What vehicles are compatible with tire size 215-60-16?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 215-60-16 tire size.


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2001Acura RLP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2000Acura RLP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
1999Acura RLP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
1998Acura RLP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
1997Acura RLP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
1996Acura RLP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1999Buick LeSabreP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
1998Buick LeSabreP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
1997Buick LeSabreP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
1996Buick LeSabreP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
1996Buick Park AvenueP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
1995Buick LeSabreP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
1995Buick Park AvenueP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
1994Buick LeSabreP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
1994Buick Park AvenueP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2016Chevrolet Cruze LimitedP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
2016Chevrolet Malibu LimitedP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2016Chevrolet Malibu LimitedP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
2015Chevrolet CruzeP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
2015Chevrolet MalibuP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2015Chevrolet MalibuP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
2014Chevrolet CruzeP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
2014Chevrolet MalibuP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2014Chevrolet MalibuP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
2013Chevrolet CruzeP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
2013Chevrolet MalibuP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
2012Chevrolet CruzeP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
2011Chevrolet CruzeP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
2008Chevrolet MalibuP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
2007Chevrolet MalibuP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
2006Chevrolet MalibuP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
2005Chevrolet MalibuP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
2004Chevrolet MalibuP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
2001Chevrolet CamaroP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2001Chevrolet CamaroP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2000Chevrolet CamaroP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2000Chevrolet CamaroP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
1999Chevrolet CamaroP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
1999Chevrolet CamaroP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
1998Chevrolet CamaroP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
1998Chevrolet CamaroP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
1997Chevrolet CamaroP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
1996Chevrolet CamaroP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
1995Chevrolet CamaroP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
1994Chevrolet CamaroP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Fiat 500X215/60R16 95H215/60R16 95H
2017Fiat 500X215/60R16 95H215/60R16 95H
2016Fiat 500X215/60R16 95H215/60R16 95H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2020Ford Fusion215/60R16 95H215/60R16 95H
2019Ford Fusion215/60R16 95H215/60R16 95H
2018Ford Fusion215/60R16 95H215/60R16 95H
2017Ford Fusion215/60R16 95H215/60R16 95H
2016Ford Fusion215/60R16 95H215/60R16 95H
2015Ford Fusion215/60R16 95H215/60R16 95H
2014Ford Fusion215/60R16 95H215/60R16 95H
2013Ford Fusion215/60R16 95H215/60R16 95H
2007Ford TaurusP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2006Ford TaurusP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2005Ford TaurusP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2004Ford TaurusP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2003Ford TaurusP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2002Ford TaurusP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2001Ford TaurusP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2000Ford TaurusP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
1994Ford TaurusP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
1993Ford TaurusP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
1992Ford TaurusP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
1991Ford TaurusP215/60VR16 VP215/60VR16 V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2012Honda AccordP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2011Honda AccordP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2010Honda AccordP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2009Honda AccordP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2009Honda FCX215/60R16 95H215/60R16 95H
2008Honda AccordP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2007Honda AccordP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2006Honda AccordP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2005Honda AccordP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2010Hyundai SonataP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2009Hyundai SonataP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2008Hyundai SonataP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2007Hyundai SonataP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2006Hyundai SonataP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2001Infiniti Q45P215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2000Infiniti Q45P215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
1999Infiniti Q45P215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
1998Infiniti Q45P215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2006Lexus ES330P215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2005Lexus ES330P215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2005Lexus GS300P215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2004Lexus ES330P215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2004Lexus GS300P215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2003Lexus ES300P215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2003Lexus GS300P215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2002Lexus ES300P215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2002Lexus GS300P215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2001Lexus GS300P215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2000Lexus GS300P215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
1999Lexus GS300P215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
1998Lexus GS300P215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
1997Lexus GS300P215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
1996Lexus GS300P215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
1995Lexus GS300P215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
1994Lexus GS300P215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
1993Lexus GS300P215/60VR16 VP215/60VR16 V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2002Lincoln LSP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2001Lincoln LSP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2001Lincoln LSP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2000Lincoln LSP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2000Lincoln LSP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2021Mazda CX-3P215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2020Mazda CX-3P215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2019Mazda CX-3P215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2018Mazda CX-3P215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2017Mazda CX-3P215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2016Mazda CX-3P215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2006Mazda MPV215/60R16 95H215/60R16 95H
2005Mazda MPV215/60R16 95H215/60R16 95H
2004Mazda MPV215/60R16 95H215/60R16 95H
2003Mazda MPV215/60R16 95H215/60R16 95H
2002Mazda MPVP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2001Mazda MPVP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2000Mazda MPVP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2005Mercury SableP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2004Mercury SableP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2003Mercury SableP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2002Mercury SableP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2001Mercury SableP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2000Mercury SableP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2012Mitsubishi GalantP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2011Mitsubishi GalantP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2010Mitsubishi GalantP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2009Mitsubishi GalantP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2008Mitsubishi GalantP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2007Mitsubishi GalantP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2006Mitsubishi GalantP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2005Mitsubishi GalantP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2004Mitsubishi DiamanteP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2004Mitsubishi GalantP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2003Mitsubishi DiamanteP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2002Mitsubishi DiamanteP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2001Mitsubishi DiamanteP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2000Mitsubishi DiamanteP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
1999Mitsubishi DiamanteP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
1998Mitsubishi DiamanteP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
1997Mitsubishi DiamanteP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Nissan Altima215/60R16 95H215/60R16 95H
2021Nissan Altima215/60R16 95H215/60R16 95H
2020Nissan Altima215/60R16 95H215/60R16 95H
2020Nissan AltimaP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2019Nissan Altima215/60R16 95H215/60R16 95H
2019Nissan AltimaP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2018Nissan AltimaP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2017Nissan AltimaP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2016Nissan AltimaP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2015Nissan AltimaP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2014Nissan AltimaP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2013Nissan AltimaP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2012Nissan AltimaP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2012Nissan AltimaP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2011Nissan AltimaP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2011Nissan AltimaP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2010Nissan AltimaP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2010Nissan AltimaP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2009Nissan AltimaP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2008Nissan AltimaP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2007Nissan AltimaP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2006Nissan AltimaP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2005Nissan AltimaP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1997Oldsmobile Cutlass SupremeP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
1996Oldsmobile Cutlass SupremeP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
1995Oldsmobile Cutlass SupremeP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
1994Oldsmobile Cutlass SupremeP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
1992Oldsmobile ToronadoP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2008Pontiac G6P215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
2007Pontiac G6P215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
2006Pontiac G6P215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
2005Pontiac G6P215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
2001Pontiac FirebirdP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
2000Pontiac FirebirdP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
1999Pontiac FirebirdP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
1999Pontiac FirebirdP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
1998Pontiac FirebirdP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
1998Pontiac FirebirdP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
1997Pontiac FirebirdP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
1996Pontiac FirebirdP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
1996Pontiac Grand PrixP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
1995Pontiac FirebirdP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
1995Pontiac Grand PrixP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
1994Pontiac FirebirdP215/60R16 94TP215/60R16 94T
1994Pontiac Grand PrixP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2008Saturn AuraP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S
2007Saturn AuraP215/60R16 94SP215/60R16 94S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2008Subaru ForesterP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2007Subaru ForesterP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2006Subaru ForesterP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2005Subaru ForesterP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2004Subaru ForesterP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2003Subaru ForesterP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2002Subaru ForesterP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2001Subaru ForesterP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
2000Subaru ForesterP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
1999Subaru ForesterP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H
1998Subaru ForesterP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2012Suzuki KizashiP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2011Suzuki KizashiP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2010Suzuki KizashiP215/60R16 94HP215/60R16 94H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2012Toyota AvalonP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2011Toyota AvalonP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2011Toyota CamryP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2010Toyota AvalonP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2010Toyota CamryP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2009Toyota AvalonP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2009Toyota CamryP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2008Toyota AvalonP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2008Toyota CamryP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2008Toyota SolaraP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2007Toyota AvalonP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2007Toyota CamryP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2007Toyota SolaraP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2006Toyota AvalonP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2006Toyota CamryP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2006Toyota SolaraP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2005Toyota AvalonP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2005Toyota CamryP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2005Toyota SolaraP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2004Toyota CamryP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2004Toyota SolaraP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2003Toyota AvalonP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2003Toyota CamryP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V
2002Toyota CamryP215/60R16 94VP215/60R16 94V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Volkswagen Beetle215/60R16 95T215/60R16 95T
2018Volkswagen Beetle215/60R16 95T215/60R16 95T
2018Volkswagen Passat215/60R16 95T215/60R16 95T
2017Volkswagen Beetle215/60R16 95T215/60R16 95T
2017Volkswagen Passat215/60R16 95T215/60R16 95T
2016Volkswagen Beetle215/60R16 95T215/60R16 95T
2016Volkswagen Passat215/60R16 95T215/60R16 95T
2015Volkswagen Passat215/60R16 95T215/60R16 95T
2014Volkswagen Passat215/60R16 95T215/60R16 95T
2013Volkswagen Passat215/60R16 95T215/60R16 95T
2012Volkswagen Passat215/60R16 95T215/60R16 95T