What vehicles are compatible with tire size 225-55-17?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 225-55-17 tire size.


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Acura TLX225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2018Acura TLX225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2017Acura TLX225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2016Acura TLX225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2015Acura TLX225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2014Audi A6225/55R17 97Y225/55R17 97Y
2014Audi A6225/55R17/XL 101V225/55R17/XL 101V
2014Audi A6225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2013Audi A6225/55R17 97Y225/55R17 97Y
2013Audi A6225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2012Audi A6225/55R17 97Y225/55R17 97Y
2012Audi A6225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2005Audi Allroad225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2004Audi Allroad225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2003Audi A8225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2003Audi Allroad225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2002Audi A8225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2002Audi Allroad225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2001Audi A8225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2001Audi Allroad225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2000Audi A8225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
1999Audi A8225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
1999Audi A8225/55ZR17225/55ZR17
1998Audi A8225/55ZR17225/55ZR17
1997Audi A8225/55ZR17 97W225/55ZR17 97W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2017BMW 330i225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2016BMW 328i225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2016BMW 335i225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2016BMW 528i225/55R17 97V225/55R17 97V
2015BMW 328i225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2015BMW 528i225/55R17 97V225/55R17 97V
2014BMW 328i225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2014BMW 528i225/55R17 97Y225/55R17 97Y
2014BMW 528i225/55R17 97V225/55R17 97V
2013BMW 528i225/55R17 97Y225/55R17 97Y
2013BMW 528i225/55R17 97V225/55R17 97V
2012BMW 528i225/55R17 97Y225/55R17 97Y
2012BMW 528i225/55R17 97V225/55R17 97V
2011BMW 528i225/55R17 97Y225/55R17 97Y
2011BMW 528i225/55R17 97V225/55R17 97V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Buick RegalP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2018Buick RegalP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2016Buick LaCrosseP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2015Buick LaCrosseP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2009Buick LaCrosseP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2008Buick LaCrosseP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2007Buick LaCrosseP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2006Buick LaCrosseP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2005Buick LaCrosseP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Chevy MalibuP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2017Chevy MalibuP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2016Chevy ImpalaP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2016Chevy MalibuP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2015Chevy ImpalaP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2015Chevy MalibuP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2014Chevy ImpalaP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2014Chevy MalibuP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2013Chevy ImpalaP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2013Chevy MalibuP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2012Chevy ImpalaP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2011Chevy ImpalaP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2010Chevy ImpalaP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2009Chevy ImpalaP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2008Chevy ImpalaP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2007Chevy ImpalaP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2007Chevy Monte CarloP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2006Chevy ImpalaP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2006Chevy Monte CarloP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2014Chrysler 200225/55R17 97V225/55R17 97V
2013Chrysler 200225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2013Chrysler 200225/55R17 97V225/55R17 97V
2012Chrysler 200225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2012Chrysler 200225/55R17 97V225/55R17 97V
2011Chrysler 200225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2011Chrysler 200225/55R17 97V225/55R17 97V
2004Chrysler 300MP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2004Chrysler 300MP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2004Chrysler 300MP225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2004Chrysler ConcordeP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2004Chrysler ConcordeP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2003Chrysler 300MP225/55R17 95SP225/55R17 95S
2003Chrysler 300MP225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2003Chrysler 300MP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2003Chrysler 300MP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2003Chrysler ConcordeP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2002Chrysler 300MP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2002Chrysler 300MP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2002Chrysler 300MP225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2002Chrysler ConcordeP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2001Chrysler 300MP225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2001Chrysler 300MP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2001Chrysler LHSP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2000Chrysler 300MP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
2000Chrysler LHSP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
1999Chrysler 300MP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T
1999Chrysler LHSP225/55R17 95TP225/55R17 95T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2014Dodge Avenger225/55R17 97V225/55R17 97V
2014Dodge Avenger225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2013Dodge Avenger225/55R17 97V225/55R17 97V
2013Dodge Avenger225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2012Dodge Avenger225/55R17 97V225/55R17 97V
2012Dodge Avenger225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2011Dodge Avenger225/55R17 97V225/55R17 97V
2011Dodge Avenger225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2002Dodge IntrepidP225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2001Dodge IntrepidP225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2000Dodge IntrepidP225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2013Hyundai GenesisP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2012Hyundai GenesisP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2011Hyundai GenesisP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2010Hyundai GenesisP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2009Hyundai GenesisP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Infiniti Q50P225/55RF17 95VP225/55RF17 95V
2017Infiniti Q50P225/55RF17 95VP225/55RF17 95V
2016Infiniti Q50P225/55RF17 95VP225/55RF17 95V
2015Infiniti Q40P225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2015Infiniti Q50P225/55RF17 95VP225/55RF17 95V
2014Infiniti Q50P225/55RF17 95VP225/55RF17 95V
2013Infiniti G37P225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2012Infiniti G25P225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2012Infiniti G37P225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2011Infiniti G25P225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2011Infiniti G37P225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2010Infiniti G37P225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2009Infiniti G37P225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2008Infiniti G35P225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2007Infiniti G35P225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2006Infiniti Q45P225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2005Infiniti Q45P225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2004Infiniti Q45P225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2003Infiniti Q45P225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2002Infiniti Q45P225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V

Land Rover

YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2005Land Rover Freelander225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2004Land Rover Freelander225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2003Land Rover Freelander225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2002Land Rover Freelander225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2006Lexus LS430225/55R17 97W225/55R17 97W
2006Lexus LS430P225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2005Lexus LS430P225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2004Lexus LS430P225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2003Lexus LS430225/55ZR17 97W225/55ZR17 97W
2003Lexus LS430P225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2002Lexus LS430225/55ZR17 97W225/55ZR17 97W
2002Lexus LS430P225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2001Lexus LS430P225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Mazda 6P225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2017Mazda 6P225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2016Mazda 6P225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2015Mazda 6P225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2014Mazda 6P225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Mercedes-Benz E300225/55R17 97V225/55R17 97V
2018Mercedes-Benz E300225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2018Mercedes-Benz Metris225/55R17/XL 101H225/55R17/XL 101H
2018Mercedes-Benz Metris225/55R17/RF 101H225/55R17/RF 101H
2017Mercedes-Benz E300225/55R17 97V225/55R17 97V
2017Mercedes-Benz E300225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2017Mercedes-Benz Metris225/55R17/XL 101H225/55R17/XL 101H
2017Mercedes-Benz Metris225/55R17/RF 101H225/55R17/RF 101H
2016Mercedes-Benz Metris225/55R17/RF 101H225/55R17/RF 101H
2016Mercedes-Benz Metris225/55R17/XL 101H225/55R17/XL 101H
2006Mercedes-Benz CL500225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2006Mercedes-Benz S350225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2006Mercedes-Benz S430225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2006Mercedes-Benz S500225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2005Mercedes-Benz CL500225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2005Mercedes-Benz S430225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2005Mercedes-Benz S500225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2004Mercedes-Benz CL500225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2004Mercedes-Benz S430225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2004Mercedes-Benz S500225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2003Mercedes-Benz CL500225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2003Mercedes-Benz CL600225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2003Mercedes-Benz S430225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2003Mercedes-Benz S500225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2002Mercedes-Benz CL500225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2002Mercedes-Benz CL600225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2002Mercedes-Benz S500225/55R17/RF 101H225/55R17/RF 101H
2002Mercedes-Benz S600225/55ZR17225/55ZR17
2001Mercedes-Benz CL500225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2001Mercedes-Benz CL600225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2001Mercedes-Benz S500225/55R17/RF 101H225/55R17/RF 101H
2001Mercedes-Benz S600225/55ZR17225/55ZR17
2000Mercedes-Benz CL500225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H
2000Mercedes-Benz S500225/55R17/RF 101H225/55R17/RF 101H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Mini Cooper225/55R17 97W225/55R17 97W
2018Mini Cooper225/55R17 97W225/55R17 97W
2017Mini Cooper225/55R17 97W225/55R17 97W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1997Mitsubishi 3000GT225/55VR17225/55VR17


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2008Nissan MaximaP225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2007Nissan MaximaP225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2006Nissan MaximaP225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2005Nissan MaximaP225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2004Nissan MaximaP225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2008Pontiac Grand PrixP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2007Pontiac Grand PrixP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2006Pontiac Grand PrixP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2005Pontiac Grand PrixP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2005Pontiac Grand PrixP225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2004Pontiac Grand PrixP225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2004Pontiac Grand PrixP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2011Saab 9-5225/55R17 97H225/55R17 97H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Subaru Legacy225/55R17 97V225/55R17 97V
2018Subaru Legacy225/55R17 97V225/55R17 97V
2017Subaru CrosstrekP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2017Subaru Legacy225/55R17 97V225/55R17 97V
2016Subaru CrosstrekP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2016Subaru Legacy225/55R17 97V225/55R17 97V
2015Subaru Legacy225/55R17 97V225/55R17 97V
2015Subaru XV CrosstrekP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2014Subaru XV CrosstrekP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2013Subaru ForesterP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2013Subaru XV CrosstrekP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2012Subaru ForesterP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2011Subaru ForesterP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2010Subaru ForesterP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2009Subaru ForesterP225/55R17 95HP225/55R17 95H
2009Subaru OutbackP225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2008Subaru OutbackP225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2007Subaru OutbackP225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2006Subaru OutbackP225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V
2005Subaru OutbackP225/55R17 95VP225/55R17 95V