What vehicles are compatible with tire size 185-60-14?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 185-60-14 tire size.


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1987Audi 4000185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1987Audi 4000 Quattro185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1987Audi Coupe185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1986Audi 4000185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1986Audi Coupe185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1985Audi Coupe185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1984Audi Coupe185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1983Audi Coupe185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2011Chevrolet AveoP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
2011Chevrolet Aveo5P185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
2010Chevrolet AveoP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
2010Chevrolet Aveo5P185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
2009Chevrolet AveoP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
2009Chevrolet Aveo5P185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
2008Chevrolet AveoP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
2008Chevrolet Aveo5P185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
2007Chevrolet AveoP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
2007Chevrolet Aveo5P185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
2006Chevrolet AveoP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
2005Chevrolet AveoP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
2004Chevrolet AveoP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2002Daewoo LanosP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
2001Daewoo LanosP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
2000Daewoo LanosP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1999Daewoo LanosP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1997Dodge NeonP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1996Dodge NeonP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1988Dodge ColtP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H
1987Dodge ColtP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1983Fiat 124185/60VR14 V185/60VR14 V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1993Ford EscortP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1992Ford EscortP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1993Geo StormP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H
1993Geo StormP185/60VR14 VP185/60VR14 V
1992Geo PrizmP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H
1992Geo StormP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H
1992Geo StormP185/60VR14 VP185/60VR14 V
1991Geo PrizmP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H
1991Geo StormP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H
1991Geo StormP185/60VR14 VP185/60VR14 V
1990Geo PrizmP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H
1990Geo StormP185/60VR14 VP185/60VR14 V
1990Geo StormP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1997Honda Civic del SolP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1996Honda Civic del SolP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1995Honda CivicP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1995Honda Civic del SolP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1994Honda CivicP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1994Honda Civic del SolP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1993Honda CivicP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1993Honda Civic del SolP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1992Honda CivicP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1991Honda CivicP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1991Honda CRX185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1990Honda CivicP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1990Honda CRX185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1989Honda CivicP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1989Honda CRX185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1988Honda CRX185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1987Honda Civic185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1986Honda Civic185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2005Hyundai AccentP185/60R14 82TP185/60R14 82T
2004Hyundai AccentP185/60R14 82TP185/60R14 82T
2003Hyundai AccentP185/60R14 82TP185/60R14 82T
2002Hyundai AccentP185/60R14 82SP185/60R14 82S
2001Hyundai AccentP185/60R14 82SP185/60R14 82S
2000Hyundai AccentP185/60R14 82SP185/60R14 82S
1995Hyundai ElantraP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H
1995Hyundai ScoupeP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1994Hyundai ElantraP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H
1994Hyundai ScoupeP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1993Hyundai ElantraP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H
1993Hyundai ScoupeP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1992Hyundai ElantraP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H
1992Hyundai ScoupeP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1991Hyundai ScoupeP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1992Isuzu ImpulseP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H
1992Isuzu StylusP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H
1991Isuzu ImpulseP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H
1991Isuzu StylusP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1997Kia SephiaP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1996Kia SephiaP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1995Kia SephiaP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1994Kia SephiaP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2000Mazda MiataP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1999Mazda MiataP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1997Mazda MiataP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1996Mazda MiataP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1995Mazda MiataP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1994Mazda MiataP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1993Mazda MiataP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1992Mazda MiataP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1991Mazda MiataP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1990Mazda MiataP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1989Mazda 323185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1988Mazda 323185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1987Mazda 323185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1986Mazda 323185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1996Mercury TracerP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1995Mercury TracerP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1994Mercury Capri185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1994Mercury TracerP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1993Mercury Capri185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1993Mercury TracerP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1992Mercury Capri185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1992Mercury TracerP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1991Mercury TracerP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1988Mitsubishi Mirage185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1987Mitsubishi Mirage185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1986Mitsubishi Mirage185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1985Mitsubishi Mirage185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1994Nissan Sentra185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1993Nissan NXP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H
1993Nissan Sentra185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1992Nissan NXP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H
1992Nissan Sentra185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1991Nissan NXP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H
1991Nissan Sentra185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1990Nissan Sentra185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1989Nissan Sentra185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1988Nissan Sentra185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1987Nissan Sentra185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1991Peugeot 405185/60TR14 T185/60TR14 T
1990Peugeot 405185/60TR14 T185/60TR14 T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1985Pininfarina Spider185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1984Pininfarina Spider185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1997Plymouth NeonP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1996Plymouth NeonP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1988Plymouth ColtP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H
1987Plymouth ColtP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2010Pontiac G3P185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
2009Pontiac G3P185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1990Pontiac LeMansP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H
1989Pontiac LeMansP185/60HR14 HP185/60HR14 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1987Renault AllianceP185/60SR14 SP185/60SR14 S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2002Suzuki EsteemP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
2001Suzuki EsteemP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
2001Suzuki SwiftP185/60R14 82SP185/60R14 82S
2000Suzuki EsteemP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1999Suzuki EsteemP185/60R14 82SP185/60R14 82S
1998Suzuki EsteemP185/60R14 82SP185/60R14 82S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1998Toyota PaseoP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1998Toyota TercelP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1997Toyota PaseoP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1997Toyota TercelP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1996Toyota PaseoP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1995Toyota PaseoP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1994Toyota PaseoP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1993Toyota PaseoP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1992Toyota PaseoP185/60R14 82HP185/60R14 82H
1991Toyota Corolla185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1990Toyota Corolla185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1989Toyota Corolla185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1988Toyota Corolla185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1988Toyota Corolla185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1987Toyota Corolla185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1996Volkswagen Golf185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1996Volkswagen Jetta185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1995Volkswagen Golf185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1995Volkswagen Jetta185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1994Volkswagen Golf185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1994Volkswagen Jetta185/60R14 82H185/60R14 82H
1993Volkswagen Cabriolet185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1993Volkswagen Golf185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1993Volkswagen Jetta185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1992Volkswagen Cabriolet185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1992Volkswagen Golf185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1992Volkswagen Jetta185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1991Volkswagen Cabriolet185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1991Volkswagen Golf185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1991Volkswagen Jetta185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1990Volkswagen Cabriolet185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1990Volkswagen Golf185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1990Volkswagen Jetta185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1990Volkswagen Jetta185/60VR14 V185/60VR14 V
1989Volkswagen Cabriolet185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1989Volkswagen Jetta185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1989Volkswagen Scirocco185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1988Volkswagen Cabriolet185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1988Volkswagen Golf185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1988Volkswagen Jetta185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1988Volkswagen Scirocco185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1987Volkswagen Cabriolet185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1987Volkswagen Golf185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1987Volkswagen Jetta185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1987Volkswagen Scirocco185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1986Volkswagen Golf185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1986Volkswagen Jetta185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1985Volkswagen Cabriolet185/60R14 S185/60R14 S
1985Volkswagen Golf185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1985Volkswagen Jetta185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1984Volkswagen Jetta185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1984Volkswagen Rabbit185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H
1983Volkswagen Rabbit185/60HR14 H185/60HR14 H