2010Scion xBP225/45R17 91WP225/45R17 91W
2009Scion xBP225/45R17 91WP225/45R17 91W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2010Subaru Impreza225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2009Subaru Impreza225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2007Subaru Impreza225/45R17 90W225/45R17 90W
2006Subaru Impreza225/45R17 90W225/45R17 90W
2005Subaru Impreza225/45R17 90W225/45R17 90W
2004Subaru Impreza225/45R17 90W225/45R17 90W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2012Tesla Roadster175/55R16 80W (Front)225/45R17 91W (Rear)
2011Tesla Roadster175/55R16 80W (Front)225/45R17 91W (Rear)
2010Tesla Roadster175/55R16 80W (Front)225/45R17 91W (Rear)
2009Tesla Roadster175/55R16 80W (Front)225/45R17 91W (Rear)
2008Tesla Roadster175/55R16 80W (Front)225/45R17 91W (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Toyota Corolla iMP225/45R17 90VP225/45R17 90V
2017Toyota Corolla iMP225/45R17 90VP225/45R17 90V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2018Volkswagen Golf225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2018Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2017Volkswagen Golf225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2017Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2016Volkswagen Golf225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2016Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2015Volkswagen Golf225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2015Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2014Volkswagen Golf225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2014Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2013Volkswagen Golf225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2013Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2012Volkswagen Golf225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2012Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2011Volkswagen Golf225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2011Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2010Volkswagen Beetle225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2010Volkswagen Golf225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2010Volkswagen Golf225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2010Volkswagen GTI225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2010Volkswagen GTI225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2010Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2010Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2009Volkswagen Beetle225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2009Volkswagen Beetle225/45R17 90H225/45R17 90H
2009Volkswagen GTI225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2009Volkswagen GTI225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2009Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2009Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2009Volkswagen Rabbit225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2009Volkswagen Rabbit225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2008Volkswagen Beetle225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2008Volkswagen Beetle225/45R17 90H225/45R17 90H
2008Volkswagen GTI225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2008Volkswagen GTI225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2008Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2008Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2008Volkswagen Rabbit225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2008Volkswagen Rabbit225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2007Volkswagen Beetle225/45R17 90H225/45R17 90H
2007Volkswagen GTI225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2007Volkswagen GTI225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2007Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2007Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2006Volkswagen Beetle225/45R17 90H225/45R17 90H
2006Volkswagen Golf225/45R17 90H225/45R17 90H
2006Volkswagen GTI225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2006Volkswagen GTI225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2006Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 91W225/45R17 91W
2006Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2005Volkswagen Beetle225/45R17 90H225/45R17 90H
2005Volkswagen Golf225/45R17 90H225/45R17 90H
2005Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 90H225/45R17 90H
2005Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2005Volkswagen Passat225/45R17/RF 94H225/45R17/RF 94H
2004Volkswagen Beetle225/45R17 90H225/45R17 90H
2004Volkswagen Golf225/45R17 90H225/45R17 90H
2004Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 90H225/45R17 90H
2004Volkswagen Passat225/45R17/XL 94H225/45R17/XL 94H
2003Volkswagen Beetle225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2003Volkswagen Golf225/45R17 90H225/45R17 90H
2003Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 90H225/45R17 90H
2003Volkswagen Passat225/45R17/RF 94H225/45R17/RF 94H
2002Volkswagen Beetle225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2002Volkswagen Golf225/45R17 90H225/45R17 90H
2002Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 90H225/45R17 90H
2002Volkswagen Passat225/45R17/RF 94H225/45R17/RF 94H
2001Volkswagen Beetle225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2001Volkswagen Golf225/45R17 91H225/45R17 91H
2001Volkswagen Jetta225/45R17 90H225/45R17 90H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2005Volvo S80225/45R17/RF 94V225/45R17/RF 94V
2004Volvo C70225/45R17 91Y225/45R17 91Y
2004Volvo S80225/45R17/RF 94V225/45R17/RF 94V
2003Volvo C70225/45R17 91Y225/45R17 91Y
2002Volvo C70225/45R17 91Y225/45R17 91Y
2002Volvo C70225/45ZR17225/45ZR17
2001Volvo C70225/45ZR17225/45ZR17
2001Volvo C70225/45R17 91Y225/45R17 91Y
2000Volvo C70225/45ZR17225/45ZR17
2000Volvo C70225/45R17 91Y225/45R17 91Y
1999Volvo C70225/45ZR17225/45ZR17