What vehicles are compatible with tire size 245-60-18?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 245-60-18 tire size.


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2020Acura MDX245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2019Acura MDX245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2018Acura MDX245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2017Acura MDX245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2016Acura MDX245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2015Acura MDX245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2014Acura MDX245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2009Chevrolet TrailblazerP245/60R18 104SP245/60R18 104S
2008Chevrolet TrailblazerP245/60R18 104SP245/60R18 104S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Chrysler Pacifica Minivan245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Ford Edge245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2022Ford Edge245/60R18 105V245/60R18 105V
2021Ford Edge245/60R18 105V245/60R18 105V
2020Ford Edge245/60R18 105V245/60R18 105V
2019Ford Edge245/60R18 105V245/60R18 105V
2019Ford ExplorerP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2018Ford EdgeP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2018Ford ExplorerP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2017Ford EdgeP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2017Ford ExplorerP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2016Ford EdgeP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2016Ford ExplorerP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2015Ford EdgeP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2015Ford ExplorerP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2014Ford EdgeP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2014Ford ExplorerP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2013Ford EdgeP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2013Ford ExplorerP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2012Ford EdgeP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2012Ford ExplorerP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2011Ford EdgeP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2011Ford ExplorerP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2010Ford EdgeP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2009Ford EdgeP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2008Ford EdgeP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2007Ford EdgeP245/60R18 104TP245/60R18 104T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2009GMC EnvoyP245/60R18 104SP245/60R18 104S
2008GMC EnvoyP245/60R18 104SP245/60R18 104S
2007GMC EnvoyP245/60R18 104SP245/60R18 104S
2006GMC EnvoyP245/60R18 104SP245/60R18 104S
2006GMC Envoy XLP245/60R18 104SP245/60R18 104S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Honda Passport245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2022Honda Pilot245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2022Honda Ridgeline245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2021Honda Pilot245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2021Honda Ridgeline245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2020Honda Pilot245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2020Honda Ridgeline245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2019Honda Pilot245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2019Honda Ridgeline245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2018Honda Pilot245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2018Honda Ridgeline245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2017Honda Pilot245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2017Honda Ridgeline245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2016Honda Pilot245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2014Honda RidgelineP245/60R18 104TP245/60R18 104T
2013Honda RidgelineP245/60R18 104TP245/60R18 104T
2012Honda RidgelineP245/60R18 104TP245/60R18 104T
2011Honda RidgelineP245/60R18 104TP245/60R18 104T
2010Honda RidgelineP245/60R18 104TP245/60R18 104T
2009Honda RidgelineP245/60R18 104TP245/60R18 104T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Hyundai Palisade245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2022Hyundai Santa Cruz245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2021Hyundai Palisade245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2020Hyundai Palisade245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2012Hyundai VeracruzP245/60R18 104TP245/60R18 104T
2011Hyundai VeracruzP245/60R18 104TP245/60R18 104T
2010Hyundai VeracruzP245/60R18 104TP245/60R18 104T
2009Hyundai VeracruzP245/60R18 104TP245/60R18 104T
2008Hyundai VeracruzP245/60R18 104TP245/60R18 104T
2007Hyundai VeracruzP245/60R18 104TP245/60R18 104T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2002Isuzu RodeoP245/60R18 104SP245/60R18 104S
2001Isuzu VehiCROSSP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2010Jeep Commander245/60R18 105S245/60R18 105S
2010Jeep Grand Cherokee245/60R18 105S245/60R18 105S
2009Jeep Commander245/60R18 105S245/60R18 105S
2009Jeep Grand Cherokee245/60R18 105S245/60R18 105S
2008Jeep Commander245/60R18 105S245/60R18 105S
2008Jeep Grand Cherokee245/60R18 105S245/60R18 105S
2007Jeep Commander245/60R18 105S245/60R18 105S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Kia Telluride245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2021Kia Telluride245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2020Kia Telluride245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Lincoln Nautilus245/60R18 105V245/60R18 105V
2021Lincoln Nautilus245/60R18 105V245/60R18 105V
2020Lincoln Nautilus245/60R18 105V245/60R18 105V
2019Lincoln Nautilus245/60R18 105V245/60R18 105V
2018Lincoln MKX245/60R18 105V245/60R18 105V
2017Lincoln MKX245/60R18 105V245/60R18 105V
2016Lincoln MKX245/60R18 105V245/60R18 105V
2015Lincoln MKXP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2014Lincoln MKXP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2013Lincoln MKXP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2012Lincoln MKXP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2011Lincoln MKXP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2010Lincoln MKXP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2009Lincoln MKXP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2008Lincoln MKXP245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2007Lincoln MKXP245/60R18 104TP245/60R18 104T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2015Mazda CX-9P245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2014Mazda CX-9P245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2013Mazda CX-9P245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2012Mazda CX-9P245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2011Mazda CX-9P245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2010Mazda CX-9P245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2009Mazda CX-9P245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2008Mazda CX-9P245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H
2007Mazda CX-9P245/60R18 104HP245/60R18 104H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Subaru Ascent245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2021Subaru Ascent245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2020Subaru Ascent245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H
2019Subaru Ascent245/60R18 105H245/60R18 105H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Toyota HighlanderP245/60R18 104TP245/60R18 104T
2019Toyota Highlander245/60R18 105T245/60R18 105T
2018Toyota HighlanderP245/60R18 104TP245/60R18 104T
2018Toyota Highlander245/60R18 105T245/60R18 105T
2017Toyota HighlanderP245/60R18 104TP245/60R18 104T
2017Toyota Highlander245/60R18 105T245/60R18 105T
2016Toyota HighlanderP245/60R18 104TP245/60R18 104T
2016Toyota Highlander245/60R18 105T245/60R18 105T
2015Toyota HighlanderP245/60R18 104TP245/60R18 104T
2015Toyota Highlander245/60R18 105T245/60R18 105T
2014Toyota HighlanderP245/60R18 104TP245/60R18 104T
2014Toyota Highlander245/60R18 105T245/60R18 105T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Volkswagen Atlas245/60R18 105T245/60R18 105T
2022Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport245/60R18 105T245/60R18 105T
2021Volkswagen Atlas245/60R18 105T245/60R18 105T
2021Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport245/60R18 105T245/60R18 105T
2020Volkswagen Atlas245/60R18 105T245/60R18 105T
2020Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport245/60R18 105T245/60R18 105T
2019Volkswagen Atlas245/60R18 105T245/60R18 105T
2018Volkswagen Atlas245/60R18 105T245/60R18 105T