What vehicles are compatible with tire size 205-60-15?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 205-60-15 tire size.


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1998Acura TL205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1997Acura TL205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1996Acura TL205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1995Acura Legend205/60R15 91V205/60R15 91V
1995Acura TL205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1994Acura Legend205/60R15 91V205/60R15 91V
1994Acura Vigor205/60R15 89H205/60R15 89H
1993Acura Legend205/60R15 91V205/60R15 91V
1993Acura Vigor205/60R15 89H205/60R15 89H
1992Acura Legend205/60R15 91V205/60R15 91V
1992Acura Vigor205/60R15 89H205/60R15 89H
1991Acura Legend205/60R15 91V205/60R15 91V
1990Acura Legend205/60R15 90H205/60R15 90H
1990Acura Legend205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1989Acura Legend205/60R15 90H205/60R15 90H
1989Acura Legend205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1988Acura Legend205/60R15 90H205/60R15 90H
1988Acura Legend205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1987Acura Legend205/60R15 90H205/60R15 90H
1987Acura Legend205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1986Acura Legend205/60R15 90H205/60R15 90H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2001Audi A4205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
2001Audi A4 Quattro205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
2000Audi A4205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
2000Audi A4 Quattro205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1999Audi A4205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1999Audi A4 Quattro205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1998Audi Cabriolet205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1994Audi 90 Quattro205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1993Audi 90 Quattro205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1991Audi 200205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1991Audi 200 Quattro205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1991Audi Coupe Quattro205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1990Audi 100205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1990Audi 100 Quattro205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1990Audi 200205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1990Audi 200 Quattro205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1990Audi Coupe Quattro205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1989Audi 100205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1989Audi 100 Quattro205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1989Audi 200205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1989Audi 200 Quattro205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1988Audi 5000205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1988Audi 5000 Quattro205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1987Audi 5000205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1987Audi 5000 Quattro205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1986Audi 5000205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1986Audi 5000 Quattro205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1985Audi 5000205/60HR15 H205/60HR15 H
1985Audi Quattro205/60HR15 H205/60HR15 H
1984Audi 5000205/60HR15 H205/60HR15 H
1984Audi Quattro205/60HR15 H205/60HR15 H
1983Audi 5000205/60HR15 H205/60HR15 H
1983Audi Quattro205/60HR15 H205/60HR15 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1999BMW 318ti205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1999BMW 323i205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1999BMW 323is205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1999BMW 328i205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1999BMW 328is205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1998BMW 318i205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1998BMW 318ti205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1998BMW 323i205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1998BMW 323is205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1998BMW 328i205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1998BMW 328is205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1997BMW 318i205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1997BMW 318is205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1997BMW 318ti205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1997BMW 328i205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1997BMW 328is205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1996BMW 318i205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1996BMW 318is205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1996BMW 318ti205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1996BMW 328i205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1996BMW 328is205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1995BMW 318i205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1995BMW 318is205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1995BMW 318ti205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1995BMW 325i205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1995BMW 325is205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1994BMW 318is205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1994BMW 325i205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1994BMW 325is205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1993BMW 318is205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1993BMW 325i205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1993BMW 325is205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1992BMW 318is205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1992BMW 325i205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1992BMW 325is205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1996Chevrolet BerettaP205/60R15 90SP205/60R15 90S
1995Chevrolet BerettaP205/60R15 90SP205/60R15 90S
1994Chevrolet BerettaP205/60R15 90SP205/60R15 90S
1994Chevrolet CavalierP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
1994Chevrolet CorsicaP205/60R15 90SP205/60R15 90S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1995Chrysler LeBaronP205/60R15 90TP205/60R15 90T
1994Chrysler LeBaronP205/60R15 90TP205/60R15 90T
1993Chrysler LeBaronP205/60R15 90TP205/60R15 90T
1991Chrysler TC MaseratiP205/60VR15 VP205/60VR15 V
1990Chrysler TC MaseratiP205/60VR15 VP205/60VR15 V
1989Chrysler TC MaseratiP205/60VR15 VP205/60VR15 V
1988Chrysler LeBaronP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1987Chrysler LeBaronP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1986Chrysler LaserP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1985Chrysler LaserP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2002Daewoo LeganzaP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
2001Daewoo LeganzaP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
2000Daewoo LeganzaP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
1999Daewoo LeganzaP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1994Dodge SpiritP205/60R15 90TP205/60R15 90T
1993Dodge DaytonaP205/60R15 90TP205/60R15 90T
1993Dodge SpiritP205/60R15 90TP205/60R15 90T
1991Dodge DaytonaP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1990Dodge DaytonaP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1990Dodge MonacoP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1989Dodge DaytonaP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1988Dodge DaytonaP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1988Dodge LancerP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1988Dodge LancerP205/60VR15 VP205/60VR15 V
1987Dodge DaytonaP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1987Dodge LancerP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1986Dodge DaytonaP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1986Dodge LancerP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1985Dodge DaytonaP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1985Dodge LancerP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1990Eagle PremierP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2000Ford ContourP205/60R15 90TP205/60R15 90T
1999Ford ContourP205/60R15 90TP205/60R15 90T
1998Ford ContourP205/60R15 90SP205/60R15 90S
1997Ford ContourP205/60R15 90SP205/60R15 90S
1996Ford ContourP205/60R15 90SP205/60R15 90S
1992Ford ProbeP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1992Ford ProbeP205/60VR15 VP205/60VR15 V
1991Ford ProbeP205/60VR15 VP205/60VR15 V
1991Ford ProbeP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1990Ford ProbeP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1990Ford ProbeP205/60VR15 VP205/60VR15 V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1997Honda Accord205/60R15 91V205/60R15 91V
1996Honda Accord205/60R15 91V205/60R15 91V
1995Honda Accord205/60R15 91V205/60R15 91V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2002Hyundai Sonata205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
2001Hyundai Sonata205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
2000Hyundai SonataP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
1999Hyundai SonataP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
1998Hyundai SonataP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1997Hyundai SonataP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1996Hyundai SonataP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1995Hyundai SonataP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1994Hyundai SonataP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1993Hyundai SonataP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1992Hyundai SonataP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1991Hyundai SonataP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2006Kia OptimaP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
2005Kia OptimaP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
2004Kia OptimaP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
2003Kia OptimaP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
2002Kia OptimaP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2002Mazda 626P205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
2001Mazda 626P205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
2000Mazda 626P205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
1999Mazda 626P205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
1998Mazda 626P205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
1992Mazda MX-6P205/60R15 90VP205/60R15 90V
1991Mazda 929P205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
1991Mazda MX-6P205/60R15 90VP205/60R15 90V
1991Mazda RX-7205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1990Mazda 929P205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
1990Mazda MX-6205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1990Mazda RX-7205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1989Mazda RX-7205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1988Mazda RX-7205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1987Mazda RX-7205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1986Mazda RX-7205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2000Mercedes-Benz C230205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
2000Mercedes-Benz C280205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1999Mercedes-Benz C230205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1999Mercedes-Benz C280205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1998Mercedes-Benz C230205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1998Mercedes-Benz C280205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1995Mercedes-Benz E320205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H
1994Mercedes-Benz E320205/60R15 91H205/60R15 91H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2002Mercury CougarP205/60R15 90TP205/60R15 90T
2001Mercury CougarP205/60R15 90TP205/60R15 90T
2000Mercury CougarP205/60R15 90TP205/60R15 90T
2000Mercury MystiqueP205/60R15 90TP205/60R15 90T
1999Mercury CougarP205/60R15 90TP205/60R15 90T
1999Mercury MystiqueP205/60R15 90TP205/60R15 90T
1998Mercury MystiqueP205/60R15 90TP205/60R15 90T
1997Mercury MystiqueP205/60R15 90TP205/60R15 90T
1996Mercury MystiqueP205/60R15 90TP205/60R15 90T
1995Mercury MystiqueP205/60R15 90TP205/60R15 90T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1989Merkur Scorpio205/60HR15 H205/60HR15 H
1988Merkur Scorpio205/60HR15 H205/60HR15 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2012Nissan SentraP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
2011Nissan SentraP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
2010Nissan SentraP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
2009Nissan SentraP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
2008Nissan SentraP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
2007Nissan SentraP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
2000Nissan AltimaP205/60R15 90TP205/60R15 90T
1999Nissan AltimaP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
1999Nissan AltimaP205/60R15 90TP205/60R15 90T
1998Nissan 240SXP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
1998Nissan AltimaP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
1998Nissan AltimaP205/60R15 90TP205/60R15 90T
1997Nissan 240SXP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
1997Nissan AltimaP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
1996Nissan 240SXP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
1996Nissan AltimaP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
1995Nissan 240SXP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
1995Nissan AltimaP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
1994Nissan 240SXP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1994Nissan AltimaP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
1993Nissan 240SXP205/60HR15 HP205/60HR15 H
1993Nissan AltimaP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
1992Nissan 240SX205/60R15 89H205/60R15 89H
1991Nissan 240SX205/60R15 89H205/60R15 89H
1990Nissan 240SX205/60R15 89H205/60R15 89H
1989Nissan 240SX205/60R15 89H205/60R15 89H
1986Nissan 200SX205/60HR15 H205/60HR15 H
1985Nissan 200SX205/60HR15 H205/60HR15 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1995Oldsmobile Cutlass SupremeP205/60R15 90SP205/60R15 90S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1989Peugeot 505205/60HR15 H205/60HR15 H
1988Peugeot 505205/60HR15 H205/60HR15 H
1987Peugeot 505205/60HR15 H205/60HR15 H
1986Peugeot 505205/60HR15 H205/60HR15 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1994Plymouth AcclaimP205/60R15 90TP205/60R15 90T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1998Saab 9000205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1997Saab 9000205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1996Saab 9000205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V
1995Saab 9000205/60VR15 V205/60VR15 V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2004Subaru LegacyP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
2003Subaru LegacyP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
2002Subaru LegacyP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
2001Subaru ImprezaP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
2001Subaru LegacyP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
2001Subaru OutbackP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
2001Subaru OutbackP205/60R15 90SP205/60R15 90S
2000Subaru ImprezaP205/60R15 90SP205/60R15 90S
2000Subaru LegacyP205/60R15 90HP205/60R15 90H
1999Subaru ImprezaP205/60R15 90SP205/60R15 90S
1998Subaru ImprezaP205/60R15 90SP205/60R15 90S
1997Subaru ImprezaP205/60R15 90SP205/60R15 90S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1988Toyota Cressida205/60R15 89H205/60R15 89H
1987Toyota Cressida205/60R15 89H205/60R15 89H
1986Toyota Celica205/60HR15 H205/60HR15 H
1986Toyota Cressida205/60R15 89H205/60R15 89H
1986Toyota Supra205/60HR15 H205/60HR15 H
1985Toyota Celica205/60HR15 H205/60HR15 H
1985Toyota Cressida205/60R15 89H205/60R15 89H
1984Toyota Cressida205/60R15 89H205/60R15 89H
1983Toyota Cressida205/60R15 89H205/60R15 89H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1989Volvo 780205/60HR15 H205/60HR15 H
1988Volvo 780205/60HR15 H205/60HR15 H
1987Volvo 780205/60HR15 H205/60HR15 H