What vehicles are compatible with tire size 225-65-17?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 225-65-17 tire size.


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Chevy Equinox225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2017Chevy EquinoxP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2016Chevy EquinoxP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2015Chevy EquinoxP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2014Chevy EquinoxP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2013Chevy EquinoxP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2012Chevy EquinoxP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2011Chevy EquinoxP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2010Chevy EquinoxP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2016Chrysler Town & Country225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2016Chrysler Town & CountryP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2015Chrysler Town & CountryP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2015Chrysler Town & Country225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2015Chrysler Town & CountryP225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2014Chrysler Town & CountryP225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2014Chrysler Town & CountryP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2013Chrysler Town & CountryP225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2013Chrysler Town & CountryP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2012Chrysler Town & CountryP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2011Chrysler Town & CountryP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2010Chrysler Town & CountryP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2009Chrysler Town & CountryP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2008Chrysler Town & CountryP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Dodge Grand Caravan225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2019Dodge Grand CaravanP225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2018Dodge Grand CaravanP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2018Dodge Grand Caravan225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2018Dodge Grand CaravanP225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2018Dodge JourneyP225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2017Dodge Grand Caravan225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2017Dodge Grand CaravanP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2017Dodge JourneyP225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2016Dodge Grand CaravanP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2016Dodge Grand Caravan225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2016Dodge JourneyP225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2015Dodge Grand CaravanP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2015Dodge Grand Caravan225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2015Dodge JourneyP225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2014Dodge Grand CaravanP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2014Dodge Grand Caravan225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2014Dodge JourneyP225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2013Dodge Grand CaravanP225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2013Dodge JourneyP225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2012Dodge Grand CaravanP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2012Dodge JourneyP225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2011Dodge Grand CaravanP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2011Dodge JourneyP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2011Dodge JourneyP225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2010Dodge Grand CaravanP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2010Dodge JourneyP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2009Dodge Grand CaravanP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2009Dodge JourneyP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2008Dodge Grand CaravanP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2012Ford EscapeP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2011Ford EscapeP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2010Ford EscapeP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2009Ford EscapeP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2008Ford EscapeP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019GMC Terrain225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2018GMC Terrain225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2016GMC TerrainP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2015GMC TerrainP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2014GMC TerrainP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2011GMC TerrainP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2010GMC TerrainP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2016Honda CR-V225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2015Honda CR-V225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2015Honda Crosstour225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2014Honda CR-V225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2014Honda Crosstour225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2013Honda CR-V225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2013Honda Crosstour225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2012Honda CR-V225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2012Honda Crosstour225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2011Honda Accord225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2011Honda CR-V225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2010Honda Accord225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2010Honda CR-V225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2009Honda CR-V225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2008Honda CR-V225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2007Honda CR-V225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Jaguar E-Pace225/65R17/XL 106V225/65R17/XL 106V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Jeep Cherokee225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2018Jeep Cherokee225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2017Jeep Cherokee225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2016Jeep Cherokee225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2015Jeep Cherokee225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2014Jeep Cherokee225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Lexus NX300225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2019Lexus NX300h225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2018Lexus NX300225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2018Lexus NX300h225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2017Lexus NX200t225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2017Lexus NX300h225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2016Lexus NX200t225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2016Lexus NX300h225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2015Lexus NX200t225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2015Lexus NX300h225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2009Lexus RX350225/65R17 101S225/65R17 101S
2008Lexus RX350225/65R17 101S225/65R17 101S
2008Lexus RX400h225/65R17 101S225/65R17 101S
2007Lexus RX350225/65R17 101S225/65R17 101S
2007Lexus RX400h225/65R17 101S225/65R17 101S
2006Lexus RX330225/65R17 101S225/65R17 101S
2006Lexus RX400h225/65R17 101S225/65R17 101S
2005Lexus RX330225/65R17 101S225/65R17 101S
2004Lexus RX330225/65R17 101S225/65R17 101S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Mazda CX-5P225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2017Mazda CX-5P225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2016Mazda CX-5P225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2015Mazda CX-5P225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2014Mazda CX-5P225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2013Mazda CX-5P225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2011Mercury MarinerP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2010Mercury MarinerP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2009Mercury MarinerP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2008Mercury MarinerP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Nissan RogueP225/65RF17 100HP225/65RF17 100H
2019Nissan Rogue225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2018Nissan RogueP225/65RF17 100HP225/65RF17 100H
2018Nissan Rogue225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2017Nissan RogueP225/65RF17 100HP225/65RF17 100H
2017Nissan Rogue225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2016Nissan RogueP225/65RF17 100HP225/65RF17 100H
2016Nissan Rogue225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2015Nissan RogueP225/65RF17 100HP225/65RF17 100H
2015Nissan Rogue225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2014Nissan RogueP225/65RF17 100HP225/65RF17 100H
2014Nissan Rogue225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2015RAM C/V225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T
2014RAM C/V225/65R17 102T225/65R17 102T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Subaru Outback225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2018Subaru Outback225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2017Subaru Outback225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2016Subaru Outback225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2015Subaru Outback225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2010Suzuki Grand VitaraP225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2009Suzuki Grand VitaraP225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2008Suzuki Grand VitaraP225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2007Suzuki Grand VitaraP225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H
2006Suzuki Grand VitaraP225/65R17 100HP225/65R17 100H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Toyota RAV4225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2017Toyota RAV4225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2016Toyota RAV4225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2015Toyota RAV4225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2014Toyota RAV4225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2014Toyota RAV4225/65R17 101H225/65R17 101H
2013Toyota RAV4225/65R17 102H225/65R17 102H
2013Toyota RAV4225/65R17 101H225/65R17 101H
2012Toyota RAV4225/65R17 101H225/65R17 101H
2011Toyota RAV4225/65R17 101H225/65R17 101H
2010Toyota RAV4225/65R17 101H225/65R17 101H
2009Toyota RAV4225/65R17 101H225/65R17 101H
2008Toyota RAV4225/65R17 101H225/65R17 101H
2007Toyota Highlander225/65R17 101S225/65R17 101S
2007Toyota RAV4225/65R17 101H225/65R17 101H
2006Toyota Highlander225/65R17 101S225/65R17 101S
2006Toyota RAV4225/65R17 101H225/65R17 101H
2005Toyota Highlander225/65R17 101S225/65R17 101S
2004Toyota Highlander225/65R17 101S225/65R17 101S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2014Volkswagen RoutanP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2013Volkswagen RoutanP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2012Volkswagen RoutanP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2011Volkswagen RoutanP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2010Volkswagen RoutanP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T
2009Volkswagen RoutanP225/65R17 100TP225/65R17 100T