What vehicles are compatible with tire size 235-55-18?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 235-55-18 tire size.


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2012Acura RDXP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2011Acura RDXP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2010Acura RDXP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2009Acura RDXP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2008Acura RDXP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2007Acura RDXP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2017Chevy EquinoxP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2016Chevy EquinoxP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2015Chevy Captiva SportP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2015Chevy EquinoxP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2014Chevy Captiva SportP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2014Chevy EquinoxP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2013Chevy Captiva SportP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2013Chevy EquinoxP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2012Chevy EquinoxP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2011Chevy EquinoxP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2010Chevy EquinoxP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Dodge ChallengerP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2018Dodge ChargerP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2017Dodge ChallengerP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2017Dodge ChargerP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2016Dodge ChallengerP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2016Dodge ChargerP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2015Dodge ChallengerP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2015Dodge ChargerP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2014Dodge ChallengerP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2014Dodge ChargerP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2013Dodge ChallengerP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2013Dodge ChargerP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2012Dodge ChallengerP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2012Dodge ChargerP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2011Dodge ChallengerP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2011Dodge ChargerP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2010Dodge ChallengerP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2009Dodge ChallengerP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2006Dodge ChargerP235/55R18 99HP235/55R18 99H
2006Dodge ChargerP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Ford TaurusP235/55R18 99HP235/55R18 99H
2018Ford TaurusP235/55R18 99HP235/55R18 99H
2017Ford TaurusP235/55R18 99HP235/55R18 99H
2016Ford TaurusP235/55R18 99HP235/55R18 99H
2015Ford TaurusP235/55R18 99HP235/55R18 99H
2014Ford TaurusP235/55R18 99HP235/55R18 99H
2013Ford TaurusP235/55R18 99HP235/55R18 99H
2012Ford TaurusP235/55R18 99HP235/55R18 99H
2011Ford TaurusP235/55R18 99HP235/55R18 99H
2010Ford TaurusP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2017GMC TerrainP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2016GMC TerrainP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2015GMC TerrainP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2014GMC TerrainP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2013GMC TerrainP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2012GMC TerrainP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2011GMC TerrainP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2010GMC TerrainP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2016Kia Sportage235/55R18 100H235/55R18 100H
2015Kia Sportage235/55R18 100H235/55R18 100H
2014Kia Sportage235/55R18 100H235/55R18 100H
2013Kia Sportage235/55R18 100H235/55R18 100H
2012Kia Sportage235/55R18 100H235/55R18 100H
2011Kia Sportage235/55R18 100H235/55R18 100H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Lexus NX300235/55R18 100V235/55R18 100V
2018Lexus NX300235/55R18 100V235/55R18 100V
2017Lexus NX200t235/55R18 100V235/55R18 100V
2016Lexus NX200t235/55R18 100V235/55R18 100V
2015Lexus NX200t235/55R18 100V235/55R18 100V
2009Lexus RX350P235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2008Lexus RX350P235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2008Lexus RX400hP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2007Lexus RX350P235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2007Lexus RX400hP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2006Lexus RX330P235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2006Lexus RX400hP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2005Lexus RX330P235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2004Lexus RX330P235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2012Lincoln MKSP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2011Lincoln MKSP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2010Lincoln MKSP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2009Lincoln MKSP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2017Nissan QuestP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2016Nissan QuestP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2015Nissan QuestP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2014Nissan QuestP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2013Nissan QuestP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2012Nissan QuestP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2011Nissan QuestP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2009Saturn VueP235/55R18 99HP235/55R18 99H
2008Saturn VueP235/55R18 99HP235/55R18 99H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Toyota Sienna235/55RF18 100T235/55RF18 100T
2019Toyota Sienna235/55R18 100V235/55R18 100V
2018Toyota RAV4235/55R18 100H235/55R18 100H
2018Toyota Sienna235/55R18 100V235/55R18 100V
2018Toyota Sienna235/55RF18 100T235/55RF18 100T
2017Toyota RAV4235/55R18 100H235/55R18 100H
2017Toyota SiennaP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2017Toyota SiennaP235/55RF18 99TP235/55RF18 99T
2016Toyota RAV4235/55R18 100H235/55R18 100H
2016Toyota SiennaP235/55RF18 99TP235/55RF18 99T
2016Toyota SiennaP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2015Toyota RAV4235/55R18 100H235/55R18 100H
2015Toyota SiennaP235/55RF18 99TP235/55RF18 99T
2015Toyota SiennaP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2014Toyota RAV4235/55R18 99H235/55R18 99H
2014Toyota SiennaP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2014Toyota SiennaP235/55RF18 99TP235/55RF18 99T
2013Toyota RAV4235/55R18 99H235/55R18 99H
2013Toyota SiennaP235/55RF18 99TP235/55RF18 99T
2013Toyota SiennaP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2012Toyota RAV4235/55R18 99H235/55R18 99H
2012Toyota SiennaP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2012Toyota SiennaP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2011Toyota RAV4235/55R18 99H235/55R18 99H
2011Toyota SiennaP235/55R18 99VP235/55R18 99V
2011Toyota SiennaP235/55R18 99TP235/55R18 99T
2010Toyota RAV4235/55R18 99H235/55R18 99H
2009Toyota RAV4P235/55R18 99HP235/55R18 99H
2009Toyota RAV4235/55R18 99H235/55R18 99H
2008Toyota RAV4235/55R18 99H235/55R18 99H
2007Toyota RAV4235/55R18 99H235/55R18 99H
2006Toyota RAV4235/55R18 99H235/55R18 99H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Volkswagen Tiguan235/55R18 100H235/55R18 100H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Volvo XC40235/55R18 100H235/55R18 100H
2018Volvo V90235/55R18/XL 104V235/55R18/XL 104V