What vehicles are compatible with tire size 235-50-18?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 235-50-18 tire size.


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Acura TLX235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2021Acura TLX235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Audi Q3235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2018Audi Q3235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2018Audi Q3 Quattro235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2018Audi Q3 Quattro235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2017Audi Q3235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2017Audi Q3235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2017Audi Q3 Quattro235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2017Audi Q3 Quattro235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2016Audi Q3235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2016Audi Q3235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2016Audi Q3 Quattro235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2016Audi Q3 Quattro235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2015Audi Q3235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2015Audi Q3235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2015Audi Q3 Quattro235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2015Audi Q3 Quattro235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2010BMW X3235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2009BMW X3235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2008BMW X3235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2007BMW X3235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2006BMW X3235/50R18 97V (Front)255/45R18 99V (Rear)
2006BMW X3235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2005BMW X3235/50R18 97V (Front)255/45R18 99V (Rear)
2005BMW X3235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2004BMW X3235/50R18 97V (Front)255/45R18 99V (Rear)
2004BMW X3235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2001BMW 740i235/50ZR18 (Front)255/45ZR18 (Rear)
2001BMW 740iL235/50ZR18 (Front)255/45ZR18 (Rear)
2000BMW 740i235/50ZR18 (Front)255/45ZR18 (Rear)
1999BMW 740i235/50ZR18 (Front)255/45ZR18 (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2020Buick Regal TourX235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2019Buick LaCrosse235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2019Buick Regal TourX235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2018Buick LaCrosse235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2018Buick Regal TourX235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2017Buick LaCrosse235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2017Buick RegalP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2016Buick LaCrosseP235/50R18 97HP235/50R18 97H
2016Buick RegalP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2015Buick LaCrosseP235/50R18 97HP235/50R18 97H
2015Buick RegalP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2014Buick LaCrosseP235/50R18 97HP235/50R18 97H
2014Buick RegalP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2013Buick LaCrosseP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2013Buick RegalP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2012Buick LaCrosseP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2012Buick RegalP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2011Buick LaCrosseP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2011Buick RegalP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2010Buick LaCrosseP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2009Buick LaCrosseP235/50ZR18 97WP235/50ZR18 97W
2009Buick LaCrosseP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2008Buick LaCrosseP235/50ZR18 97WP235/50ZR18 97W
2008Buick LaCrosseP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2020Cadillac CT6235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2019Cadillac CT6235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2018Cadillac CT6235/50R18 97V (Front)265/45R18 101V (Rear)
2018Cadillac CT6235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2017Cadillac CT6235/50R18 97V (Front)265/45R18 101V (Rear)
2017Cadillac CT6235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2016Cadillac CT6235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2014Cadillac CTSP235/50R18 97V (Front)P265/45R18 101V (Rear)
2013Cadillac CTSP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2013Cadillac CTSP235/50R18 97V (Front)P265/45R18 101V (Rear)
2012Cadillac CTSP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2012Cadillac CTSP235/50R18 97V (Front)P265/45R18 101V (Rear)
2011Cadillac CTSP235/50R18 97V (Front)P265/45R18 101V (Rear)
2011Cadillac CTSP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2011Cadillac STSP235/50ZR18 97W (Front)P255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2010Cadillac CTS235/50ZR18 97Y235/50ZR18 97Y
2010Cadillac CTSP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2010Cadillac STSP235/50ZR18 97W (Front)P255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2009Cadillac CTS235/50ZR18 97Y235/50ZR18 97Y
2009Cadillac CTSP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2009Cadillac STSP235/50ZR18 97W (Front)P255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2009Cadillac XLR235/50ZR18 97W235/50ZR18 97W
2008Cadillac CTS235/50ZR18 97Y235/50ZR18 97Y
2008Cadillac CTSP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2008Cadillac STSP235/50ZR18 97W (Front)P255/45ZR18 99W (Rear)
2008Cadillac STSP235/50R18 97W (Front)P255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2008Cadillac XLR235/50ZR18 97W235/50ZR18 97W
2007Cadillac STSP235/50R18 97W (Front)P255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2007Cadillac XLR235/50ZR18 97W235/50ZR18 97W
2006Cadillac STSP235/50R18 97W (Front)P255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2006Cadillac XLR235/50ZR18 97W235/50ZR18 97W
2005Cadillac STSP235/50R18 97W (Front)P255/45R18 99W (Rear)
2005Cadillac XLRP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2004Cadillac XLRP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2020Chevrolet ImpalaP235/50R18 97HP235/50R18 97H
2019Chevrolet ImpalaP235/50R18 97HP235/50R18 97H
2018Chevrolet ImpalaP235/50R18 97HP235/50R18 97H
2017Chevrolet ImpalaP235/50R18 97HP235/50R18 97H
2016Chevrolet CapriceP235/50R18/XL 99WP235/50R18/XL 99W
2016Chevrolet ImpalaP235/50R18 97HP235/50R18 97H
2016Chevrolet Impala LimitedP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2016Chevrolet Malibu LimitedP235/50R18 97HP235/50R18 97H
2015Chevrolet CapriceP235/50R18/XL 99WP235/50R18/XL 99W
2015Chevrolet ImpalaP235/50R18 97HP235/50R18 97H
2015Chevrolet Impala LimitedP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2015Chevrolet MalibuP235/50R18 97HP235/50R18 97H
2014Chevrolet CapriceP235/50R18/XL 99WP235/50R18/XL 99W
2014Chevrolet ImpalaP235/50R18 97HP235/50R18 97H
2014Chevrolet Impala LimitedP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2014Chevrolet MalibuP235/50R18 97HP235/50R18 97H
2013Chevrolet CapriceP235/50R18/XL 99WP235/50R18/XL 99W
2013Chevrolet ImpalaP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2013Chevrolet MalibuP235/50R18 97HP235/50R18 97H
2012Chevrolet CapriceP235/50R18/XL 99WP235/50R18/XL 99W
2012Chevrolet ImpalaP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2011Chevrolet CapriceP235/50R18/XL 99WP235/50R18/XL 99W
2011Chevrolet ImpalaP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2010Chevrolet ImpalaP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2009Chevrolet EquinoxP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2009Chevrolet ImpalaP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2008Chevrolet EquinoxP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2008Chevrolet ImpalaP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2007Chevrolet ImpalaP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2007Chevrolet Monte CarloP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2006Chevrolet ImpalaP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2006Chevrolet Monte CarloP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2022Ford Mustang235/50R18 97W235/50R18 97W
2022Ford MustangP235/50ZR18 97WP235/50ZR18 97W
2021Ford Mustang235/50R18 97W235/50R18 97W
2021Ford MustangP235/50ZR18 97WP235/50ZR18 97W
2020Ford Mustang235/50R18 97W235/50R18 97W
2019Ford Escape235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2019Ford Escape235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2019Ford Mustang235/50R18 97W235/50R18 97W
2018Ford Escape235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2018Ford Escape235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2018Ford Mustang235/50R18 97W235/50R18 97W
2017Ford Escape235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2017Ford Escape235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2017Ford Mustang235/50R18 97W235/50R18 97W
2016Ford Escape235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2016Ford Escape235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2016Ford Mustang235/50R18 97W235/50R18 97W
2016Ford MustangP235/50ZR18 97WP235/50ZR18 97W
2015Ford Escape235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2015Ford Escape235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2015Ford Mustang235/50R18 97W235/50R18 97W
2015Ford MustangP235/50ZR18 97WP235/50ZR18 97W
2014Ford Escape235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2014Ford Mustang235/50ZR18 97W235/50ZR18 97W
2013Ford Escape235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2013Ford Mustang235/50ZR18 97W235/50ZR18 97W
2012Ford MustangP235/50ZR18 97WP235/50ZR18 97W
2011Ford MustangP235/50ZR18 97WP235/50ZR18 97W
2010Ford MustangP235/50ZR18 97WP235/50ZR18 97W
2009Ford MustangP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2009Ford Mustang235/50ZR18 97W235/50ZR18 97W
2008Ford Mustang235/50ZR18 97W235/50ZR18 97W
2008Ford MustangP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2007Ford MustangP235/50ZR18 97WP235/50ZR18 97W
2007Ford MustangP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2006Ford MustangP235/50ZR18 97WP235/50ZR18 97W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2014Hyundai GenesisP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2013Hyundai GenesisP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2012Hyundai GenesisP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2011Hyundai GenesisP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2010Hyundai GenesisP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2009Hyundai GenesisP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Infiniti QX30235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2018Infiniti QX30235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2017Infiniti QX30235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2009Jaguar Vanden Plas235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2009Jaguar XJ8235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2008Jaguar Vanden Plas235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2008Jaguar XJ8235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2007Jaguar Vanden Plas235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2007Jaguar XJ8235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2006Jaguar Vanden Plas235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2006Jaguar XJ8235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2005Jaguar Vanden Plas235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2005Jaguar XJ8235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2004Jaguar Vanden Plas235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2004Jaguar XJ8235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H

Land Rover

YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2005Land Rover Freelander235/50R18/RF 101H235/50R18/RF 101H
2004Land Rover Freelander235/50R18/RF 101H235/50R18/RF 101H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2017Lexus LS460P235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2016Lexus LS460P235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2015Lexus LS460P235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2014Lexus LS460P235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2013Lexus LS460P235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2012Lexus LS460235/50R18 97W235/50R18 97W
2012Lexus LS460P235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2012Lexus LS600h235/50R18 97W235/50R18 97W
2012Lexus LS600hP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2011Lexus LS460235/50R18 97W235/50R18 97W
2011Lexus LS460P235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2011Lexus LS600hP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2011Lexus LS600hP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2010Lexus LS460P235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2010Lexus LS460235/50R18 97W235/50R18 97W
2010Lexus LS600hP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2010Lexus LS600hP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2009Lexus LS460P235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2009Lexus LS460235/50R18 97W235/50R18 97W
2009Lexus LS600hP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2009Lexus LS600hP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2008Lexus LS460P235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2008Lexus LS460235/50R18 97W235/50R18 97W
2008Lexus LS600h235/50R18 97W235/50R18 97W
2008Lexus LS600hP235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2007Lexus LS460P235/50R18 97VP235/50R18 97V
2007Lexus LS460235/50R18 97W235/50R18 97W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2020Lincoln Continental235/50R18 97W235/50R18 97W
2019Lincoln Continental235/50R18 97W235/50R18 97W
2019Lincoln MKC235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2019Lincoln MKC235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2018Lincoln Continental235/50R18 97W235/50R18 97W
2018Lincoln MKC235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2017Lincoln Continental235/50R18 97W235/50R18 97W
2017Lincoln MKC235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2016Lincoln MKC235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2015Lincoln MKC235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2015Maserati Ghibli235/50ZR18/XL 101(Y)235/50ZR18/XL 101(Y)
2014Maserati Ghibli235/50ZR18/XL 101(Y)235/50ZR18/XL 101(Y)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2020Mercedes-Benz GLA250235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2020Mercedes-Benz GLA250235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2019Mercedes-Benz GLA250235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2019Mercedes-Benz GLA250235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2018Mercedes-Benz GLA250235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2018Mercedes-Benz GLA250235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2017Mercedes-Benz GLA250235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2017Mercedes-Benz GLA250235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2016Mercedes-Benz GLA250235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2016Mercedes-Benz GLA250235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2015Mercedes-Benz GLA250235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2009Pontiac TorrentP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2008Pontiac TorrentP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2005Pontiac BonnevilleP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W
2004Pontiac BonnevilleP235/50R18 97WP235/50R18 97W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2017Volkswagen Tiguan235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2016Volkswagen Tiguan235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2015Volkswagen Tiguan235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2014Volkswagen Tiguan235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2014Volkswagen Tiguan235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2013Volkswagen Tiguan235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2013Volkswagen Tiguan235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2012Volkswagen Tiguan235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2012Volkswagen Tiguan235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2011Volkswagen Tiguan235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2011Volkswagen Tiguan235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2010Volkswagen Tiguan235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2010Volkswagen Tiguan235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H
2009Volkswagen Tiguan235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2009Volkswagen Tiguan235/50R18 97H235/50R18 97H


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Volvo S60 Cross Country235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2018Volvo V60 Cross Country235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2017Volvo S60 Cross Country235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2017Volvo V60 Cross Country235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2016Volvo S60 Cross Country235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2016Volvo V60 Cross Country235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2016Volvo XC70235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2015Volvo V60 Cross Country235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2015Volvo XC70235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2014Volvo XC70235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2013Volvo XC70235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2012Volvo XC70235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2011Volvo XC70235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2010Volvo XC70235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V
2009Volvo XC70235/50R18 97V235/50R18 97V