What vehicles are compatible with tire size 225-60-16?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 225-60-16 tire size.


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2003Audi A8 Quattro225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
2002Audi A8 Quattro225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
2001Audi A8 Quattro225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
2000Audi A8 Quattro225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
1999Audi A8225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
1999Audi A8 Quattro225/60R16 98V225/60R16 98V
1998Audi A8225/60R16 98V225/60R16 98V
1998Audi A8 Quattro225/60R16 98V225/60R16 98V
1997Audi A8225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
1997Audi A8 Quattro225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2009Buick LaCrosseP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2008Buick LaCrosseP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2008Buick LucerneP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2007Buick LaCrosseP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2007Buick LucerneP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2006Buick LaCrosseP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2006Buick LucerneP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2005Buick CenturyP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2005Buick LaCrosseP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2005Buick LeSabreP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2005Buick Park AvenueP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2005Buick Park Avenue225/60R16 98S225/60R16 98S
2004Buick CenturyP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2004Buick LeSabreP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2004Buick Park AvenueP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2004Buick Park Avenue225/60R16 98S225/60R16 98S
2004Buick RegalP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2003Buick LeSabreP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2003Buick Park AvenueP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2003Buick RegalP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2002Buick LeSabreP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2002Buick LeSabreP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2002Buick Park AvenueP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2002Buick Park AvenueP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2002Buick RegalP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2001Buick LeSabreP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2001Buick LeSabreP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2001Buick Park AvenueP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2001Buick RegalP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2000Buick LeSabreP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2000Buick LeSabreP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2000Buick Park AvenueP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2000Buick RegalP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1999Buick Park AvenueP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1999Buick RegalP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1999Buick RivieraP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1998Buick Park AvenueP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1998Buick RegalP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1998Buick RivieraP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1997Buick Park AvenueP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1997Buick RegalP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1997Buick RivieraP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1996Buick RegalP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1996Buick RivieraP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1995Buick RegalP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1995Buick RivieraP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1994Buick RegalP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2005Cadillac DeVilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2004Cadillac DeVilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2004Cadillac SevilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2003Cadillac DeVilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2003Cadillac SevilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2002Cadillac DeVilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2002Cadillac EldoradoP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2001Cadillac DeVilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2001Cadillac EldoradoP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2000Cadillac DeVilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2000Cadillac EldoradoP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1999Cadillac DeVilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1999Cadillac DeVilleP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1999Cadillac EldoradoP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1999Cadillac EldoradoP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1998Cadillac DeVilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1998Cadillac DeVilleP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1998Cadillac EldoradoP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1998Cadillac EldoradoP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1997Cadillac DeVilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1997Cadillac DeVilleP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1997Cadillac EldoradoP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1997Cadillac EldoradoP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1997Cadillac SevilleP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1997Cadillac SevilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1996Cadillac DeVilleP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1996Cadillac DeVilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1996Cadillac EldoradoP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1996Cadillac SevilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1995Cadillac DeVilleP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1995Cadillac EldoradoP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1995Cadillac SevilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1994Cadillac DeVilleP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1994Cadillac EldoradoP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1994Cadillac SevilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1992Cadillac EldoradoP225/60HR16 HP225/60HR16 H
1992Cadillac SevilleP225/60HR16 HP225/60HR16 H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2016Chevrolet Impala LimitedP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2015Chevrolet Impala LimitedP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2014Chevrolet Impala LimitedP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2013Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2012Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2011Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
2011Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2010Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
2010Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2009Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2009Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
2008Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2008Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
2007Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
2007Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2007Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2006Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
2006Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2006Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2005Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2005Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2005Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2005Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2005Chevrolet VentureP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2004Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2004Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2004Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2004Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2004Chevrolet VentureP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2003Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2003Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2003Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2003Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2003Chevrolet VentureP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2002Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2002Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2002Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2002Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2002Chevrolet VentureP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2001Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2001Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2001Chevrolet LuminaP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2001Chevrolet LuminaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2001Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2001Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2000Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2000Chevrolet ImpalaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2000Chevrolet LuminaP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2000Chevrolet LuminaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2000Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2000Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1999Chevrolet LuminaP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1999Chevrolet LuminaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1999Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1999Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1998Chevrolet LuminaP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1998Chevrolet LuminaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1998Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1998Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1997Chevrolet LuminaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1997Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1996Chevrolet LuminaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1996Chevrolet LuminaP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1996Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1996Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1995Chevrolet LuminaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1995Chevrolet LuminaP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1995Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1995Chevrolet Monte CarloP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1994Chevrolet LuminaP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2004Chrysler ConcordeP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2003Chrysler ConcordeP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2002Chrysler ConcordeP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2001Chrysler ConcordeP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2000Chrysler 300MP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
2000Chrysler ConcordeP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
1999Chrysler 300MP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1999Chrysler ConcordeP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
1998Chrysler ConcordeP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
1997Chrysler ConcordeP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1997Chrysler LHSP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1996Chrysler ConcordeP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1996Chrysler LHSP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1996Chrysler New YorkerP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1995Chrysler ConcordeP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1995Chrysler LHSP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1995Chrysler New YorkerP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1994Chrysler ConcordeP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1994Chrysler LHSP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1994Chrysler New YorkerP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1993Chrysler ConcordeP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2004Dodge IntrepidP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2003Dodge IntrepidP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2002Dodge IntrepidP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2001Dodge IntrepidP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2000Dodge IntrepidP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
1999Dodge IntrepidP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
1998Dodge IntrepidP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
1998Dodge IntrepidP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1997Dodge IntrepidP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1997Dodge IntrepidP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1996Dodge IntrepidP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1996Dodge IntrepidP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1995Dodge IntrepidP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1995Dodge IntrepidP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1994Dodge IntrepidP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1994Dodge IntrepidP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1993Dodge IntrepidP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1993Dodge IntrepidP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
1997Eagle VisionP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1997Eagle VisionP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1996Eagle VisionP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1996Eagle VisionP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1995Eagle VisionP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1995Eagle VisionP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1994Eagle VisionP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1994Eagle VisionP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1993Eagle VisionP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1993Eagle VisionP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2008Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
2008Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2007Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2007Ford FreestarP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2006Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2006Ford FreestarP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2005Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
2005Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2005Ford FreestarP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2004Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2004Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
2004Ford FreestarP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2003Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2003Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
2003Ford WindstarP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2002Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
2002Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2002Ford WindstarP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2001Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
2001Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2001Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2001Ford WindstarP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2000Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2000Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
2000Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 98SP225/60R16 98S
2000Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2000Ford WindstarP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1999Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1999Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1999Ford WindstarP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1998Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
1998Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1998Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1998Ford WindstarP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1997Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
1997Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1996Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1996Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
1995Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
1995Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1994Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1994Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
1990Ford ThunderbirdP225/60VR16 VP225/60VR16 V
1989Ford ThunderbirdP225/60VR16 VP225/60VR16 V
1988Ford ThunderbirdP225/60VR16 VP225/60VR16 V
1987Ford ThunderbirdP225/60VR16 VP225/60VR16 V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2004Honda Odyssey225/60R16 98T225/60R16 98T
2003Honda Odyssey225/60R16 98T225/60R16 98T
2002Honda Odyssey225/60R16 98T225/60R16 98T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2007Hyundai AzeraP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
2006Hyundai AzeraP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2003Jaguar Vanden Plas225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
2003Jaguar XJ8225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
2002Jaguar Vanden Plas225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
2002Jaguar XJ8225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
2001Jaguar Vanden Plas225/60ZR16 98W225/60ZR16 98W
2001Jaguar XJ8225/60ZR16 98W225/60ZR16 98W
2000Jaguar Vanden Plas225/60ZR16 98W225/60ZR16 98W
2000Jaguar XJ8225/60ZR16 98W225/60ZR16 98W
1999Jaguar Vanden Plas225/60ZR16 98W225/60ZR16 98W
1999Jaguar XJ8225/60ZR16 98W225/60ZR16 98W
1998Jaguar Vanden Plas225/60ZR16 98W225/60ZR16 98W
1998Jaguar XJ8225/60ZR16 98W225/60ZR16 98W
1997Jaguar Vanden Plas225/60ZR16 98W225/60ZR16 98W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2009Kia AmantiP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2008Kia AmantiP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2007Kia AmantiP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2006Kia AmantiP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2005Kia AmantiP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2005Kia Amanti225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
2004Kia Amanti225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2002Lexus LS430P225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2001Lexus LS430P225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2000Lexus LS400P225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1999Lexus LS400P225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1998Lexus LS400P225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1997Lexus LS400P225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1996Lexus LS400P225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1995Lexus LS400P225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1994Lexus LS400P225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1993Lexus LS400P225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2002Lincoln ContinentalP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2002Lincoln Town CarP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2001Lincoln ContinentalP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2001Lincoln Town CarP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2000Lincoln ContinentalP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2000Lincoln ContinentalP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
2000Lincoln Town CarP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2000Lincoln Town CarP225/60R16 SP225/60R16 S
1999Lincoln ContinentalP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1999Lincoln ContinentalP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1999Lincoln Town CarP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1998Lincoln ContinentalP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1998Lincoln ContinentalP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1998Lincoln Mark VIIIP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1998Lincoln Town CarP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1997Lincoln ContinentalP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1997Lincoln ContinentalP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1997Lincoln Mark VIIIP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1997Lincoln Town CarP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1996Lincoln ContinentalP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1996Lincoln ContinentalP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1996Lincoln Mark VIIIP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1996Lincoln Town CarP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1995Lincoln ContinentalP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1995Lincoln ContinentalP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1995Lincoln Mark VIIIP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1995Lincoln Town CarP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1994Lincoln Mark VIIIP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
1993Lincoln Mark VIIIP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2003Mercedes-Benz S430225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
2002Mercedes-Benz S430225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
2002Mercedes-Benz S500225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
2001Mercedes-Benz S430225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
2001Mercedes-Benz S500225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
2000Mercedes-Benz S430225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
2000Mercedes-Benz S500225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
1999Mercedes-Benz S320225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
1998Mercedes-Benz S320225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
1997Mercedes-Benz S320225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
1996Mercedes-Benz S320225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
1995Mercedes-Benz S320225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
1995Mercedes-Benz S350225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
1994Mercedes-Benz S320225/60R16 98H225/60R16 98H
1994Mercedes-Benz S350225/60R16 97H225/60R16 97H
1993Mercedes-Benz 300SD225/60R16 97V225/60R16 97V
1993Mercedes-Benz 300SE225/60R16 97V225/60R16 97V
1992Mercedes-Benz 300SD225/60R16 97V225/60R16 97V
1992Mercedes-Benz 300SE225/60R16 97V225/60R16 97V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2008Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2007Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2006Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2005Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2004Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2003Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2003Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2002Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2002Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2002Mercury VillagerP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2001Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
2001Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2001Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2001Mercury VillagerP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2000Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R16 97VP225/60R16 97V
2000Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2000Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2000Mercury VillagerP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
1999Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
1999Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1999Mercury VillagerP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
1998Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1997Mercury CougarP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1997Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1996Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1995Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1989Mercury CougarP225/60VR16 VP225/60VR16 V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2006Mitsubishi OutlanderP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2005Mitsubishi OutlanderP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2004Mitsubishi OutlanderP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2003Mitsubishi OutlanderP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2002Nissan QuestP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2001Nissan QuestP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2000Nissan QuestP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
1999Nissan QuestP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
1998Nissan QuestP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2004Oldsmobile SilhouetteP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2003Oldsmobile SilhouetteP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2002Oldsmobile AuroraP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2002Oldsmobile IntrigueP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2002Oldsmobile IntrigueP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2002Oldsmobile SilhouetteP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2001Oldsmobile AuroraP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2001Oldsmobile IntrigueP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2001Oldsmobile IntrigueP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2001Oldsmobile SilhouetteP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2000Oldsmobile IntrigueP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2000Oldsmobile IntrigueP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1999Oldsmobile 88P225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1999Oldsmobile IntrigueP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1999Oldsmobile IntrigueP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1999Oldsmobile LSSP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1998Oldsmobile IntrigueP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1998Oldsmobile IntrigueP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1998Oldsmobile LSSP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1997Oldsmobile LSSP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1996Oldsmobile 98P225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1996Oldsmobile Cutlass SupremeP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1996Oldsmobile LSSP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1995Oldsmobile 88P225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1995Oldsmobile 98P225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1995Oldsmobile Cutlass SupremeP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1994Oldsmobile 88P225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1994Oldsmobile 98P225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1994Oldsmobile Cutlass SupremeP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1993Oldsmobile 88P225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1993Oldsmobile 98P225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2008Pontiac Grand PrixP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2007Pontiac Grand PrixP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2006Pontiac Grand PrixP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2005Pontiac BonnevilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2005Pontiac Grand PrixP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2005Pontiac Montana225/60R16 98S225/60R16 98S
2004Pontiac BonnevilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2004Pontiac Grand PrixP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2004Pontiac Montana225/60R16 98S225/60R16 98S
2003Pontiac BonnevilleP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2003Pontiac Grand PrixP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2003Pontiac Grand PrixP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2003Pontiac Montana225/60R16 98S225/60R16 98S
2002Pontiac BonnevilleP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2002Pontiac Grand PrixP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2002Pontiac Grand PrixP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2002Pontiac Montana225/60R16 98S225/60R16 98S
2001Pontiac BonnevilleP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2001Pontiac Grand PrixP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2001Pontiac Grand PrixP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
2000Pontiac BonnevilleP225/60R16 97TP225/60R16 97T
2000Pontiac Grand PrixP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2000Pontiac Grand PrixP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1999Pontiac BonnevilleP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1999Pontiac BonnevilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1999Pontiac Grand PrixP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1999Pontiac Grand PrixP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1998Pontiac BonnevilleP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1998Pontiac BonnevilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1998Pontiac Grand PrixP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1998Pontiac Grand PrixP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1997Pontiac BonnevilleP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1997Pontiac BonnevilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1997Pontiac Grand PrixP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1996Pontiac BonnevilleP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1996Pontiac BonnevilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1996Pontiac Grand PrixP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1996Pontiac Grand PrixP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1995Pontiac BonnevilleP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1995Pontiac BonnevilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1995Pontiac Grand PrixP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
1994Pontiac BonnevilleP225/60R16 97SP225/60R16 97S
1994Pontiac Grand PrixP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2009Subaru OutbackP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2008Subaru OutbackP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2007Subaru OutbackP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2006Subaru BajaP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2005Subaru BajaP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2005Subaru OutbackP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2004Subaru BajaP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2004Subaru OutbackP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2003Subaru BajaP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2003Subaru OutbackP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2002Subaru OutbackP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2001Subaru OutbackP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H
2000Subaru OutbackP225/60R16 97HP225/60R16 97H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2003Volkswagen EuroVan225/60R16/RF 102H225/60R16/RF 102H
2002Volkswagen EuroVan225/60R16/RF 102H225/60R16/RF 102H
2001Volkswagen EuroVan225/60R16/RF 102H225/60R16/RF 102H