What vehicles are compatible with tire size 235-55-20?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 235-55-20 tire size.


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Cadillac XT5235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2022Cadillac XT5235/55R20 102W235/55R20 102W
2022Cadillac XT6235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2021Cadillac XT5235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2021Cadillac XT5235/55R20 102W235/55R20 102W
2021Cadillac XT6235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2020Cadillac XT5235/55R20 102W235/55R20 102W
2020Cadillac XT5235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2020Cadillac XT6235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2019Cadillac XT5235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2018Cadillac XT5235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2017Cadillac XT5235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2016Cadillac SRXP235/55R20 102HP235/55R20 102H
2016Cadillac SRX235/55R20 102W235/55R20 102W
2015Cadillac SRXP235/55R20 102HP235/55R20 102H
2014Cadillac SRXP235/55R20 102HP235/55R20 102H
2013Cadillac SRXP235/55R20 102HP235/55R20 102H
2012Cadillac SRXP235/55R20 102HP235/55R20 102H
2011Cadillac SRXP235/55R20 102HP235/55R20 102H
2010Cadillac SRXP235/55R20 102HP235/55R20 102H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Chevrolet Blazer235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2021Chevrolet Blazer235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2020Chevrolet Blazer235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2019Chevrolet Blazer235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022GMC Acadia235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2021GMC Acadia235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2020GMC Acadia235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2019GMC Acadia235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2018GMC Acadia235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2017GMC Acadia235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2020Infiniti QX60235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2019Infiniti QX60235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2018Infiniti QX60235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2017Infiniti QX60235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2016Infiniti QX60235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2015Infiniti QX60235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2014Infiniti QX60235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2013Infiniti JX35235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Lexus RX350235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2022Lexus RX350L235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2022Lexus RX450h235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2022Lexus RX450hL235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2021Lexus RX350235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2021Lexus RX350L235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2021Lexus RX450h235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2021Lexus RX450hL235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2020Lexus RX350235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2020Lexus RX350L235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2020Lexus RX450h235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2020Lexus RX450hL235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2019Lexus RX350235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2019Lexus RX350L235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2019Lexus RX450h235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2019Lexus RX450hL235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2018Lexus RX350235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2018Lexus RX350L235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2018Lexus RX450h235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2018Lexus RX450hL235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2017Lexus RX350235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2017Lexus RX450h235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2016Lexus RX350235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2016Lexus RX450h235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Nissan Murano235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2021Nissan Murano235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2020Nissan Murano235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2020Nissan Pathfinder235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2020Nissan PathfinderP235/55R20 102TP235/55R20 102T
2019Nissan Murano235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2019Nissan Pathfinder235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2019Nissan PathfinderP235/55R20 102TP235/55R20 102T
2018Nissan Murano235/55R20 102T235/55R20 102T
2018Nissan Murano235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2018Nissan Pathfinder235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2018Nissan PathfinderP235/55R20 102TP235/55R20 102T
2017Nissan Murano235/55R20 102T235/55R20 102T
2017Nissan Murano235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2017Nissan PathfinderP235/55R20 102TP235/55R20 102T
2017Nissan Pathfinder235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2016Nissan Murano235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2016Nissan PathfinderP235/55R20 102TP235/55R20 102T
2016Nissan Pathfinder235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2015Nissan Murano235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2015Nissan PathfinderP235/55R20 102TP235/55R20 102T
2015Nissan Pathfinder235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2014Nissan MuranoP235/55R20 102TP235/55R20 102T
2014Nissan Pathfinder235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2014Nissan PathfinderP235/55R20 102TP235/55R20 102T
2013Nissan MuranoP235/55R20 102TP235/55R20 102T
2013Nissan Pathfinder235/55R20 102H235/55R20 102H
2012Nissan MuranoP235/55R20 102TP235/55R20 102T
2011Nissan MuranoP235/55R20 102TP235/55R20 102T
2010Nissan MuranoP235/55R20 102TP235/55R20 102T
2009Nissan MuranoP235/55R20 102TP235/55R20 102T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2011Saab 9-4X235/55R20 102W235/55R20 102W
2011Saab 9-4XP235/55R20 102HP235/55R20 102H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Toyota Highlander235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2021Toyota Highlander235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V
2020Toyota Highlander235/55R20 102V235/55R20 102V