What vehicles are compatible with tire size 195-60-15?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 195-60-15 tire size.

Alfa Romeo

YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1994Alfa Romeo Spider195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1993Alfa Romeo Spider195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1992Alfa Romeo Spider195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1991Alfa Romeo Spider195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1990Alfa Romeo Spider195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1989Alfa Romeo Spider195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1988Alfa Romeo Spider195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1987Alfa Romeo Spider195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1986Alfa Romeo GTV-6195/60VR15 V195/60VR15 V
1986Alfa Romeo Spider195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1984Alfa Romeo GTV-6195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1983Alfa Romeo GTV-6195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2010Chevrolet CobaltP195/60R15 87SP195/60R15 87S
2009Chevrolet CobaltP195/60R15 87SP195/60R15 87S
2008Chevrolet CobaltP195/60R15 87SP195/60R15 87S
2007Chevrolet CobaltP195/60R15 87SP195/60R15 87S
2006Chevrolet CobaltP195/60R15 87SP195/60R15 87S
2005Chevrolet CobaltP195/60R15 87SP195/60R15 87S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1994Dodge ShadowP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
1994Dodge ShadowP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1993Dodge ShadowP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1989Dodge ShadowP195/60HR15 HP195/60HR15 H
1986Dodge 600P195/60VR15 VP195/60VR15 V
1985Dodge 600P195/60VR15 VP195/60VR15 V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Ford FiestaP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2017Ford FiestaP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2016Ford FiestaP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2015Ford FiestaP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2014Ford FiestaP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2013Ford FiestaP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2012Ford FiestaP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2011Ford FiestaP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2011Ford FocusP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2010Ford FocusP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2009Ford FocusP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2008Ford FocusP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2007Ford FocusP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2006Ford FocusP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2005Ford FocusP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2004Ford FocusP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2003Ford FocusP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2002Ford FocusP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2001Ford FocusP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2000Ford FocusP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
1990Ford EscortP195/60HR15 HP195/60HR15 H
1989Ford EscortP195/60HR15 HP195/60HR15 H
1989Ford ProbeP195/60VR15 VP195/60VR15 V
1988Ford EscortP195/60HR15 HP195/60HR15 H
1987Ford EscortP195/60HR15 HP195/60HR15 H
1987Ford EXPP195/60HR15 HP195/60HR15 H
1986Ford EscortP195/60HR15 HP195/60HR15 H
1986Ford EXPP195/60HR15 HP195/60HR15 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2005Honda CivicP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2004Honda CivicP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2003Honda Civic195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
2002Honda Civic195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
1997Honda Accord195/60R15 88H195/60R15 88H
1996Honda Accord195/60R15 88H195/60R15 88H
1995Honda Accord195/60R15 88H195/60R15 88H
1994Honda Accord195/60R15 88H195/60R15 88H
1993Honda Accord195/60R15 87H195/60R15 87H
1993Honda AccordP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1992Honda AccordP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1992Honda Accord195/60R15 87H195/60R15 87H
1991Honda Accord195/60R15 87H195/60R15 87H
1990Honda Accord195/60R15 87H195/60R15 87H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2006Hyundai Elantra195/60R15 88H195/60R15 88H
2005Hyundai Elantra195/60R15 88H195/60R15 88H
2004Hyundai Elantra195/60R15 88H195/60R15 88H
2003Hyundai Elantra195/60R15 88H195/60R15 88H
2002Hyundai Elantra195/60R15 88H195/60R15 88H
2001Hyundai Elantra195/60R15 88H195/60R15 88H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2002Infiniti G20P195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2001Infiniti G20P195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2000Infiniti G20P195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1999Infiniti G20P195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2009Kia SpectraP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2008Kia SpectraP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2007Kia SpectraP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2006Kia SpectraP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2005Kia SpectraP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2005Kia Spectra5P195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2004Kia SpectraP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1991Lexus ES250195/60R15 86H195/60R15 86H
1991Lexus ES250195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
1990Lexus ES250195/60R15 86H195/60R15 86H
1990Lexus ES250195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1992Mazda MX-6P195/60R15 87VP195/60R15 87V
1991Mazda 626P195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1991Mazda MX-6P195/60R15 87VP195/60R15 87V
1990Mazda 626P195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1990Mazda MX-6P195/60VR15 VP195/60VR15 V
1989Mazda 626P195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1989Mazda MX-6P195/60VR15 VP195/60VR15 V
1988Mazda 626P195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1988Mazda MX-6P195/60VR15 VP195/60VR15 V
1987Mazda 626P195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1987Mercury LynxP195/60HR15 HP195/60HR15 H
1986Mercury LynxP195/60HR15 HP195/60HR15 H
1985Mercury LynxP195/60HR15 HP195/60HR15 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1989Merkur XR4Ti195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1988Merkur XR4Ti195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1987Merkur XR4Ti195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2007Mitsubishi LancerP195/60R15 87SP195/60R15 87S
2006Mitsubishi LancerP195/60R15 87SP195/60R15 87S
2005Mitsubishi LancerP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2004Mitsubishi LancerP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2003Mitsubishi LancerP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2002Mitsubishi LancerP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
1999Mitsubishi GalantP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1998Mitsubishi Galant195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1997Mitsubishi Galant195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1996Mitsubishi Galant195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1995Mitsubishi Galant195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1994Mitsubishi Galant195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1993Mitsubishi Galant195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1992Mitsubishi GalantP195/60HR15 HP195/60HR15 H
1992Mitsubishi Galant195/60R15 86H195/60R15 86H
1991Mitsubishi GalantP195/60HR15 HP195/60HR15 H
1991Mitsubishi Galant195/60R15 86H195/60R15 86H
1990Mitsubishi Galant195/60R15 86H195/60R15 86H
1990Mitsubishi Sigma195/60R15 86H195/60R15 86H
1989Mitsubishi Galant195/60R15 86H195/60R15 86H
1989Mitsubishi Sigma195/60R15 86H195/60R15 86H
1988Mitsubishi Galant195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1987Mitsubishi Galant195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1986Mitsubishi Galant195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1985Mitsubishi Galant195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2014Nissan CubeP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2013Nissan CubeP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2012Nissan CubeP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2011Nissan CubeP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2010Nissan CubeP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2009Nissan CubeP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2006Nissan SentraP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2005Nissan SentraP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2004Nissan SentraP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2003Nissan SentraP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2002Nissan SentraP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2001Nissan SentraP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2000Nissan SentraP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1998Nissan 240SXP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1997Nissan 240SXP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1996Nissan 240SXP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1995Nissan 240SXP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1994Nissan 240SXP195/60HR15 HP195/60HR15 H
1993Nissan 240SXP195/60HR15 HP195/60HR15 H
1992Nissan 240SX195/60R15 86H195/60R15 86H
1991Nissan 240SX195/60R15 86H195/60R15 86H
1990Nissan 240SX195/60R15 86H195/60R15 86H
1989Nissan 240SX195/60R15 86H195/60R15 86H
1988Nissan 200SX195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1988Nissan Maxima195/60R15 86H195/60R15 86H
1987Nissan 200SX195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1987Nissan Maxima195/60R15 86H195/60R15 86H
1986Nissan 200SX195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1986Nissan Maxima195/60R15 86H195/60R15 86H
1985Nissan 200SX195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1985Nissan Maxima195/60R15 86H195/60R15 86H
1984Nissan 200SX195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1987Peugeot 505195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1986Peugeot 505195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1994Plymouth SundanceP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
1994Plymouth SundanceP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1993Plymouth SundanceP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2009Pontiac G5P195/60R15 87SP195/60R15 87S
2008Pontiac G5P195/60R15 87SP195/60R15 87S
2007Pontiac G5P195/60R15 87SP195/60R15 87S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2001Saab 9-3195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
2000Saab 9-3195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
1999Saab 9-3195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
1998Saab 900195/60VR15 V195/60VR15 V
1997Saab 900195/60VR15 V195/60VR15 V
1996Saab 900195/60VR15 V195/60VR15 V
1995Saab 900195/60VR15 V195/60VR15 V
1994Saab 900195/60VR15 V195/60VR15 V
1993Saab 900195/60VR15 V195/60VR15 V
1992Saab 900195/60VR15 V195/60VR15 V
1989Saab 900195/60VR15 V195/60VR15 V
1988Saab 900195/60VR15 V195/60VR15 V
1987Saab 900195/60VR15 V195/60VR15 V
1986Saab 900195/60VR15 V195/60VR15 V
1985Saab 900195/60VR15 V195/60VR15 V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2007Saturn IonP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2006Saturn IonP195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
2005Saturn IonP195/60R15 87SP195/60R15 87S
2004Saturn IonP195/60R15 87SP195/60R15 87S
2003Saturn IonP195/60R15 87SP195/60R15 87S
2002Saturn SC2P195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2001Saturn SC2P195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2000Saturn SC2P195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1999Saturn SC2P195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1998Saturn SC2P195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1997Saturn SC2P195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
1996Saturn SC2P195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
1995Saturn SC2P195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
1995Saturn SL2P195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
1995Saturn SW2P195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
1994Saturn SC2P195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
1994Saturn SL2P195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
1994Saturn SW2P195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
1993Saturn SC2P195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
1993Saturn SL2P195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T
1993Saturn SW2P195/60R15 87TP195/60R15 87T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2004Subaru ImprezaP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2003Subaru ImprezaP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2002Subaru ImprezaP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2001Subaru ImprezaP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2000Subaru ImprezaP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2000Subaru LegacyP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1999Subaru ImprezaP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1999Subaru Legacy195/60R15 89H195/60R15 89H
1998Subaru ImprezaP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1997Subaru ImprezaP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1997Subaru LegacyP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1996Subaru ImprezaP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1996Subaru LegacyP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1995Subaru ImprezaP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1995Subaru LegacyP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1994Subaru LegacyP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
1993Subaru LegacyP195/60HR15 HP195/60HR15 H
1992Subaru LegacyP195/60HR15 HP195/60HR15 H
1991Subaru LegacyP195/60HR15 HP195/60HR15 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2005Toyota Celica195/60R15 88H195/60R15 88H
2005Toyota CelicaP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2004Toyota Celica195/60R15 88H195/60R15 88H
2004Toyota CelicaP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2003Toyota CelicaP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2002Toyota CelicaP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2001Toyota CelicaP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H
2000Toyota CelicaP195/60R15 87HP195/60R15 87H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2004Volvo S40195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
2004Volvo V40195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
2003Volvo S40195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
2003Volvo V40195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
2002Volvo S40195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
2002Volvo V40195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
2001Volvo S40195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
2001Volvo V40195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
2000Volvo S40195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
2000Volvo S70195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
2000Volvo V40195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
2000Volvo V70195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
1999Volvo S70195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
1999Volvo V70195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
1998Volvo S70195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
1998Volvo V70195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
1997Volvo 850195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
1996Volvo 850195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
1995Volvo 850195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
1994Volvo 850195/60R15 88V195/60R15 88V
1994Volvo 850195/60VR15 V195/60VR15 V
1993Volvo 850195/60VR15 V195/60VR15 V
1992Volvo 740195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1991Volvo 740195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1989Volvo 740195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1988Volvo 740195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1987Volvo 740195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1986Volvo 740195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1985Volvo 244195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1985Volvo 740195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1984Volvo 242195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1984Volvo 244195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1984Volvo 245195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1983Volvo 242195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1983Volvo 244195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H
1983Volvo 245195/60HR15 H195/60HR15 H