What vehicles are compatible with tire size 255-45-20?

Listed below are vehicles that may be compatible with the 255-45-20 tire size.


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Acura RDX255/45R20 101V255/45R20 101V

Alfa Romeo

YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Alfa Romeo Stelvio255/45R20 101H255/45R20 101H
2018Alfa Romeo Stelvio255/45R20 101Y (Front)285/40R20 104Y (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Audi Q5255/45R20 101H255/45R20 101H
2018Audi SQ5255/45ZR20 101W255/45ZR20 101W
2018Audi SQ5255/45R20 101W255/45R20 101W
2018Audi SQ5255/45R20 101H255/45R20 101H
2017Audi Q5255/45R20 101W255/45R20 101W
2017Audi Q5255/45ZR20 101W255/45ZR20 101W
2017Audi SQ5255/45ZR20 101W255/45ZR20 101W
2017Audi SQ5255/45R20 101W255/45R20 101W
2016Audi Q5255/45ZR20 101W255/45ZR20 101W
2016Audi Q5255/45R20 101W255/45R20 101W
2016Audi SQ5255/45ZR20 101W255/45ZR20 101W
2016Audi SQ5255/45R20 101W255/45R20 101W
2015Audi Q5255/45ZR20 101W255/45ZR20 101W
2015Audi Q5255/45R20 101W255/45R20 101W
2015Audi SQ5255/45ZR20 101W255/45ZR20 101W
2015Audi SQ5255/45R20 101W255/45R20 101W
2014Audi Q5255/45ZR20 101W255/45ZR20 101W
2014Audi Q5255/45R20 101W255/45R20 101W
2014Audi SQ5255/45R20 101W255/45R20 101W
2014Audi SQ5255/45ZR20 101W255/45ZR20 101W
2013Audi Q5255/45ZR20 101W255/45ZR20 101W
2013Audi Q5255/45R20 101W255/45R20 101W
2012Audi Q5255/45ZR20 101W255/45ZR20 101W
2012Audi Q5255/45R20 101W255/45R20 101W
2011Audi Q5255/45ZR20 101W255/45ZR20 101W
2011Audi Q5255/45R20 101W255/45R20 101W
2010Audi Q5255/45ZR20 101W255/45ZR20 101W
2010Audi Q5255/45R20 101W255/45R20 101W
2009Audi Q5255/45ZR20 101W255/45ZR20 101W
2009Audi Q5255/45R20 101W255/45R20 101W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2010Chrysler 300245/45ZR20 99Y (Front)255/45ZR20 101Y (Rear)
2009Chrysler 300245/45ZR20 99Y (Front)255/45ZR20 101Y (Rear)
2008Chrysler 300245/45ZR20 99Y (Front)255/45ZR20 101Y (Rear)
2007Chrysler 300245/45ZR20 99Y (Front)255/45ZR20 101Y (Rear)
2006Chrysler 300245/45ZR20 99Y (Front)255/45ZR20 101Y (Rear)
2005Chrysler 300245/45ZR20 99Y (Front)255/45ZR20 101Y (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2014Dodge Challenger245/45ZR20 99Y (Front)255/45ZR20 101Y (Rear)
2013Dodge Challenger245/45ZR20 99Y (Front)255/45ZR20 101Y (Rear)
2012Dodge Challenger245/45ZR20 99Y (Front)255/45ZR20 101Y (Rear)
2011Dodge Challenger245/45ZR20 99Y (Front)255/45ZR20 101Y (Rear)
2010Dodge Challenger245/45ZR20 99Y (Front)255/45ZR20 101Y (Rear)
2010Dodge Charger245/45ZR20 99Y (Front)255/45ZR20 101Y (Rear)
2009Dodge Challenger245/45ZR20 99Y (Front)255/45ZR20 101Y (Rear)
2009Dodge Charger245/45ZR20 99Y (Front)255/45ZR20 101Y (Rear)
2008Dodge Challenger245/45ZR20 99Y (Front)255/45ZR20 101Y (Rear)
2008Dodge Charger245/45ZR20 99Y (Front)255/45ZR20 101Y (Rear)
2008Dodge Magnum245/45ZR20 99Y (Front)255/45ZR20 101Y (Rear)
2007Dodge Charger245/45ZR20 99Y (Front)255/45ZR20 101Y (Rear)
2007Dodge Magnum245/45ZR20 99Y (Front)255/45ZR20 101Y (Rear)
2006Dodge Charger245/45ZR20 99Y (Front)255/45ZR20 101Y (Rear)
2006Dodge Magnum245/45ZR20 99Y (Front)255/45ZR20 101Y (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Ford Flex255/45R20 101V255/45R20 101V
2018Ford Flex255/45R20 101V255/45R20 101V
2017Ford Flex255/45R20 101V255/45R20 101V
2016Ford Flex255/45R20 101V255/45R20 101V
2015Ford Flex255/45R20 101V255/45R20 101V
2014Ford Flex255/45R20 101V255/45R20 101V
2013Ford Flex255/45R20 101V255/45R20 101V
2012Ford Flex255/45R20 101V255/45R20 101V
2011Ford Flex255/45R20 101V255/45R20 101V
2010Ford Flex255/45R20 101V255/45R20 101V
2009Ford FlexP255/45R20 101WP255/45R20 101W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Infiniti QX50P255/45RF20 101VP255/45RF20 101V


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2010Jeep Grand Cherokee255/45R20 101W (Front)285/40R20 104W (Rear)
2009Jeep Grand Cherokee255/45R20 101W (Front)285/40R20 104W (Rear)
2008Jeep Grand Cherokee255/45R20 101W (Front)285/40R20 104W (Rear)
2007Jeep Grand Cherokee255/45R20 101W (Front)285/40R20 104W (Rear)
2006Jeep Grand Cherokee255/45R20 101W (Front)285/40R20 104W (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2019Lincoln MKT255/45R20 101V255/45R20 101V
2018Lincoln MKT255/45R20 101V255/45R20 101V
2017Lincoln MKT255/45R20 101V255/45R20 101V
2016Lincoln MKT255/45R20 101V255/45R20 101V
2015Lincoln MKT255/45R20 101V255/45R20 101V
2014Lincoln MKT255/45R20 101V255/45R20 101V
2013Lincoln MKT255/45R20 101V255/45R20 101V
2012Lincoln MKTP255/45R20 101VP255/45R20 101V
2011Lincoln MKTP255/45R20 101WP255/45R20 101W
2010Lincoln MKTP255/45R20 101WP255/45R20 101W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Mercedes-Benz GLC300255/45R20 101W255/45R20 101W
2018Mercedes-Benz GLC300255/45R20/XL 105Y (Front)285/40R20/XL 108Y (Rear)
2018Mercedes-Benz GLC300255/45R20/XL 105V (Front)285/40R20/XL 108V (Rear)
2018Mercedes-Benz GLC43 AMG255/45ZR20/XL 105Y (Front)285/40ZR20/XL 108Y (Rear)
2018Mercedes-Benz GLC43 AMG255/45R20/XL 105V (Front)285/40R20/XL 108V (Rear)
2017Mercedes-Benz GLC300255/45R20/XL 105V (Front)285/40R20/XL 108V (Rear)
2017Mercedes-Benz GLC300255/45R20/XL 105Y (Front)285/40R20/XL 108Y (Rear)
2017Mercedes-Benz GLC300255/45R20 101W255/45R20 101W
2017Mercedes-Benz GLC43 AMG255/45R20/XL 105V (Front)285/40R20/XL 108V (Rear)
2017Mercedes-Benz GLC43 AMG255/45ZR20/XL 105Y (Front)285/40ZR20/XL 108Y (Rear)
2016Mercedes-Benz GLC300255/45R20 101W255/45R20 101W


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Rolls-Royce Dawn255/45R20 101Y (Front)285/40R20 104Y (Rear)
2018Rolls-Royce Ghost255/45R20 101Y (Front)285/40R20 104Y (Rear)
2018Rolls-Royce Wraith255/45R20 101Y (Front)285/40R20 104Y (Rear)
2017Rolls-Royce Dawn255/45R20 101Y (Front)285/40R20 104Y (Rear)
2017Rolls-Royce Ghost255/45R20 101Y (Front)285/40R20 104Y (Rear)
2017Rolls-Royce Wraith255/45R20 101Y (Front)285/40R20 104Y (Rear)
2016Rolls-Royce Dawn255/45R20 101Y (Front)285/40R20 104Y (Rear)
2016Rolls-Royce Ghost255/45R20 101Y (Front)285/40R20 104Y (Rear)
2016Rolls-Royce Wraith255/45R20 101Y (Front)285/40R20 104Y (Rear)
2015Rolls-Royce Ghost255/45R20 101Y (Front)285/40R20 104Y (Rear)
2015Rolls-Royce Wraith255/45R20 101Y (Front)285/40R20 104Y (Rear)
2014Rolls-Royce Ghost255/45R20 101Y (Front)285/40R20 104Y (Rear)
2014Rolls-Royce Wraith255/45R20 101Y (Front)285/40R20 104Y (Rear)
2013Rolls-Royce Ghost255/45R20 101Y (Front)285/40R20 104Y (Rear)
2012Rolls-Royce Ghost255/45R20 101Y (Front)285/40R20 104Y (Rear)
2011Rolls-Royce Ghost255/45R20 101Y (Front)285/40R20 104Y (Rear)
2010Rolls-Royce Ghost255/45R20 101Y (Front)285/40R20 104Y (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Tesla Model X255/45R20/XL 105Y (Front)275/45R20/XL 110Y (Rear)


YearMake and ModelFront Tire SizeRear Tire Size
2018Volvo XC60255/45R20/XL 105H255/45R20/XL 105H
2017Volvo XC60255/45R20/XL 105V255/45R20/XL 105V
2016Volvo XC60255/45R20/XL 105V255/45R20/XL 105V
2015Volvo XC60255/45R20/XL 105V255/45R20/XL 105V
2014Volvo XC60255/45R20/XL 105V255/45R20/XL 105V
2014Volvo XC90255/45R20/XL 105V255/45R20/XL 105V
2013Volvo XC60255/45R20/XL 105V255/45R20/XL 105V
2012Volvo XC60255/45R20/XL 105V255/45R20/XL 105V
2012Volvo XC90255/45R20/XL 105V255/45R20/XL 105V
2011Volvo XC60255/45R20/XL 105V255/45R20/XL 105V
2011Volvo XC90255/45R20/XL 105V255/45R20/XL 105V
2010Volvo XC60255/45R20/XL 105V255/45R20/XL 105V
2010Volvo XC90255/45R20/XL 105V255/45R20/XL 105V
2009Volvo XC90255/45R20/XL 105V255/45R20/XL 105V