What vehicles are compatible with tire size 275-55-17?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 275-55-17 tire size.


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2005Mercedes-Benz ML350275/55R17 109V275/55R17 109V
2005Mercedes-Benz ML500275/55R17 109V275/55R17 109V
2004Mercedes-Benz ML350275/55R17 109V275/55R17 109V
2004Mercedes-Benz ML500275/55R17 109V275/55R17 109V
2003Mercedes-Benz ML320275/55R17 109V275/55R17 109V
2003Mercedes-Benz ML350275/55R17 109V275/55R17 109V
2003Mercedes-Benz ML500275/55R17 109V275/55R17 109V
2002Mercedes-Benz ML320275/55R17 109V275/55R17 109V
2002Mercedes-Benz ML500275/55R17 109V275/55R17 109V
2001Mercedes-Benz ML320275/55R17 109H275/55R17 109H
2001Mercedes-Benz ML430275/55R17 109H275/55R17 109H
2000Mercedes-Benz ML430275/55R17 109H275/55R17 109H
1999Mercedes-Benz ML430275/55R17 109H275/55R17 109H