What vehicles are compatible with tire size 245-40-19?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 245-40-19 tire size.


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Acura RLX245/40R19/XL 98W245/40R19/XL 98W
2019Acura TLX245/40R19 94V245/40R19 94V
2018Acura RLX245/40R19/XL 98W245/40R19/XL 98W
2018Acura TLX245/40R19 94V245/40R19 94V
2017Acura RLX245/40R19/XL 98W245/40R19/XL 98W
2016Acura RLX245/40R19/XL 98W245/40R19/XL 98W
2015Acura RLX245/40R19/XL 98W245/40R19/XL 98W
2014Acura RLX245/40R19/XL 98W245/40R19/XL 98W
2014Acura TLP245/40R19 94VP245/40R19 94V
2013Acura TLP245/40R19 94VP245/40R19 94V
2012Acura TLP245/40R19 94VP245/40R19 94V
2011Acura TL245/40ZR19 (94Y)245/40ZR19 (94Y)
2010Acura TL245/40ZR19 (94Y)245/40ZR19 (94Y)
2009Acura TL245/40ZR19 (94Y)245/40ZR19 (94Y)

Aston Martin

YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2017Aston Martin V8 Vantage245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)285/35ZR19 (99Y) (Rear)
2016Aston Martin V8 Vantage245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)285/35ZR19 (99Y) (Rear)
2015Aston Martin V8 Vantage245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)285/35ZR19 (99Y) (Rear)
2014Aston Martin V8 Vantage245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)285/35ZR19 (99Y) (Rear)
2013Aston Martin V8 Vantage245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)285/35ZR19 (99Y) (Rear)
2012Aston Martin V8 Vantage245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)285/35ZR19 (99Y) (Rear)
2011Aston Martin V8 Vantage245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)285/35ZR19 (99Y) (Rear)
2008Aston Martin V8 Vantage245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)285/35ZR19 (99Y) (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2016Audi Allroad245/40ZR19/XL (98Y)245/40ZR19/XL (98Y)
2015Audi Allroad245/40ZR19/XL (98Y)245/40ZR19/XL (98Y)
2014Audi Allroad245/40ZR19/XL (98Y)245/40ZR19/XL (98Y)
2013Audi Allroad245/40ZR19/XL (98Y)245/40ZR19/XL (98Y)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018BMW 530e245/40R19/XL 98Y (Front)275/35R19/XL 100Y (Rear)
2018BMW 530e245/40R19/XL 98H245/40R19/XL 98H
2018BMW 530i245/40R19/XL 98H245/40R19/XL 98H
2018BMW 530i245/40R19/XL 98Y (Front)275/35R19/XL 100Y (Rear)
2018BMW 540d245/40R19/XL 98H245/40R19/XL 98H
2018BMW 540d245/40R19/XL 98Y (Front)275/35R19/XL 100Y (Rear)
2018BMW 540i245/40R19/XL 98Y (Front)275/35R19/XL 100Y (Rear)
2018BMW 540i245/40R19/XL 98H245/40R19/XL 98H
2018BMW 640i245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2018BMW 640i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2018BMW 650i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2018BMW 650i245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2018BMW Alpina B6245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2018BMW M550i245/40R19/XL (98Y) (Front)275/35R19/XL (100Y) (Rear)
2018BMW M550i245/40R19/XL (98Y)245/40R19/XL (98Y)
2017BMW 530i245/40R19/XL 98H245/40R19/XL 98H
2017BMW 530i245/40R19/XL 98Y (Front)275/35R19/XL 100Y (Rear)
2017BMW 540i245/40R19/XL 98Y (Front)275/35R19/XL 100Y (Rear)
2017BMW 540i245/40R19/XL 98H245/40R19/XL 98H
2017BMW 640i245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2017BMW 640i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2017BMW 650i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2017BMW 650i245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2017BMW Alpina B6245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2016BMW 535d245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2016BMW 535d245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2016BMW 535i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2016BMW 535i245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2016BMW 550i245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2016BMW 550i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2016BMW 640i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2016BMW 640i245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2016BMW 650i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2016BMW 650i245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2016BMW Alpina B6245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2015BMW 535d245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2015BMW 535d245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2015BMW 535i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2015BMW 535i245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2015BMW 550i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2015BMW 550i245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2015BMW 640i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2015BMW 640i245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2015BMW 650i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2015BMW 650i245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2015BMW Alpina B6245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2014BMW 535d245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2014BMW 535d245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2014BMW 535d245/40R19 94Y245/40R19 94Y
2014BMW 535i245/40R19 94Y245/40R19 94Y
2014BMW 535i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2014BMW 535i245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2014BMW 550i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2014BMW 550i245/40R19/XL 98Y245/40R19/XL 98Y
2014BMW 550i245/40R19 94Y245/40R19 94Y
2014BMW 550i245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2014BMW 640i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2014BMW 640i245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2014BMW 640i245/40R19 94Y245/40R19 94Y
2014BMW 650i245/40R19 94Y245/40R19 94Y
2014BMW 650i245/40R19/XL 98Y245/40R19/XL 98Y
2014BMW 650i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2014BMW ActiveHybrid 5245/40R19 94Y245/40R19 94Y
2013BMW 535i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2013BMW 535i245/40R19/XL 98Y245/40R19/XL 98Y
2013BMW 535i245/40R19 94Y245/40R19 94Y
2013BMW 550i245/40R19/XL 98Y245/40R19/XL 98Y
2013BMW 550i245/40R19 94Y245/40R19 94Y
2013BMW 550i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2013BMW 640i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2013BMW 650i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2013BMW 650i245/40R19/XL 98Y245/40R19/XL 98Y
2013BMW 650i245/40R19 94Y245/40R19 94Y
2012BMW 535i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2012BMW 550i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2012BMW 640i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2012BMW 650i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2012BMW 650i245/40R19/XL 98Y245/40R19/XL 98Y
2012BMW 650i245/40R19 94Y245/40R19 94Y
2011BMW 535i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2011BMW 550i245/40R19 94Y (Front)275/35R19 96Y (Rear)
2010BMW 650i245/40R19 94W (Front)275/35R19 96W (Rear)
2009BMW 650i245/40R19 94W (Front)275/35R19 96W (Rear)
2008BMW 650i245/40R19 94W (Front)275/35R19 96W (Rear)
2007BMW 650i245/40R19 94W (Front)275/35R19 96W (Rear)
2006BMW 650i245/40R19 94W (Front)275/35R19 96W (Rear)
2005BMW 645Ci245/40R19 94W (Front)275/35R19 96W (Rear)
2004BMW 645Ci245/40R19 94W (Front)275/35R19 96W (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Buick Regal245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2018Buick Regal245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2017Buick RegalP245/40R19 94WP245/40R19 94W
2016Buick RegalP245/40R19 94WP245/40R19 94W
2015Buick RegalP245/40R19 94WP245/40R19 94W
2014Buick RegalP245/40R19 94WP245/40R19 94W
2013Buick LaCrosseP245/40R19 94WP245/40R19 94W
2013Buick RegalP245/40R19 94WP245/40R19 94W
2012Buick LaCrosseP245/40R19 94WP245/40R19 94W
2012Buick RegalP245/40R19 94WP245/40R19 94W
2011Buick LaCrosseP245/40R19 94WP245/40R19 94W
2011Buick RegalP245/40R19 94WP245/40R19 94W
2010Buick LaCrosseP245/40R19 94WP245/40R19 94W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Chevy Malibu245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2017Chevy Malibu245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2017Chevy SS245/40R19/XL 98Y (Front)275/35R19/XL 100Y (Rear)
2016Chevy Malibu245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2016Chevy SS245/40R19/XL 98Y (Front)275/35R19/XL 100Y (Rear)
2015Chevy MalibuP245/40R19 94WP245/40R19 94W
2015Chevy SS245/40R19/XL 98Y (Front)275/35R19/XL 100Y (Rear)
2014Chevy MalibuP245/40R19 94WP245/40R19 94W
2014Chevy SS245/40R19/XL 98Y (Front)275/35R19/XL 100Y (Rear)
2013Chevy MalibuP245/40R19 94WP245/40R19 94W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2017Ferrari California245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)285/40ZR19 (103Y) (Rear)
2016Ferrari California245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)285/40ZR19 (103Y) (Rear)
2015Ferrari California245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)285/40ZR19 (103Y) (Rear)
2014Ferrari California245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)285/40ZR19 (103Y) (Rear)
2013Ferrari California245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)285/40ZR19 (103Y) (Rear)
2012Ferrari California245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)285/40ZR19 (103Y) (Rear)
2012Ferrari California245/40R19/XL 98V (Front)285/40R19 103V (Rear)
2011Ferrari 612 Scaglietti245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)285/40ZR19 (103Y) (Rear)
2011Ferrari California245/40R19/XL 98V (Front)285/40R19 103V (Rear)
2011Ferrari California245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)285/40ZR19 (103Y) (Rear)
2010Ferrari 612 Scaglietti245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)285/40ZR19 (103Y) (Rear)
2010Ferrari California245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)285/40ZR19 (103Y) (Rear)
2010Ferrari California245/40R19/XL 98V (Front)285/40R19 103V (Rear)
2009Ferrari 612 Scaglietti245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)285/40ZR19 (103Y) (Rear)
2009Ferrari California245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)285/40ZR19 (103Y) (Rear)
2009Ferrari California245/40R19/XL 98V (Front)285/40R19 103V (Rear)
2008Ferrari 612 Scaglietti245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)285/40ZR19 (103Y) (Rear)
2006Ferrari 612 Scaglietti245/40ZR19/XL (98Y) (Front)285/40ZR19 (103Y) (Rear)
2006Ferrari 612 Scaglietti245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)285/40ZR19 (103Y) (Rear)
2005Ferrari 612 Scaglietti245/40ZR19/XL (98Y) (Front)285/40ZR19 (103Y) (Rear)
2005Ferrari 612 Scaglietti245/40ZR19/RF (98Y) (Front)285/40ZR19 (103Y) (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Genesis G80245/40R19 94W (Front)275/35R19 96W (Rear)
2017Genesis G80245/40R19 94W (Front)275/35R19 96W (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2017Hyundai AzeraP245/40R19 94VP245/40R19 94V
2016Hyundai AzeraP245/40R19 94VP245/40R19 94V
2016Hyundai Genesis245/40R19 94W (Front)275/35R19 96W (Rear)
2016Hyundai Genesis225/40R19 89Y (Front)245/40R19 94Y (Rear)
2015Hyundai AzeraP245/40R19 94VP245/40R19 94V
2015Hyundai Genesis225/40R19 89Y (Front)245/40R19 94Y (Rear)
2015Hyundai Genesis245/40R19 94W (Front)275/35R19 96W (Rear)
2014Hyundai AzeraP245/40R19 94VP245/40R19 94V
2014Hyundai Genesis225/40R19 89Y (Front)245/40R19 94Y (Rear)
2013Hyundai AzeraP245/40R19 94VP245/40R19 94V
2013Hyundai Genesis225/40R19 89Y (Front)245/40R19 94Y (Rear)
2012Hyundai AzeraP245/40R19 94VP245/40R19 94V
2012Hyundai Genesis225/40R19 89Y (Front)245/40R19 94Y (Rear)
2011Hyundai Genesis225/40R19 89Y (Front)245/40R19 94Y (Rear)
2010Hyundai Genesis225/40R19 89Y (Front)245/40R19 94Y (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Infiniti Q50245/40R19 94Y (Front)265/35R19 94W (Rear)
2018Infiniti Q50245/40RF19 94W (Front)265/35RF19 94W (Rear)
2018Infiniti Q50245/40RF19 94W245/40RF19 94W
2018Infiniti Q50P245/40RF19 94VP245/40RF19 94V
2017Infiniti Q50245/40RF19 94W (Front)265/35RF19 94W (Rear)
2017Infiniti Q50245/40R19 94Y (Front)265/35R19 94W (Rear)
2017Infiniti Q50245/40RF19 94W245/40RF19 94W
2017Infiniti Q50P245/40RF19 94VP245/40RF19 94V
2017Infiniti Q60245/40RF19 94W245/40RF19 94W
2017Infiniti Q60P245/40RF19 94VP245/40RF19 94V
2017Infiniti Q60245/40R19 94Y (Front)265/35R19 94W (Rear)
2016Infiniti Q50245/40R19 94Y (Front)265/35R19 94W (Rear)
2016Infiniti Q50245/40RF19 94W (Front)265/35RF19 94W (Rear)
2016Infiniti Q50P245/40RF19 94VP245/40RF19 94V
2016Infiniti Q50245/40RF19 94W245/40RF19 94W
2015Infiniti Q50245/40R19 94Y (Front)265/35R19 94W (Rear)
2015Infiniti Q50P245/40RF19 94VP245/40RF19 94V
2015Infiniti Q50245/40RF19 94W245/40RF19 94W
2015Infiniti Q60225/45R19 92W (Front)245/40R19 94W (Rear)
2015Infiniti Q60225/45R19/XL 96W (Front)245/40R19/XL 98W (Rear)
2014Infiniti Q50P245/40RF19 94VP245/40RF19 94V
2014Infiniti Q50245/40RF19 94W245/40RF19 94W
2014Infiniti Q60225/45R19 92W (Front)245/40R19 94W (Rear)
2014Infiniti Q60225/45R19/XL 96W (Front)245/40R19/XL 98W (Rear)
2013Infiniti G37225/45R19 92W (Front)245/40R19 94W (Rear)
2013Infiniti G37225/45R19/XL 96W (Front)245/40R19/XL 98W (Rear)
2012Infiniti G37225/45R19/XL 96W (Front)245/40R19/XL 98W (Rear)
2012Infiniti G37225/45R19 92W (Front)245/40R19 94W (Rear)
2011Infiniti G37225/45R19/XL 96W (Front)245/40R19/XL 98W (Rear)
2011Infiniti G37225/45R19 92W (Front)245/40R19 94W (Rear)
2010Infiniti G37225/45R19 92W (Front)245/40R19 94W (Rear)
2010Infiniti G37225/45R19/XL 96W (Front)245/40R19/XL 98W (Rear)
2010Infiniti M35245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2010Infiniti M45245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2009Infiniti G37225/45R19 92W (Front)245/40R19 94W (Rear)
2009Infiniti G37225/45R19/XL 96W (Front)245/40R19/XL 98W (Rear)
2009Infiniti M35245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2009Infiniti M45245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2008Infiniti G37225/45R19 92W (Front)245/40R19 94W (Rear)
2008Infiniti M35245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2008Infiniti M45245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2007Infiniti G35225/40R19 89Y (Front)245/40R19 94Y (Rear)
2007Infiniti M35245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2007Infiniti M45245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2006Infiniti G35225/40R19 89Y (Front)245/40R19 94Y (Rear)
2006Infiniti M35245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2006Infiniti M45245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2006Infiniti Q45245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2005Infiniti G35225/40R19 89Y (Front)245/40R19 94Y (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Jaguar F-Type245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)275/35ZR19 (96Y) (Rear)
2018Jaguar F-Type245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)275/35ZR19 (96Y) (Rear)
2018Jaguar XF245/40R19/XL 98H245/40R19/XL 98H
2017Jaguar F-Type245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)275/35ZR19 (96Y) (Rear)
2017Jaguar XF245/40R19/XL 98H245/40R19/XL 98H
2016Jaguar F-Type245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)275/35ZR19 (96Y) (Rear)
2016Jaguar XF245/40R19/XL 98H245/40R19/XL 98H
2015Jaguar F-Type245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)275/35ZR19 (96Y) (Rear)
2015Jaguar XF245/40ZR19/XL (98Y)245/40ZR19/XL (98Y)
2015Jaguar XF245/40R19 94H245/40R19 94H
2015Jaguar XK245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)275/35ZR19 (96Y) (Rear)
2015Jaguar XKR245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)275/35ZR19 (96Y) (Rear)
2014Jaguar F-Type245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)275/35ZR19 (96Y) (Rear)
2014Jaguar XF245/40ZR19/XL (98Y)245/40ZR19/XL (98Y)
2014Jaguar XF245/40R19 94H245/40R19 94H
2014Jaguar XK245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)275/35ZR19 (96Y) (Rear)
2014Jaguar XKR245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)275/35ZR19 (96Y) (Rear)
2013Jaguar XF245/40ZR19/XL (98Y)245/40ZR19/XL (98Y)
2013Jaguar XF245/40R19 94H245/40R19 94H
2013Jaguar XK245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)275/35ZR19 (96Y) (Rear)
2013Jaguar XKR245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)275/35ZR19 (96Y) (Rear)
2012Jaguar XF245/40ZR19/XL (98Y)245/40ZR19/XL (98Y)
2012Jaguar XF245/40R19 94H245/40R19 94H
2012Jaguar XK245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)275/35ZR19 (96Y) (Rear)
2012Jaguar XKR245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)275/35ZR19 (96Y) (Rear)
2011Jaguar XF245/40ZR19/XL (98Y)245/40ZR19/XL (98Y)
2011Jaguar XF245/40R19 94H245/40R19 94H
2011Jaguar XK245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)275/35ZR19 (96Y) (Rear)
2011Jaguar XKR245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)275/35ZR19 (96Y) (Rear)
2010Jaguar XF245/40ZR19/XL (98Y)245/40ZR19/XL (98Y)
2010Jaguar XF245/40R19 94H245/40R19 94H
2010Jaguar XK245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)275/35ZR19 (96Y) (Rear)
2010Jaguar XKR245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)275/35ZR19 (96Y) (Rear)
2009Jaguar XF245/40ZR19/XL (98Y)245/40ZR19/XL (98Y)
2009Jaguar XF245/40R19 94H245/40R19 94H
2009Jaguar XK245/40ZR19 94Y (Front)275/35ZR19 96Y (Rear)
2009Jaguar XKR245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)275/35ZR19 (96Y) (Rear)
2008Jaguar XK245/40ZR19 94Y (Front)275/35ZR19 96Y (Rear)
2008Jaguar XKR245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)275/35ZR19 (96Y) (Rear)
2007Jaguar XK245/40ZR19 94Y (Front)275/35ZR19 96Y (Rear)
2007Jaguar XKR245/40ZR19 (94Y) (Front)275/35ZR19 (96Y) (Rear)
2006Jaguar XK8245/40ZR19/XL 98Y (Front)255/40ZR19/XL 100Y (Rear)
2006Jaguar XKR245/40ZR19/XL 98Y (Front)255/40ZR19/XL 100Y (Rear)
2005Jaguar XK8245/40ZR19/RF 98Y (Front)255/40ZR19/RF 100Y (Rear)
2004Jaguar XK8245/40ZR19/XL 98Y (Front)255/40ZR19/XL 100Y (Rear)
2003Jaguar XK8245/40ZR19/RF 98Y (Front)255/40ZR19/RF 100Y (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Kia Cadenza245/40R19 94V245/40R19 94V
2017Kia Cadenza245/40R19 94V245/40R19 94V
2016Kia CadenzaP245/40R19 94VP245/40R19 94V
2015Kia CadenzaP245/40R19 94VP245/40R19 94V
2014Kia CadenzaP245/40R19 94VP245/40R19 94V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Lincoln MKZ245/40R19 94V245/40R19 94V
2017Lincoln MKZ245/40R19 94V245/40R19 94V
2016Lincoln MKZ245/40ZR19/XL 98Y245/40ZR19/XL 98Y
2016Lincoln MKZ245/40R19 94V245/40R19 94V
2015Lincoln MKZ245/40ZR19/XL 98Y245/40ZR19/XL 98Y
2015Lincoln MKZ245/40R19 94V245/40R19 94V
2014Lincoln MKZ245/40ZR19/XL 98Y245/40ZR19/XL 98Y
2014Lincoln MKZ245/40R19 94V245/40R19 94V
2013Lincoln MKZ245/40ZR19/XL 98Y245/40ZR19/XL 98Y
2013Lincoln MKZ245/40R19 94V245/40R19 94V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2013Maserati Quattroporte245/40ZR19/XL (98Y) (Front)285/35ZR19 (99Y) (Rear)
2012Maserati GranTurismo245/40R19 94Y (Front)285/40R19 103Y (Rear)
2012Maserati GranTurismo245/40ZR19/XL (98Y) (Front)285/40ZR19 (103Y) (Rear)
2012Maserati Quattroporte245/40ZR19/XL (98Y) (Front)285/35ZR19 (99Y) (Rear)
2011Maserati GranTurismo245/40R19 94Y (Front)285/40R19 103Y (Rear)
2011Maserati GranTurismo245/40ZR19/RF (98Y) (Front)285/40ZR19 (103Y) (Rear)
2011Maserati Quattroporte245/40ZR19 94Y (Front)285/35ZR19 99Y (Rear)
2011Maserati Quattroporte245/40ZR19/XL (98Y) (Front)285/35ZR19 (99Y) (Rear)
2010Maserati GranTurismo245/40R19 94Y (Front)285/40R19 103Y (Rear)
2010Maserati GranTurismo245/40ZR19/XL (98Y) (Front)285/40ZR19 (103Y) (Rear)
2010Maserati Quattroporte245/40ZR19/XL (98Y) (Front)285/35ZR19 (99Y) (Rear)
2010Maserati Quattroporte245/40ZR19 94Y (Front)285/35ZR19 99Y (Rear)
2009Maserati GranTurismo245/40R19 94Y (Front)285/40R19 103Y (Rear)
2009Maserati GranTurismo245/40ZR19/XL (98Y) (Front)285/40ZR19 (103Y) (Rear)
2009Maserati Quattroporte245/40ZR19/XL (98Y) (Front)285/35ZR19 (99Y) (Rear)
2009Maserati Quattroporte245/40ZR19 94Y (Front)285/35ZR19 99Y (Rear)
2008Maserati GranTurismo245/40R19 94Y (Front)285/40R19 103Y (Rear)
2008Maserati GranTurismo245/40ZR19/RF (98Y) (Front)285/40ZR19 (103Y) (Rear)
2008Maserati Quattroporte245/40ZR19/RF (98Y) (Front)285/35ZR19 (99Y) (Rear)
2008Maserati Quattroporte245/40ZR19 94Y (Front)285/35ZR19 99Y (Rear)
2007Maserati Quattroporte245/40ZR19/RF (98Y) (Front)285/35ZR19 (99Y) (Rear)
2007Maserati Quattroporte245/40ZR19 94Y (Front)285/35ZR19 99Y (Rear)
2006Maserati Quattroporte245/40ZR19 94Y (Front)285/35ZR19 99Y (Rear)
2006Maserati Quattroporte245/40ZR19/RF (98Y) (Front)285/35ZR19 (99Y) (Rear)
2005Maserati Quattroporte245/40ZR19/RF (98Y) (Front)285/35ZR19 (99Y) (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Mercedes-Benz E300245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2018Mercedes-Benz E300245/40R19/XL 98H245/40R19/XL 98H
2018Mercedes-Benz E400245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2018Mercedes-Benz E400245/40R19/XL 98Y (Front)275/35R19/XL 100Y (Rear)
2018Mercedes-Benz E400245/40R19/XL 98H (Front)275/35R19/XL 100H (Rear)
2018Mercedes-Benz E400245/40R19/XL 98H245/40R19/XL 98H
2018Mercedes-Benz E43 AMG245/40ZR19/XL (98Y) (Front)275/35ZR19/XL (100Y) (Rear)
2018Mercedes-Benz E43 AMG245/40R19/XL 98H (Front)275/35R19/XL 100H (Rear)
2017Mercedes-Benz E300245/40R19/XL 98V245/40R19/XL 98V
2017Mercedes-Benz E300245/40R19/XL 98H245/40R19/XL 98H
2017Mercedes-Benz E43 AMG245/40ZR19/XL (98Y) (Front)275/35ZR19/XL (100Y) (Rear)
2017Mercedes-Benz E43 AMG245/40R19/XL 98H (Front)275/35R19/XL 100H (Rear)
2006Mercedes-Benz CL55 AMG245/40ZR19 (Front)275/35ZR19 (Rear)
2006Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG245/40ZR19 (Front)275/35ZR19 (Rear)
2006Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG245/40ZR19 (Front)275/35ZR19 (Rear)
2006Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG245/40ZR19 (Front)275/35ZR19 (Rear)
2005Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG245/40ZR19/RF 98Y (Front)275/35ZR19/RF 100Y (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Nissan 370Z245/40R19/XL 98Y (Front)285/35R19 99Y (Rear)
2019Nissan 370Z245/40R19 94W (Front)275/35R19 96W (Rear)
2018Nissan 370Z245/40R19/XL 98Y (Front)285/35R19 99Y (Rear)
2018Nissan 370Z245/40R19 94W (Front)275/35R19 96W (Rear)
2018Nissan Maxima245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2017Nissan 370Z245/40R19/XL 98Y (Front)285/35R19 99Y (Rear)
2017Nissan 370Z245/40R19 94W (Front)275/35R19 96W (Rear)
2017Nissan Maxima245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2016Nissan 370Z245/40R19 94W (Front)275/35R19 96W (Rear)
2016Nissan 370Z245/40R19/XL 98Y (Front)285/35R19 99Y (Rear)
2016Nissan Maxima245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2015Nissan 370Z245/40R19/XL 98Y (Front)285/35R19 99Y (Rear)
2015Nissan 370Z245/40R19 94W (Front)275/35R19 96W (Rear)
2014Nissan 370Z245/40R19/XL 98Y (Front)285/35R19 99Y (Rear)
2014Nissan 370Z245/40ZR19/XL (98Y) (Front)285/35ZR19 (99Y) (Rear)
2014Nissan 370Z245/40R19 94W (Front)275/35R19 96W (Rear)
2014Nissan Maxima245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2014Nissan MaximaP245/40R19 94VP245/40R19 94V
2013Nissan 370Z245/40ZR19/XL (98Y) (Front)285/35ZR19 (99Y) (Rear)
2013Nissan 370Z245/40R19 94W (Front)275/35R19 96W (Rear)
2013Nissan Maxima245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2013Nissan MaximaP245/40R19 94VP245/40R19 94V
2012Nissan 370Z245/40R19 94W (Front)275/35R19 96W (Rear)
2012Nissan 370Z245/40ZR19/XL (98Y) (Front)285/35ZR19 (99Y) (Rear)
2012Nissan Maxima245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2012Nissan MaximaP245/40R19 94VP245/40R19 94V
2011Nissan 370Z245/40R19 94W (Front)275/35R19 96W (Rear)
2011Nissan 370Z245/40R19/XL (98Y) (Front)285/35R19 (99Y) (Rear)
2011Nissan Maxima245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2011Nissan MaximaP245/40R19 94VP245/40R19 94V
2010Nissan 370Z245/40R19 94W (Front)275/35R19 96W (Rear)
2010Nissan 370Z245/40R19 94W (Front)285/35R19 99W (Rear)
2010Nissan Maxima245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2010Nissan MaximaP245/40R19 94VP245/40R19 94V
2009Nissan 370Z245/40R19 94W (Front)285/35R19 99W (Rear)
2009Nissan 370Z245/40R19 94W (Front)275/35R19 96W (Rear)
2009Nissan Maxima245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2009Nissan MaximaP245/40R19 94VP245/40R19 94V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2010Panoz Esperante245/40R19/RF 98Y (Front)295/35R19 100Y (Rear)
2009Panoz Esperante245/40R19/RF 98Y (Front)295/35R19 100Y (Rear)
2008Panoz Esperante245/40R19/RF 98Y (Front)295/35R19 100Y (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2009Pontiac G8245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W
2008Pontiac G8245/40R19 94W245/40R19 94W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2011Saab 9-5245/40R19/RF 98Y245/40R19/RF 98Y
2010Saab 9-5245/40R19/RF 98Y245/40R19/RF 98Y