What vehicles are compatible with tire size 225-60-17?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 225-60-17 tire size.


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2007Buick RendezvousP225/60R17 98SP225/60R17 98S
2007Buick TerrazaP225/60R17 98SP225/60R17 98S
2006Buick RendezvousP225/60R17 98SP225/60R17 98S
2006Buick TerrazaP225/60R17 98SP225/60R17 98S
2005Buick RendezvousP225/60R17 98SP225/60R17 98S
2005Buick TerrazaP225/60R17 98SP225/60R17 98S
2004Buick RendezvousP225/60R17 98SP225/60R17 98S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2008Chevy UplanderP225/60R17 98SP225/60R17 98S
2008Chevy UplanderP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2007Chevy UplanderP225/60R17 98SP225/60R17 98S
2006Chevy UplanderP225/60R17 98SP225/60R17 98S
2005Chevy UplanderP225/60R17 98SP225/60R17 98S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2014Ford MustangP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2013Ford MustangP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2012Ford MustangP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2011Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R17 98VP225/60R17 98V
2011Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T
2011Ford MustangP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2010Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R17 98VP225/60R17 98V
2010Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T
2009Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R17 98VP225/60R17 98V
2009Ford Crown VictoriaP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Hyundai Tucson225/60R17 99H225/60R17 99H
2017Hyundai Tucson225/60R17 99H225/60R17 99H
2016Hyundai Tucson225/60R17 99H225/60R17 99H
2015Hyundai Tucson225/60R17 99H225/60R17 99H
2014Hyundai Tucson225/60R17 99H225/60R17 99H
2013Hyundai Tucson225/60R17 99H225/60R17 99H
2012Hyundai Tucson225/60R17 99H225/60R17 99H
2011Hyundai Tucson225/60R17 99H225/60R17 99H
2010Hyundai Tucson225/60R17 99H225/60R17 99H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2010Infiniti EX35P225/60R17 98VP225/60R17 98V
2009Infiniti EX35P225/60R17 98VP225/60R17 98V
2008Infiniti EX35P225/60R17 98VP225/60R17 98V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Jeep Cherokee225/60R17 99T225/60R17 99T
2018Jeep Cherokee225/60R17 99T225/60R17 99T
2018Jeep Compass225/60R17 99T225/60R17 99T
2018Jeep Compass225/60R17 99V225/60R17 99V
2017Jeep Cherokee225/60R17 99T225/60R17 99T
2017Jeep Compass225/60R17 99T225/60R17 99T
2017Jeep Compass225/60R17 99V225/60R17 99V
2017Jeep Compass225/60R17 99H225/60R17 99H
2017Jeep Patriot225/60R17 99H225/60R17 99H
2016Jeep Cherokee225/60R17 99T225/60R17 99T
2016Jeep Compass225/60R17 99H225/60R17 99H
2015Jeep Cherokee225/60R17 99T225/60R17 99T
2014Jeep Cherokee225/60R17 99T225/60R17 99T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Kia Sportage225/60R17 99H225/60R17 99H
2018Kia Sportage225/60R17 99H225/60R17 99H
2017Kia Sportage225/60R17 99H225/60R17 99H
2016Kia Sportage225/60R17 99H225/60R17 99H
2015Kia Sportage225/60R17 99H225/60R17 99H
2014Kia Sportage225/60R17 99H225/60R17 99H
2013Kia Sportage225/60R17 99H225/60R17 99H
2012Kia Sportage225/60R17 99H225/60R17 99H
2011Kia Sportage225/60R17 99H225/60R17 99H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2011Lincoln Town CarP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T
2010Lincoln Town CarP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T
2009Lincoln Town CarP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T
2008Lincoln Town CarP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T
2007Lincoln Town CarP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T
2006Lincoln Town CarP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T
2005Lincoln Town CarP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T
2004Lincoln Town CarP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T
2003Lincoln Town CarP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2011Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T
2010Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T
2009Mercury Grand MarquisP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2013Nissan RogueP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2012Nissan RogueP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2011Nissan RogueP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2010Nissan RogueP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2009Nissan QuestP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2009Nissan RogueP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2008Nissan QuestP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2008Nissan RogueP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2007Nissan QuestP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2006Nissan QuestP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2005Nissan QuestP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2004Nissan QuestP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2006Pontiac MontanaP225/60R17 98SP225/60R17 98S
2005Pontiac AztekP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2005Pontiac MontanaP225/60R17 98SP225/60R17 98S
2004Pontiac AztekP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2009Saturn VueP225/60R17 98SP225/60R17 98S
2008Saturn VueP225/60R17 98SP225/60R17 98S
2007Saturn RelayP225/60R17 98SP225/60R17 98S
2006Saturn RelayP225/60R17 98SP225/60R17 98S
2005Saturn RelayP225/60R17 98SP225/60R17 98S


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Subaru CrosstrekP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2019Subaru Forester225/60R17 99H225/60R17 99H
2018Subaru CrosstrekP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2018Subaru ForesterP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2017Subaru ForesterP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2016Subaru ForesterP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2015Subaru ForesterP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2014Subaru ForesterP225/60R17 98HP225/60R17 98H
2014Subaru OutbackP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T
2013Subaru OutbackP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T
2012Subaru OutbackP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T
2011Subaru OutbackP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T
2010Subaru OutbackP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2010Toyota SiennaP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T
2009Toyota SiennaP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T
2008Toyota SiennaP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T
2007Toyota SiennaP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T
2006Toyota SiennaP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T
2005Toyota SiennaP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T
2004Toyota SiennaP225/60R17 98TP225/60R17 98T