What vehicles are compatible with tire size 225-50-18?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 225-50-18 tire size.


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Acura TLX225/50R18 95H225/50R18 95H
2018Acura TLX225/50R18 95H225/50R18 95H
2017Acura TLX225/50R18 95H225/50R18 95H
2016Acura TLX225/50R18 95H225/50R18 95H
2015Acura TLX225/50R18 95H225/50R18 95H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018BMW 330i225/50R18 95W (Front)255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2018BMW 330i225/50R18/RF 99V225/50R18/RF 99V
2018BMW 340i225/50R18 95W (Front)255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2018BMW 340i225/50R18/RF 99V225/50R18/RF 99V
2018BMW X1225/50R18 95W225/50R18 95W
2018BMW X1225/50R18 95V225/50R18 95V
2018BMW X2225/50R18 95V225/50R18 95V
2017BMW 330i225/50R18/XL 99V225/50R18/XL 99V
2017BMW 330i225/50R18 95W (Front)255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2017BMW 340i225/50R18/XL 99V225/50R18/XL 99V
2017BMW 340i225/50R18 95W (Front)255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2017BMW X1225/50R18 95W225/50R18 95W
2017BMW X1225/50R18 95V225/50R18 95V
2016BMW 328i225/50R18/XL 99V225/50R18/XL 99V
2016BMW 328i225/50R18 95W (Front)255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2016BMW 335i225/50R18 95W (Front)255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2016BMW 335i225/50R18/XL 99V225/50R18/XL 99V
2016BMW X1225/50R18 95V225/50R18 95V
2015BMW 328i225/50R18 95W225/50R18 95W
2015BMW 328i225/50R18 95W (Front)255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2015BMW 328i225/50R18/XL 99V225/50R18/XL 99V
2015BMW 335i225/50R18 95W (Front)255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2015BMW 335i225/50R18 95W225/50R18 95W
2015BMW 335i225/50R18/XL 99V225/50R18/XL 99V
2014BMW 328i225/50R18/XL 99V225/50R18/XL 99V
2014BMW 328i225/50R18 95W (Front)255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2014BMW 335i225/50R18 95W (Front)255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2014BMW 335i225/50R18/XL 99V225/50R18/XL 99V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2007Cadillac CTSP225/50R18 94WP225/50R18 94W
2006Cadillac CTSP225/50R18 94WP225/50R18 94W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2012Chevy MalibuP225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T
2011Chevy MalibuP225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T
2010Chevy MalibuP225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T
2009Chevy MalibuP225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T
2008Chevy MalibuP225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T
2007Chevy MalibuP225/50R18 94WP225/50R18 94W
2007Chevy MalibuP225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T
2006Chevy MalibuP225/50R18 94WP225/50R18 94W
2006Chevy MalibuP225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2014Chrysler 200P225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T
2013Chrysler 200P225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T
2012Chrysler 200P225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T
2011Chrysler 200P225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2014Dodge AvengerP225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T
2013Dodge AvengerP225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T
2012Dodge AvengerP225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T
2011Dodge AvengerP225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Honda HR-V225/50R18 95V225/50R18 95V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Infiniti Q50P225/50R18 94VP225/50R18 94V
2015Infiniti Q60P225/50R18 94VP225/50R18 94V
2015Infiniti Q60P225/50R18 94V (Front)P245/45R18 96V (Rear)
2014Infiniti Q60P225/50R18 94V (Front)P245/45R18 96V (Rear)
2014Infiniti Q60P225/50R18 94VP225/50R18 94V
2013Infiniti G37225/50R18 95W (Front)245/45R18 96W (Rear)
2013Infiniti G37P225/50R18 94VP225/50R18 94V
2013Infiniti G37P225/50R18 94V (Front)P245/45R18 96V (Rear)
2012Infiniti G37225/50R18 95W (Front)245/45R18 96W (Rear)
2012Infiniti G37P225/50R18 94VP225/50R18 94V
2012Infiniti G37P225/50R18 94V (Front)P245/45R18 96V (Rear)
2011Infiniti G37225/50R18 95W (Front)245/45R18 96W (Rear)
2011Infiniti G37P225/50R18 94V (Front)P245/45R18 96V (Rear)
2011Infiniti G37P225/50R18 94VP225/50R18 94V
2010Infiniti G37225/50R18 95W (Front)245/45R18 96W (Rear)
2010Infiniti G37P225/50R18 94VP225/50R18 94V
2010Infiniti G37P225/50R18 94V (Front)P245/45R18 96V (Rear)
2009Infiniti G37225/50R18 95W (Front)245/45R18 96W (Rear)
2009Infiniti G37P225/50R18 94VP225/50R18 94V
2009Infiniti G37P225/50R18 94V (Front)P245/45R18 96V (Rear)
2008Infiniti G35P225/50R18 94VP225/50R18 94V
2008Infiniti G35225/50R18 95W (Front)245/45R18 96W (Rear)
2008Infiniti G37P225/50R18 94VP225/50R18 94V
2007Infiniti G35225/50R18 95W (Front)245/45R18 96W (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Mini Cooper225/50R18/XL 99W225/50R18/XL 99W
2019Mini Cooper225/50R18 95W225/50R18 95W
2019Mini Cooper225/50R18 95V225/50R18 95V
2018Mini Cooper225/50R18/XL 99W225/50R18/XL 99W
2018Mini Cooper225/50R18 95W225/50R18 95W
2018Mini Cooper225/50R18 95V225/50R18 95V
2017Mini Cooper225/50R18/XL 99W225/50R18/XL 99W
2017Mini Cooper225/50R18 95W225/50R18 95W
2017Mini Cooper225/50R18 95V225/50R18 95V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Nissan 370Z225/50R18 95W (Front)245/45R18 96W (Rear)
2018Nissan 370Z225/50R18 95W (Front)245/45R18 96W (Rear)
2017Nissan 370Z225/50R18 95W (Front)245/45R18 96W (Rear)
2016Nissan 370Z225/50R18 95W (Front)245/45R18 96W (Rear)
2015Nissan 370Z225/50R18 95W (Front)245/45R18 96W (Rear)
2014Nissan 370Z225/50R18 95W (Front)245/45R18 96W (Rear)
2013Nissan 370Z225/50R18 95W (Front)245/45R18 96W (Rear)
2012Nissan 370Z225/50R18 95W (Front)245/45R18 96W (Rear)
2011Nissan 370Z225/50R18 95W (Front)245/45R18 96W (Rear)
2010Nissan 370Z225/50R18 95W (Front)245/45R18 96W (Rear)
2009Nissan 370Z225/50R18 95W (Front)245/45R18 96W (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2010Pontiac G6P225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T
2010Pontiac G6P225/50R18 94WP225/50R18 94W
2009Pontiac G6P225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T
2009Pontiac G6P225/50R18 94WP225/50R18 94W
2008Pontiac G6P225/50R18 94WP225/50R18 94W
2008Pontiac G6P225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T
2008Pontiac Grand PrixP255/45R18 99W (Front)P225/50R18 94W (Rear)
2007Pontiac G6P225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T
2007Pontiac G6P225/50R18 94WP225/50R18 94W
2007Pontiac Grand PrixP255/45R18 99W (Front)P225/50R18 94W (Rear)
2006Pontiac G6P225/50R18 94WP225/50R18 94W
2006Pontiac G6P225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T
2006Pontiac Grand PrixP255/45R18 99W (Front)P225/50R18 94W (Rear)
2005Pontiac Grand PrixP255/45R18 99W (Front)P225/50R18 94W (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2009Saturn AuraP225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T
2008Saturn AuraP225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T
2007Saturn AuraP225/50R18 94TP225/50R18 94T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Subaru Legacy225/50R18 95H225/50R18 95H
2018Subaru Legacy225/50R18 95H225/50R18 95H
2017Subaru Legacy225/50R18 95H225/50R18 95H
2016Subaru Legacy225/50R18 95H225/50R18 95H
2015Subaru Legacy225/50R18 95H225/50R18 95H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Toyota C-HR225/50R18 95V225/50R18 95V
2018Toyota C-HR225/50R18 95V225/50R18 95V