What vehicles are compatible with tire size 245-40-20?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 245-40-20 tire size.

Aston Martin

YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2017Aston Martin Rapide245/40ZR20 (95Y) (Front)295/35ZR20/XL (105Y) (Rear)
2016Aston Martin Rapide245/40ZR20 (95Y) (Front)295/35ZR20/XL (105Y) (Rear)
2015Aston Martin Rapide245/40ZR20 (95Y) (Front)295/35ZR20/XL (105Y) (Rear)
2014Aston Martin Rapide245/40ZR20 (95Y) (Front)295/35ZR20/XL (105Y) (Rear)
2013Aston Martin Rapide245/40ZR20 (95Y) (Front)295/35ZR20/XL (105Y) (Rear)
2012Aston Martin Rapide245/40ZR20 (95Y) (Front)295/35ZR20/XL (105Y) (Rear)
2011Aston Martin Rapide245/40ZR20 (95Y) (Front)295/35ZR20/XL (105Y) (Rear)
2010Aston Martin Rapide245/40ZR20 (95Y) (Front)295/35ZR20/XL (105Y) (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019BMW 740i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2019BMW 750i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2019BMW i8215/45R20/XL 95W (Front)245/40R20/XL 99W (Rear)
2018BMW 640i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2018BMW 740i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2018BMW 750i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2018BMW M760i245/40ZR20/XL (99Y) (Front)275/35ZR20/XL (102Y) (Rear)
2018BMW M760i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2018BMW X4245/40ZR20/XL (99Y) (Front)275/35ZR20/XL (102Y) (Rear)
2018BMW X4245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2017BMW 535i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2017BMW 550i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2017BMW 740i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2017BMW 750i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2017BMW i8215/45R20/XL 95W (Front)245/40R20/XL 99W (Rear)
2017BMW M760i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2017BMW M760i245/40R20/XL (99Y) (Front)275/35R20/XL (102Y) (Rear)
2017BMW X3245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2017BMW X4245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2017BMW X4245/40ZR20/XL (99Y) (Front)275/35ZR20/XL (102Y) (Rear)
2016BMW 535i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2016BMW 550i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2016BMW 740i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2016BMW 750i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2016BMW i8215/45R20/XL 95W (Front)245/40R20/XL 99W (Rear)
2016BMW X3245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2016BMW X4245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2016BMW X4245/40ZR20/XL (99Y) (Front)275/35ZR20/XL (102Y) (Rear)
2015BMW 535i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2015BMW 550i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2015BMW 740i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2015BMW 740Ld245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2015BMW 740Li245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2015BMW 750i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2015BMW 750Li245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2015BMW 760Li245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2015BMW i8215/45R20/XL 95W (Front)245/40R20/XL 99W (Rear)
2015BMW X3245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2015BMW X4245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2014BMW 535i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2014BMW 550i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2014BMW 740i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2014BMW 740Li245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2014BMW 750i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2014BMW 750Li245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2014BMW 760Li245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2014BMW i8215/45R20/XL 95W (Front)245/40R20/XL 99W (Rear)
2013BMW 535i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2013BMW 550i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2013BMW 740i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2013BMW 740Li245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2013BMW 750i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2013BMW 750Li245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2013BMW 760Li245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2013BMW ActiveHybrid 7245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2012BMW 550i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2012BMW 740i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2012BMW 740Li245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2012BMW 750i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2012BMW 750Li245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2012BMW 760Li245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2011BMW 550i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2011BMW 740i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2011BMW 740Li245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2011BMW 750i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2011BMW 750Li245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2011BMW 760Li245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2010BMW 550i245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2010BMW 760Li245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2008BMW 750i245/40R20 95Y (Front)275/35R20 98Y (Rear)
2008BMW 750Li245/40R20 95Y (Front)275/35R20 98Y (Rear)
2007BMW 750i245/40R20 95Y (Front)275/35R20 98Y (Rear)
2007BMW 750Li245/40R20 95Y (Front)275/35R20 98Y (Rear)
2006BMW 760i245/40R20 95Y (Front)275/35R20 98Y (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Buick CascadaP245/40R20 95VP245/40R20 95V
2019Buick LaCrosseP245/40R20 95VP245/40R20 95V
2018Buick CascadaP245/40R20 95VP245/40R20 95V
2018Buick LaCrosseP245/40R20 95VP245/40R20 95V
2017Buick CascadaP245/40R20 95VP245/40R20 95V
2017Buick LaCrosseP245/40R20 95VP245/40R20 95V
2016Buick CascadaP245/40R20 95VP245/40R20 95V
2016Buick LaCrosseP245/40R20 95VP245/40R20 95V
2015Buick LaCrosseP245/40R20 95VP245/40R20 95V
2014Buick LaCrosseP245/40R20 95VP245/40R20 95V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Cadillac XTSP245/40R20 95VP245/40R20 95V
2018Cadillac CT6245/40ZR20 95Y245/40ZR20 95Y
2018Cadillac CT6245/40R20 95W245/40R20 95W
2018Cadillac XTSP245/40R20 95VP245/40R20 95V
2017Cadillac CT6245/40ZR20/XL (99Y)245/40ZR20/XL (99Y)
2017Cadillac CT6245/40R20 95W245/40R20 95W
2017Cadillac XTSP245/40R20 95VP245/40R20 95V
2016Cadillac CT6245/40ZR20/XL (99Y)245/40ZR20/XL (99Y)
2016Cadillac CT6245/40R20 95W245/40R20 95W
2016Cadillac ELR245/40ZR20/XL (99Y)245/40ZR20/XL (99Y)
2016Cadillac ELR245/40R20 95H245/40R20 95H
2016Cadillac XTSP245/40R20 95VP245/40R20 95V
2015Cadillac ELR245/40R20 95H245/40R20 95H
2015Cadillac XTSP245/40R20 95VP245/40R20 95V
2014Cadillac ELR245/40R20 95H245/40R20 95H
2014Cadillac XTSP245/40R20 95VP245/40R20 95V
2013Cadillac XTSP245/40R20 95VP245/40R20 95V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Chevy Camaro245/40ZR20 95Y (Front)275/35ZR20 98Y (Rear)
2019Chevy Camaro245/40R20 95V245/40R20 95V
2018Chevy Camaro245/40R20 95V245/40R20 95V
2018Chevy Camaro245/40ZR20 95Y (Front)275/35ZR20 98Y (Rear)
2017Chevy Camaro245/40ZR20 95Y (Front)275/35ZR20 98Y (Rear)
2017Chevy Camaro245/40R20 95V245/40R20 95V
2016Chevy Camaro245/40R20 95V245/40R20 95V
2016Chevy Camaro245/40ZR20 95Y (Front)275/35ZR20 98Y (Rear)
2016Chevy ImpalaP245/40R20 95VP245/40R20 95V
2015Chevy ImpalaP245/40R20 95VP245/40R20 95V
2014Chevy ImpalaP245/40R20 95VP245/40R20 95V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Infiniti Q70245/40R20 95V245/40R20 95V
2019Infiniti Q70245/40R20 95W245/40R20 95W
2019Infiniti Q70L245/40R20 95V245/40R20 95V
2019Infiniti Q70L245/40R20 95W245/40R20 95W
2018Infiniti Q70245/40R20 95V245/40R20 95V
2018Infiniti Q70245/40R20 95W245/40R20 95W
2018Infiniti Q70L245/40R20 95V245/40R20 95V
2018Infiniti Q70L245/40R20 95W245/40R20 95W
2017Infiniti Q70245/40R20 95V245/40R20 95V
2017Infiniti Q70245/40R20 95W245/40R20 95W
2017Infiniti Q70L245/40R20 95V245/40R20 95V
2017Infiniti Q70L245/40R20 95W245/40R20 95W
2016Infiniti Q70245/40R20 95V245/40R20 95V
2016Infiniti Q70245/40R20 95W245/40R20 95W
2016Infiniti Q70L245/40R20 95V245/40R20 95V
2016Infiniti Q70L245/40R20 95W245/40R20 95W
2015Infiniti Q70245/40R20 95V245/40R20 95V
2015Infiniti Q70245/40R20 95W245/40R20 95W
2015Infiniti Q70L245/40R20 95V245/40R20 95V
2015Infiniti Q70L245/40R20 95W245/40R20 95W
2014Infiniti Q70245/40R20 95V245/40R20 95V
2014Infiniti Q70245/40R20 95W245/40R20 95W
2013Infiniti M37245/40R20 95W245/40R20 95W
2013Infiniti M56245/40R20 95W245/40R20 95W
2012Infiniti M37245/40R20 95W245/40R20 95W
2012Infiniti M56245/40R20 95W245/40R20 95W
2011Infiniti M37245/40R20 95W245/40R20 95W
2011Infiniti M56245/40R20 95W245/40R20 95W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Jaguar XJ245/40ZR20/XL (99Y) (Front)275/35ZR20/XL (102Y) (Rear)
2017Jaguar XJ245/40ZR20/XL (99Y) (Front)275/35ZR20/XL (102Y) (Rear)
2016Jaguar XJ245/40ZR20/XL (99Y) (Front)275/35ZR20/XL (102Y) (Rear)
2015Jaguar XJ245/40ZR20/XL (99Y) (Front)275/35ZR20/XL (102Y) (Rear)
2014Jaguar XJ245/40ZR20/XL (99Y) (Front)275/35ZR20/XL (102Y) (Rear)
2013Jaguar XJ245/40ZR20/XL (99Y) (Front)275/35ZR20/XL (102Y) (Rear)
2012Jaguar XJ245/40ZR20/XL (99Y) (Front)275/35ZR20/XL (102Y) (Rear)
2012Jaguar XJ245/40ZR20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35ZR20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2011Jaguar XJ245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2011Jaguar XJ245/40ZR20/XL (99Y) (Front)275/35ZR20/XL (102Y) (Rear)
2011Jaguar XJ245/40ZR20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35ZR20/XL 102Y (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Lincoln Continental245/40R20/XL 99W245/40R20/XL 99W
2017Lincoln Continental245/40R20/XL 99W245/40R20/XL 99W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Maserati Ghibli245/40ZR20/XL (99Y) (Front)285/35ZR20 (100Y) (Rear)
2018Maserati Ghibli245/40R20/XL 99W (Front)285/35R20 100W (Rear)
2018Maserati Quattroporte245/40ZR20/XL (99Y) (Front)285/35ZR20 (100Y) (Rear)
2018Maserati Quattroporte245/40R20/XL 99W (Front)285/35R20 100W (Rear)
2017Maserati Ghibli245/40R20/XL 99W (Front)285/35R20 100W (Rear)
2017Maserati Ghibli245/40ZR20/XL (99Y) (Front)285/35ZR20 (100Y) (Rear)
2017Maserati Quattroporte245/40ZR20/XL (99Y) (Front)285/35ZR20 (100Y) (Rear)
2017Maserati Quattroporte245/40R20/XL 99W (Front)285/35R20 100W (Rear)
2016Maserati Ghibli245/40ZR20/XL (99Y) (Front)285/35ZR20 (100Y) (Rear)
2016Maserati Ghibli245/40R20/XL 99W (Front)285/35R20 100W (Rear)
2016Maserati Quattroporte245/40ZR20/XL (99Y) (Front)285/35ZR20 (100Y) (Rear)
2016Maserati Quattroporte245/40R20/XL 99W (Front)285/35R20 100W (Rear)
2015Maserati Ghibli245/40ZR20/XL (99Y) (Front)285/35ZR20 (100Y) (Rear)
2015Maserati Quattroporte245/40ZR20/XL (99Y) (Front)285/35ZR20 (100Y) (Rear)
2014Maserati Ghibli245/40ZR20/XL (99Y) (Front)285/35ZR20 (100Y) (Rear)
2014Maserati Quattroporte245/40ZR20/XL (99Y) (Front)285/35ZR20 (100Y) (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Mercedes-Benz S450245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2018Mercedes-Benz S550245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2018Mercedes-Benz S560245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2017Mercedes-Benz Maybach245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2017Mercedes-Benz S550245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2017Mercedes-Benz S550e245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2017Mercedes-Benz S600245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2016Mercedes-Benz Maybach245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2016Mercedes-Benz S550245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2016Mercedes-Benz S550e245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2016Mercedes-Benz S600245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2015Mercedes-Benz S550245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2015Mercedes-Benz S550e245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2015Mercedes-Benz S600245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)
2014Mercedes-Benz S550245/40R20/XL 99Y (Front)275/35R20/XL 102Y (Rear)