What vehicles are compatible with tire size 255-45-18?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 255-45-18 tire size.


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2013Audi A7255/45R18 99V255/45R18 99V
2013Audi A7255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2012Audi A7255/45R18 99V255/45R18 99V
2012Audi A7255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2010Audi A8255/45R18 99Y255/45R18 99Y
2010Audi A8255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2009Audi A8255/45R18 99Y255/45R18 99Y
2009Audi A8255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2008Audi A8255/45R18 99Y255/45R18 99Y
2008Audi A8255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2007Audi A8255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2006Audi A8255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2005Audi A8255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2004Audi A8255/45R18 99Y255/45R18 99Y
2004Audi A8255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018BMW 330i225/50R18 95W (Front)255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2018BMW 340i225/50R18 95W (Front)255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2017BMW 330i225/50R18 95W (Front)255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2017BMW 340i225/50R18 95W (Front)255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2016BMW 328i225/50R18 95W (Front)255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2016BMW 335i225/50R18 95W (Front)255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2015BMW 328i225/50R18 95W (Front)255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2015BMW 335i225/50R18 95W (Front)255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2014BMW 328i225/50R18 95W (Front)255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2014BMW 335i225/50R18 95W (Front)255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2006BMW X3235/50R18 97V (Front)255/45R18 99V (Rear)
2005BMW X3235/50R18 97V (Front)255/45R18 99V (Rear)
2004BMW X3235/50R18 97V (Front)255/45R18 99V (Rear)
2001BMW 740i235/50ZR18 (Front)255/45ZR18 (Rear)
2001BMW 740iL235/50ZR18 (Front)255/45ZR18 (Rear)
2000BMW 740i235/50ZR18 (Front)255/45ZR18 (Rear)
1999BMW 740i235/50ZR18 (Front)255/45ZR18 (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2011Cadillac STSP235/50ZR18 97W (Front)P255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2011Cadillac STS255/45ZR18 99Y255/45ZR18 99Y
2011Cadillac STS255/45R18 99Y255/45R18 99Y
2010Cadillac STSP235/50ZR18 97W (Front)P255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2010Cadillac STS255/45ZR18 99Y255/45ZR18 99Y
2010Cadillac STS255/45R18 99Y255/45R18 99Y
2009Cadillac STS255/45ZR18 99Y255/45ZR18 99Y
2009Cadillac STSP235/50ZR18 97W (Front)P255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2009Cadillac STS255/45R18 99Y255/45R18 99Y
2009Cadillac STSP255/45R18 99Y (Front)P275/40R19 101Y (Rear)
2008Cadillac STSP255/45R18 99Y (Front)P275/40R19 101Y (Rear)
2008Cadillac STS255/45ZR18 99Y255/45ZR18 99Y
2008Cadillac STSP235/50ZR18 97W (Front)P255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2007Cadillac STSP255/45R18 99Y (Front)P275/40R19 101Y (Rear)
2007Cadillac STS255/45ZR18 99Y255/45ZR18 99Y
2007Cadillac STSP255/45ZR18 99WP255/45ZR18 99W
2007Cadillac STSP235/50ZR18 97W (Front)P255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2006Cadillac STSP255/45R18 99Y (Front)P275/40R19 101Y (Rear)
2006Cadillac STS255/45ZR18 99Y255/45ZR18 99Y
2006Cadillac STSP255/45ZR18 99WP255/45ZR18 99W
2006Cadillac STSP235/50ZR18 97W (Front)P255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2005Cadillac STSP235/50ZR18 97W (Front)P255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2005Cadillac STSP255/45ZR18 99WP255/45ZR18 99W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2010Ford MustangP255/45ZR18 99W (Front)P285/40ZR18/LL 96W (Rear)
2009Ford MustangP255/45ZR18 99W (Front)P285/40ZR18/LL 96W (Rear)
2008Ford MustangP255/45ZR18 99W (Front)P285/40ZR18/LL 96W (Rear)
2007Ford MustangP255/45ZR18 99W (Front)P285/40ZR18/LL 96W (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2009Jaguar XK245/45ZR18 96Y (Front)255/45ZR18 99Y (Rear)
2008Jaguar XK245/45ZR18 96Y (Front)255/45ZR18 99Y (Rear)
2007Jaguar XK245/45ZR18 96Y (Front)255/45ZR18 99Y (Rear)
2006Jaguar XK8245/45ZR18 96W (Front)255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2006Jaguar XKR245/45ZR18 96W (Front)255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2005Jaguar XK8245/45ZR18 96W (Front)255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2005Jaguar XKR245/45ZR18 96W (Front)255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2004Jaguar XK8245/45ZR18 96W (Front)255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2004Jaguar XKR245/45ZR18 96W (Front)255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2003Jaguar XK8245/45ZR18 96W (Front)255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2003Jaguar XKR245/45ZR18 96W (Front)255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2002Jaguar XK8245/45ZR18 96W (Front)255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2002Jaguar XKR245/45ZR18 96W (Front)255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2001Jaguar XK8245/45ZR18 96W (Front)255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2001Jaguar XKR245/45ZR18 96W (Front)255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2000Jaguar XK8245/45ZR18 96Y (Front)255/45ZR18 99Y (Rear)
2000Jaguar XKR245/45ZR18 96Y (Front)255/45ZR18 99Y (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2014Mercedes-Benz CL550255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2013Mercedes-Benz CL550255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2013Mercedes-Benz S350255/45R18 99Y255/45R18 99Y
2013Mercedes-Benz S350255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2013Mercedes-Benz S400255/45R18 99Y255/45R18 99Y
2013Mercedes-Benz S400255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2013Mercedes-Benz S550255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2012Mercedes-Benz CL550255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2012Mercedes-Benz S350255/45R18 99Y255/45R18 99Y
2012Mercedes-Benz S350255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2012Mercedes-Benz S400255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2012Mercedes-Benz S400255/45R18 99Y255/45R18 99Y
2012Mercedes-Benz S550255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2012Mercedes-Benz S600255/45R18 99H (Front)275/45R18 103H (Rear)
2012Mercedes-Benz S600255/45R18 99Y (Front)275/45R18 103Y (Rear)
2011Mercedes-Benz CL550255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2011Mercedes-Benz S400255/45R18 99Y255/45R18 99Y
2011Mercedes-Benz S400255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2011Mercedes-Benz S550255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2011Mercedes-Benz S600255/45R18 99H (Front)275/45R18 103H (Rear)
2011Mercedes-Benz S600255/45R18 99Y (Front)275/45R18 103Y (Rear)
2010Mercedes-Benz CL550255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2010Mercedes-Benz CL600255/45R18 99Y (Front)275/45R18 103Y (Rear)
2010Mercedes-Benz S400255/45R18 99Y255/45R18 99Y
2010Mercedes-Benz S400255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2010Mercedes-Benz S550255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2010Mercedes-Benz S600255/45R18 99H (Front)275/45R18 103H (Rear)
2010Mercedes-Benz S600255/45R18 99Y (Front)275/45R18 103Y (Rear)
2009Mercedes-Benz CL550255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2009Mercedes-Benz CL600255/45R18 99Y (Front)275/45R18 103Y (Rear)
2009Mercedes-Benz S550255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2009Mercedes-Benz S600255/45R18 99H (Front)275/45R18 103H (Rear)
2009Mercedes-Benz S600255/45R18 99Y (Front)275/45R18 103Y (Rear)
2008Mercedes-Benz CL550255/45R18 99V (Front)275/45R18 103V (Rear)
2008Mercedes-Benz CL550255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2008Mercedes-Benz CL600255/45R18 99Y (Front)275/45R18 103Y (Rear)
2008Mercedes-Benz S550255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2008Mercedes-Benz S600255/45R18 99Y (Front)275/45R18 103Y (Rear)
2008Mercedes-Benz S600255/45R18 99H (Front)275/45R18 103H (Rear)
2007Mercedes-Benz CL550255/45R18 99V (Front)275/45R18 103V (Rear)
2007Mercedes-Benz CL550255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2007Mercedes-Benz CL600255/45R18 99Y (Front)275/45R18 103Y (Rear)
2007Mercedes-Benz S550255/45R18 99H255/45R18 99H
2007Mercedes-Benz S600255/45R18 99Y (Front)275/45R18 103Y (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2010Panoz Esperante255/45R18 99Y (Front)285/40R18 101Y (Rear)
2009Panoz Esperante255/45R18 99Y (Front)285/40R18 101Y (Rear)
2008Panoz Esperante255/45R18 99Y (Front)285/40R18 101Y (Rear)
2007Panoz Esperante255/45R18 99Y255/45R18 99Y
2006Panoz Esperante255/45R18 99Y255/45R18 99Y
2005Panoz Esperante255/45R18 99Y255/45R18 99Y
2004Panoz Esperante255/45R18 99Y255/45R18 99Y


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2008Pontiac Grand PrixP255/45R18 99W (Front)P225/50R18 94W (Rear)
2007Pontiac Grand PrixP255/45R18 99W (Front)P225/50R18 94W (Rear)
2006Pontiac Grand PrixP255/45R18 99W (Front)P225/50R18 94W (Rear)
2005Pontiac Grand PrixP255/45R18 99W (Front)P225/50R18 94W (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2013Toyota TacomaP255/45R18 99VP255/45R18 99V
2012Toyota TacomaP255/45R18 99VP255/45R18 99V
2011Toyota TacomaP255/45R18 99VP255/45R18 99V
2010Toyota TacomaP255/45R18 99VP255/45R18 99V
2009Toyota TacomaP255/45R18 99VP255/45R18 99V
2008Toyota TacomaP255/45R18 99VP255/45R18 99V
2007Toyota TacomaP255/45R18 99VP255/45R18 99V
2006Toyota TacomaP255/45R18 99VP255/45R18 99V
2005Toyota TacomaP255/45R18 99VP255/45R18 99V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2006Volkswagen Phaeton255/45R18/RF 103H255/45R18/RF 103H
2005Volkswagen Phaeton255/45R18/RF 103H255/45R18/RF 103H
2004Volkswagen Phaeton255/45R18/RF 103H255/45R18/RF 103H